Jews: An intelligence service moving between human civilizations, from Australia's Geraldton to the U.S. Embassy compound in Lebanon

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Avrasyant  - Wrote: Lawyer Mohammed Ahmed Al-Roussan* - One day in April fluctuating heat in 2008, His Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal described the Jews as: a mobile intelligence service between human civilizations, without loyalty to any of them, and the prince said: In a ceremony held by the Arab Thought Forum, on the occasion of the issuance of his full intellectual works, our Arab and Islamic history contains a firm belief before the West knew it, and since the Sumerians and Hammurabi, through the prophets:  Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon them) have a great heritage, and we do not need to imitate others.

Al-Hassan bin Talal called for the formation of effective organized parties at the time, based on a popular mandate, and imposing themselves on governments, noting the need to pay attention to Arab thinkers and innovators and not abandon them to the West.

The US-Israeli security partnership is some Arab, and the intelligence penetration in Arab countries and others is deepening and worsening, as the Middle East, and its geographical veins festering tensions and hot now, due to the US-Israeli war and aggression on Gaza, which portends an expanding regional war, if the aggression on the Gaza Strip does not stop, is one of the main theaters in regional and international intelligence wars, and it is known that intelligence and intelligence wars, characterized by many characteristics and features, are at the field level focused on collecting information Strategic, tactical, and tactical, covering the areas of: economy, politics, society, technology, security, and military capabilities.

The Camp David Accords, the Jordanian-Israeli Peace Agreement, the recent Abraham Accords, and other Israeli-Arab agreements have not yet been announced, due to the effects and interactions of the sweeping Qassam attack on the settlements surrounding Gaza on the seventh of last October, and the relations of the armies dealing with Israel in Lebanon, formed the basis on which Israel relied in carrying out a major intelligence penetration in the Arab region.

The Israeli intelligence penetration and penetration was carried out on two axes: a functional axis: by recruiting agents and strengthening relations with political leaders (as in the case of the March 14 forces), and this axis is characterized by being based on considerations of bilateral relations between Israel and the party with the relationship with it.

Institutional axis: by making dealing with Israel based on an institutional dimension, so that it becomes a mandatory duty imposed by international agreements, such as the Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel, the tripartite military-security strategic agreement that included Turkey, Jordan and Israel, the Jordanian-Israeli peace agreement, the Abraham Accords, and to a lesser extent the Oslo Accords between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Since the moment of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, there has been a significant qualitative change in the nature of the relationship between the Israeli-American side and the Arab parties associated with it.

Israel is not interested in politics, but rather interested in security and intelligence, and on this basis, came the last tour of Antony Blinken, which began with politics, and ended with security and intelligence, after the failed tour of Blinken, William Burns, director of the CIA, came to the region, and met with most of the intelligence directors in the countries he visited secretly and publicly, and that the allocation and singling out of a meeting of the heads of intelligence services, includes a lot of contents and connotations, most notably:  At the strategic level: institutionalizing the overall cooperation of the intelligence services of moderate Arab countries with the CIA and its allies, and highlighting international supervision of the relations of these Arab agencies with their American and other counterparts.

There will also be more differences between the leaders of the Arab moderate countries and their intelligence men, because the Americans will not be satisfied with these cooperation agreements, but the CIA will work to transform these services into regional branches, collecting information about the Arab moderate leaders themselves, so that all their public and private secrets are in the possession of the CIA and its allied services.

In escalating and continuous escalatory steps for the intelligence war in the world - the war of agents and dirty operations, successive US administrations, in Washington, D.C., either through the Republican Party, or through the Democratic Party, have built new communications bases, in many regions of the world, in the countries of allies and friends, and on the borders of adversary countries and the borders of enemy countries, and recently strengthened and cemented, an important military communications base, which it built years ago, and its main focus will be on the Middle East and the Asian continent.

Electronic espionage on the Middle East, carried out by this new old base, will not come from any region in the Middle East, the Near East, Southern Europe, or East Africa, but it is happening, from a region that no one expects: it is Australia, as the right place for that base, which Washington established years ago, for several considerations: The presence of this base in Australia has made it safe from any attacks or counter-espionage operations that intercept the signals it launches or receives. This base, and that the reception and transmission of electromagnetic waves, in the Asian continent, is better than in the rest of the world, due to the low rates of jamming, next to Australia's astronomical position on the planet, is one of the ideal places to link to satellites, and that the presence of the base in Australia, allowed in the past, and now and in the future, to follow up espionage activities, covering Southeast Asia, as well as the Far East, including North Korea and China.

This spy base has been built in the Australian Geraldton area, and the link of this base, depends on intelligence data, whose signals are broadcast, a new generation of satellites dedicated to espionage purposes, and this base not only provides the Pentagon, the CIA, and the US National Security Agency, but also deeply provides live broadcast services to US forces in the Middle East, and this broadcast will not be to American bases, or US Central Command command centers,  For mobile military units, for example, the commander of the field company gets field information directly and can see field details on plasma screens placed on the Humvee.

The reinforced and rebuilt U.S. base intercepts and captures all communications made by regular and smart mobile devices in the region stretching from Australia to Sweden and Norway in northern Europe and Mauritania and Senegal in West Africa.

The reinforcements of the old new base facilities will strengthen U.S. control over satellites by intercepting transmissions coming to the planet from satellites and also the ability to jam anti-American satellite activities.

Before the current Russian-Atlantic confrontation, and the worsening escalation along the lines of US-China relations, the US National Security Agency, in cooperation with the Pentagon, and NASA, is deeply sending a new generation of satellites, the most sophisticated to outer space, and it has been decided that the initial number of these satellites will be five, including two satellites for the Middle East alone, and the other three satellites for the rest of the world, and the outer atmosphere facing the Indian Ocean has been identified as the appropriate point for the positioning of satellites The Middle East (the Russians are aware of all the details, and are working in the direction of counter-these satellites, as well as technically and through space with counter-satellites), because the stationing at this point will allow monitoring and surveillance, the entire region stretching from Afghanistan to the Maghreb.

A new formula has been developed for the Eshelon electronic network, with high capacity, in the service of electronic and electromagnetic intelligence activities, and the new Echillon formula will enable this American base to intercept the Internet, e-mail, fax machines, telephones, radio broadcasting, as well as penetrate all communication and broadcasting devices inside embassies, in the region extending from Australia to Mauritania and Sweden.

In the scope and technology of its work: this base can cover 55,000 military sites per minute, with the necessary information, and indeed: this base technology system allows it to process 3 million electronic communications, per minute, thanks to the uses of a computer processing system called the dictionary, which automatically selects keywords, data, dates, places, and topics from the database that includes a huge amount of political, economic, security, and geographical information. . and so on.

Al-Qaeda has not and will not focus exclusively on the fields of security, defense and politics, but plays a major role in promoting and supporting economic espionage operations, and similar to intercepting the communications of embassies and diplomatic missions, Al-Qaeda intercepts the communications of companies, institutions and economic establishments, and some intended leaks, received from the US capital, have confirmed that the US Treasury Department has a large share in the intelligence information, which Al-Qaeda collects and indexes automatically.

This base with electronic espionage represents one of the most important tools of the new comprehensive cold war, which successive US administrations are waging against all countries of the world, which does not exclude anyone, including America's friends, and its most sincere allies, except Israel, the American colony in the region, which because of its penetration of the American official apparatus, it is possible to exploit (its hidden hands represented by the neoconservative group, and the elements of the Israeli lobby) and spy on America itself, hence Australia has provided facilities In consistency and identification with Washington in monitoring all incoming and outgoing communications from the Gaza Strip and through this base, and submitting them in the form of special files, and placing them under the service of the Israeli security system to help it in its current aggression on Gaza, Israeli intelligence officers who speak Arabic fluently, were even sent to work from there from that American base in Australia, to analyze and interrupt the information initially, and then send the urgent ones to the entity, for use in and on the ground.

The fatal question here is: Why is Washington afraid to expose Israel's spies in its national institutions?.

I will try to positively answer this question, by linking information here and there with analysis, listing specific examples and saying: Israel has been addicted to waging hidden and non-hidden wars and is still waging its brutal war of aggression on Gaza now, with the aim of uprooting Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others, and waging a heated declared war against Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, and other resistance factions, it is waging a cold undeclared war against many other parties, including its friends and allies against the Both, led by the United States of America, Israel's allies, especially in terms of the Iranian nuclear file and the repercussions and consequences, of any new agreement and/or understandings, to return to the 2015 agreement, which was engineered and directed by Mr. William Burns, the current director of the CIA, who recently toured the region, to complete Antony Blinken's tour, and certainly failed to achieve anything, despite the fact that the battle in Gaza is the battle of the American, he is the killer and the fighter.

Israel: It practices qualitative intelligence strategies, in the horizontal and vertical sense, in terms of infiltrating the important institutions of the countries targeted in espionage, by planting the hidden hands of them - shadow agents, in other words, we see that the exposure of American society, in the face of the penetration of American Jews, was employed, composed and invested by the Israelis, in planting and caring for Israeli hidden hands, and in this regard: An international intelligence report, whose ideas were leaked, in the past, which was entitled:  For Sale: The West's Deadly Nuclear Secrets, to the following points: The new evidence, found in the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, confirmed the presence of a senior official in the US State Department, who receives money from foreign parties, in exchange for providing information on prohibited nuclear materials and technology, and here: The Directorate of Counterintelligence has prepared a list of the names of a number of senior officials in the Pentagon (US Department of Defense) engaged in transactions, related to providing sensitive military information to foreign parties in exchange for money. The successive Americans, under whose reign espionage operations took place, have put intense pressure on the FBI to reserve this information, because transferring it to the judiciary will lead to the complete collapse of the credibility of these US administrations, in particular the following institutions: the White House, the State Department, the Department of Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the National Security Agency.

The intelligence services, in a number of developing countries, have been able to penetrate into many European and American facilities that are highly sensitive, the US Administration Committee is still discreet about the report of the investigation into the attacks of the eleventh of September, formed by the US Congress, in particular: testimonies and testimonies, Sybil Edmund: translator and expert in intercepting communications and eavesdropping, and the leaks say: that her statements will lead to condemnation of Israel and the Israeli lobby, and for these reasons the American Jew Zoellick, who worked for a long time as deputy secretary of state, made He resigned in anger after the Democrats won the majority in Congress at the time, but Bush appointed him head of the World Bank to succeed the American Jew Wolfowitz, who was overthrown by the scandal of his girlfriend Sahar Ritsa, and Zoellick made a great effort with the help of neoconservatives in order to hide it, and information indicated in an international intelligence report, intersecting with various sources:  Sybil Edmund decided to leak her testimony if the U.S. government did not act as required.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has hundreds of intercepted tapes, documents, recordings and other intelligence information, all of which indicate that the Israeli hidden hands within the American services are engaged in everything: dealing in prohibited nuclear materials and technology, managing money laundering networks, managing drug networks, managing prostitution networks, and transferring security information. Delicate.

According to the information, which was obtained, from the Israeli intelligence operations in America, it was: the use of a senior official in the US State Department, in the process of infiltrating the nuclear research department, specifically the Los Alamos nuclear center, located in New Mexico, and the transfer of secrets related to the activities of the center, where this center specializes is: the security of American nuclear deterrence.

The Pakistani Intelligence Service (ISI) was able to penetrate the Turkish intelligence service (Milit), and this was confirmed to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, when it was found that there were Turkish intelligence diplomatic elements, who were active in capturing American nuclear secrets, and handing them over to Pakistani diplomatic intelligence elements, inside the United States, where Pakistani General Muhammad Ahmed, the former head of the Pakistani Intelligence Service, personally supervised the management of the network of agents affiliated with the Turkish intelligence service, and more. The danger was that Pakistani General Muhammad Ahmed had proven to the FBI that he was closely linked to al-Qaeda and sent money transfers to the Egyptian Muhammad Atta, the leader of al-Qaeda cells that carried out the September attacks, with a close relationship between the network of General Muhammad Ahmed, the former commander of the Pakistani intelligence service, and the network of Professor Abdul Qadeer Khan, the spiritual father and supervisor of the Pakistani nuclear program at the time and time.

There is also a close relationship between Osama bin Laden, the leader of Al-Qaida, General Muhammad Ahmed and Professor Abdul Qadeer Khan, and there are indications of a close relationship between the Al-Qaida network, the Pakistani intelligence network, the network of Abdul Qadeer Khan, and the discovery of operatives operating within the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, for the benefit of the network of the aforementioned General Muhammad Ahmed.

The story of the four Turkish diplomats (a vivid and typical example of how to recruit, penetrate, and work for more than one party), activists within the network of the former Pakistani intelligence chief at the time, had links with Saudi Arabia as well, and the FBI monitored that the four Turkish diplomats handed Saudi Arabia nuclear military secrets, which were stolen from a military air base in Alabama, and these secrets were delivered in the city of Detroit, and then a Saudi businessman handed over a quarter of a million US dollars. to the four diplomats for their fees.

The conclusion of this informational narrative, intelligence and analysis, with the link and intersection of the available information, and what has been leaked, while emphasizing the security of the leaked information, away from shading and diverting attention, is that: What is important and necessary is not only the penetration of the Pakistani intelligence service against the Turkish intelligence and al-Qaeda, but also the penetration of Israeli intelligence into the American intelligence and Turkish intelligence, in a way that allowed it, through American intelligence, to penetrate into Pakistani intelligence, and of course, not to mention the penetration of the Mossad. The Shin Bet is in most of the Arab intelligence and intelligence services.

These intelligence penetrations, in the joints and details of the global security services, and the counter-penetrations, have become more like a genome map, in terms of complexity and overlap, and the coming months and years, and the leaks they carry, will reveal many amazing surprises, which will undoubtedly lead to changing many of the mysterious facts, which occurred in the past and until today, in the Middle East and the world, especially after the war on Gaza ends, the current Russian-Atlantic confrontation, the Iranian nuclear file, and how to reach an agreement. The Saudi-Iranian, who formed the straw that firmly divides the back of the American camel in the region, and how this was engineered, through Russian and Chinese intelligence and endorsement in Beijing, where the Middle East (this region) is the epicenter of Israel's silent war.

The information, at this time in the Middle East, is also confused, that America is preparing to establish a new regional base for the CIA in Lebanon, which intersects in its work and objectives with that American spy base in Australia, where Lebanon is filled with agents from all sides.

Without a doubt, Washington enjoys an excellent intelligence partnership with Beirut, and intends to maintain and expand its presence and ambitions in Lebanon, as it is currently working on building a 93,000-square-meter embassy complex on a 27-hectare (about 64-acre) site in the capital, which will also include an arts center, a hospital, a swimming pool and residential towers, and the embassy itself will include a data collection center, making this diplomatic site a new regional base for American intelligence.

Lebanon, which is close to Syria, with which Washington still refuses to normalize relations, and the heart of Hezbollah's regional center, is a safe and strategic location for the deployment of intelligence agents already present in the region, as well as new ones, coming directly from intelligence agencies in Washington, with the aim of establishing a permanent base there. The United States funding the Lebanese army, the latter receiving another $ 60 million, in December 2022, is accompanied by a specific guarantee, allowing the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) unlimited access to its intelligence information (this is a sovereign breach of the work of the Lebanese army).

The construction of the new huge complex, worth one billion dollars, which was decided in 2014, is a surprise to many observers and concerned parties, at a time when the United States continues to reduce its presence in the Middle East, especially since the Middle East already includes a large number of American diplomatic missions, including a main embassy in Amman, and another embassy, the largest in the world, in Baghdad, as well as an embassy being built in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan.

The new U.S. Embassy of Beirut, designed to be the basis of a permanent presence in Lebanon, and whose location was chosen, thanks to its strong security posture and proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, which facilitates evacuation, will be a regional center and potential reserve base.

In the information: Its construction was entrusted to the architecture firm  Morphosis  in Los Angeles, and the Alabama company, which is responsible for building the Erbil consulate in Iraqi Kurdistan (five decades of forbidden love, between the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Tel Aviv - return to my analysis, which I wrote twenty years ago now), BL Harbert, and the construction work is supervised by William Moser, director of the State Department's Office of External Buildings Operations, and Moser visits the site from time to time, as he did in May 5, accompanied by the U.S. ambassador to Beirut, Dorothy Shea.

The secret operations of the CIA in the Middle East are many and numerous, some of which are clear and clear, by regional intelligence parties, following and watching, in counter-action against them, as some high-level and specialized American press circles, citing informed sources in the Pentagon, the CIA, the National Security Agency, and the US National Security Council, talk about secret military intelligence operations - the center of control and guidance of drones, currently underway, in the Middle East and the war zone Ukrainian-Russian - Russian-Atlantic confrontation - in coordination with the US Special Command for the European Continent: what are the backgrounds of these covert operations, what is their scope and their immediate and postponed repercussions?.

The American leaks talked about secret operations that have been carried out, and others are under implementation, in addition to additional unlimited operations, which Washington claims to carry out, in the Middle East, and in the Russian-Atlantic confrontation area, through the Ukrainian issue through the American Yankee command, for the continent of Europe, and these leaks pointed to the following points:

The current commander of the US Central Command, General Michael A. Corella, took a bold decision, in which he issued an order to the US Central Command units to carry out, using US special forces units, more covert operations, in Syria, Lebanon and others, as well as the commander of the US European Command, took the same decision, in terms of acting against the Russian Federation and Belarus, especially after Belarus received a number of Russian tactical nuclear warheads.

The scope of the geographic covert operations has been defined to include all existing theaters, within the jurisdiction and competencies of the U.S. Central Command theater of responsibility, as well as some areas adjacent to this theater, as well as the U.S. European Command.

Emphasizing that the commander of the US Central Command supervises the implementation of secret operations in the operational theaters within the area of responsibility of the US Central Command, in addition to participating with other US military commands in the process of planning and following up the implementation of secret operations in other areas outside the jurisdiction of the US Central Command, in particular the European Command with regard to the Ukrainian theater, and the African Command with regard to the Somali theater, the Horn of Africa, and East Africa, in addition to the command The Pacific with regard to the Indian Ocean regions, the borders of South and Southeast Asia, as well as the European Command, with regard to the areas of the Ukrainian theater, as well as the Mediterranean, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iran, Pakistan, as well as the Eastern Mediterranean region, but in direct and indirect coordination with the Israelis.

And to emphasize the full understanding and coordination between General Commander of the US Central Command, Michael A. Corella, and General Austin, US Secretary of Defense, who the sources confirmed that he issued a clear decision to raise the budget for US secret operations, within the framework of the US intelligence war against the world.

The feasibility of U.S. covert operations was determined to be aimed at achieving four objectives: destroying hostile targets, building friendly networks, reconnaissance and gathering information, and preparing and preparing the stage, in preparation for future possible operations and confrontations.

American information and leaks say that reports about these American secret operations have emerged simultaneously against the background of weakness in the performance of the US intelligence services, especially after Hamas crossed the settlements surrounding Gaza on October 7, and soaking Israel's nose in the dirt, and urinating in its mouth: in the military, intelligence and security sense, which will be taught as a military course in the world's military academies, with vague recommendations, issued by the joints of the deep state in America to download:  Some of the generals responsible, along with William Burns, the director of the CIA, are responsible for all the weaknesses, errors and security-intelligence-military breaches that resulted from them, most notably the success of the Lebanese Hezbollah in strengthening its military capabilities, the rise of the power of the Pakistani Taliban, the Afghan Taliban, the deep partnerships between Moscow, Tehran and Beijing, and the bulk of the BRICS system, as well as the Shanghai Organization.

According to information and leaks, the US Central Command is currently preparing more important infrastructure and strengthening the existing ones, on which US secret operations in the Middle East will be based, and Djibouti has been identified for years to be the starting point for US secret operations (where the existing infrastructure has been strengthened) directed against Yemen, Somalia, the Gulf of Aden region, in addition to the East African regions. And the Horn of Africa, and the information indicated that America has succeeded in deploying swarms of drones, in the second US military air base, which was recently built and equipped in Djibouti, next to the old base, from which the raids launched by drones against some Yemeni and Somali targets have been launched, in addition to the raids in support of the operations of Saudi forces, against the Houthis in the Yemeni province of Saada, over the course of the Saudi-Yemeni war, which may now end, after the new Saudi biases, following The Saudi-Iranian agreement, and even before it the OPEC + agreement with the Russians, and the Saudi direction eastward, towards China and the Russian Federation, and the Saudi accession, which is in full swing to the BRICS system, along with Egypt and Algeria, and in the hope that the accession of these new countries (such as the proxy countries), will not be a mined and doubtful accession, within the framework of the intersection with the United States of America, and its interests represented in sabotaging this emerging system, which is a successful and capable system, which will reduce, from everyone's dependence, on the dollar and the euro, the battle:  It is the battle of the dollar and the euro, as a hard international currency.

With an important note: Hamas' crossing and action on October 7 cleared Joe Biden's sea passage.

The details, indicated by the leaks, indicated that the general, commander of the US Central Command, has justified the order he issued in coordination with Secretary of Defense Austin, that he is fully convinced that the US secret operations, which will be carried out in the Middle East, will lead to further military escalation, in various Middle Eastern theaters, with the continuation of the US-Israeli war on Gaza, and that these military escalations will have a positive impact that will motivate and support Military and intelligence aid plans, through which America seeks either to promote American interests in the region, or to support America's allies in the region, who are represented in Israel first, and second, in the so-called Arab moderation countries, and I call them with regret and sadness: the states of Arab disease.

The executive agenda for U.S. covert operations will include: deploying more military bases where drones are stationed, deploying more U.S. drone squadrons, building advanced technological capabilities in the region to achieve reconnaissance capability, directing and redirecting drones in all theaters in the region, gathering intelligence value from across the region, and continuous and accurate monitoring of various targets of strategic and technical intelligence value in the region.

In addition, despite the torrent of information talking about US-Iranian understandings through the Sultanate of Oman in Muscat, as an indirect and aggravated rear channel, the information and leaks confirmed that the US Central Command, under the direct supervision of its commander General Michael A. Corella, will carry out a special secret operations program, in the Iranian theater, and another for the Eastern Mediterranean region, in coordination with the Israelis. Iran via: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, in addition to Armenia, the Caspian Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Arabian Gulf: As for the Eastern Mediterranean region, no details have been mentioned, but as is known, the Lebanese arena, and the Jordanian arena, will constitute the most important starting points, and the American position in the region, where there are American forces, in sixteen locations in Jordan, within a joint US-Jordanian defense agreement, signed on 31-1-2021, and published in the Jordanian Official Gazette and in detail, The Royal Decree was issued approving the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 1381 on 17- 2 - 2021, approving the defense cooperation agreement between the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Government of the United States of America.

In Lebanon there is the U.S. embassy compound, which serves as a regional CIA base, similar to the recently bolstered U.S. cyber spy base at Australia's Geraldton.

Member of the Political Bureau of the Jordanian Popular Movement*

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