Human Rights Mafia

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Afrasianet - Engineer Bashar Anis Musharbash - We never knew that human rights are the biggest and most dangerous mafia on this planet, occupying, colonizing, invading, slaughtering and dismembering in the name of man and his rights.

After the failure of the League of Nations to maintain international peace and the end of the work of this organization in 1946 due to a dispute of interests between the members of the global mafia, this gang adopted the so-called Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 and adopted it by the United Nations, which since its establishment in 1945 has not succeeded in stopping any aggression, occupation, war, asylum and displacement of all these afflicted countries in the modern era for nearly 80 years.

The list of countries that have been invaded goes on, the peoples who have been displaced are no less, and the countries that have been impoverished and their resources usurped extends along this globe. All this evil with the permission and in the name of the United Nations, the official sponsor of human rights, and with a diabolical media weapon advanced to deny the facts over decades.

The Palestinian resistance comes today in Gaza and in an exceptional circumstance, perhaps as much as God is contrary to the desire of the human rights mafia to reveal to every sane person the mask of human rights used to protect Ukrainian civilians in the Ukrainian-Russian war, in which Great Russia is trying to stop the advance of the expansionist colonial NATO alliance on its direct borders, forgetting its destruction of Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Libya, and its bloody war on Vietnam and Afghanistan and its siege of Iran, Korea, South American countries and In addition to supporting and feeding the longest occupation in the modern era on the Palestinian people for more than 75 years of usurpation of the most basic human rights and dignity.

More  than  9,000 civilian deaths, including children, women and innocent people, in less than three weeks due to the Nazi Israeli bombardment of Gaza have not moved this false world with double standards.

Since ancient times, this global mafia has overwhelmed man and his rights and pursued all the free people of the world during the various national liberation movements, imprisoned them, killed them, tortured them and became famous for them, Gandhi, Mandela, Hochimen, Chikevara, Castro, Arafat, Yusuf al-Azma and many others are witnesses to the tyranny of the human rights mafia for the dignity of peoples and their right to a dignified and just life.

Christ, the king of peace, is a clear example of the demonization of the human rights mafia for all that is free, as they asked nearly a thousand years ago from the state to release the greatest criminal at that time, Barabbas, in return for the imprisonment and crucifixion of Christ, as this unjust gang has always ruled this world.

Today, in the East and in all free parts of the world, we have to reevaluate all the human rights conventions that oppress our country and kill our peoples in its name, perhaps this foolish mob world understands that the son of this land is a human being with rights, if they are not given to him, he will snatch them from the heart of the monsters of colonialism and inevitably he will inevitably triumph for his humanity and dignity!

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