Biden is in "Israel"... in defense of America

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Afrasianet - Al-Mayadeen -  Jamal Wakim - In the past few weeks, the United States launched the practical application of its project for the new Middle East, by launching the Indo-Middle East-European Corridor Initiative.

Many were surprised by US President Joe Biden's tour of the region, at a time when the crisis is raging in the occupied territories.

The world has known America's unconditional and absolute support for the Zionist entity since before its founding until the present day. Some interpreted this tour as a show of support for this entity and adherence to it, at a time when it was subjected to a violent shock at the hands of the resistance.

What the Palestinian resistance factions did, on October 7, 2023, was unprecedented in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

For the first time in the history of the conflict, the battle was transferred to the Zionist “depth,” where the world witnessed, via video screens, Palestinian fighters sweeping through fortified Israeli settlements and military bases in the Gaza envelope area at a depth of forty kilometers, killing hundreds of Zionist soldiers, and capturing hundreds more. The occupation forces came to the point that they lost control, for several hours, on the southern front, which collapsed completely, surprising the resistance fighters themselves.

The American Middle Eastern project What is certain is that Biden’s haste to come to the Zionist entity, at a time when this entity is waging a war against an Arab party, set a precedent in the history of American-Israeli relations, and an unprecedented public display of support in the face of the Arab party. However, this tour had another goal, linked to strategy and interest.

The Americas in the region. We have been hearing, for decades, about American projects to establish a Middle Eastern regional system affiliated with the United States in the Middle East, with “Israel” at its center.

The abort of the peace process between the Arabs and “Israel” after 1996, then the invasion of Afghanistan in 2002, then the invasion of Iraq in 2003, constituted stations on the way to implementing this strategy, leading to the July aggression against Lebanon in 2006, then the launch of...The so-called “Arab Spring” in 2011, with the aim of changing the Arab regimes, and with them the geopolitical map of the Middle East.

However, in the past few weeks, the United States launched the practical application of its project for the new Middle East, by launching the Indo-Middle East-European Corridor initiative.

It is worth noting that this line does not only constitute an economic artery that benefits member states, but also forms part of an American strategy to obstruct the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative and the Russian North-South Road Initiative.

Also, this line would establish the backbone of the new Middle East by giving “Israel” the pivotal role in linking Europe, which is under American hegemony, on the one hand, and India, which is ruled by the Hindu, anti-Muslim Bharatiya Janata Party, on the other hand. Also, this line links

“Israel” with a close relationship with Arab countries that did not have an independent leading role in Arab-Islamic history, in order to ensure the loyalty of this Middle Eastern regime to the United States.

So, the line passes in the direction of Saudi Arabia, then the United Arab Emirates. These countries did not have a pioneering role in Arab-Islamic history. T

he United Arab Emirates was, until recently, a subsidiary of the Sultanate of Oman, and it did not become a separate entity except under the British between 1819 and 1971.

Therefore, the Emirati sheikhdoms were, until recently, called Bur Oman.

Likewise, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, despite its annexation of the holy places for Muslims, the Hijaz did not play a pioneering role except in the first phase of Islam, the time of the Prophet Muhammad, and after the three caliphs who succeeded him, namely Abu Bakr, Omar, and Othman.

After that, under Imam Ali, the capital moved to Kufa. Marginalization of Arab and Islamic forces It is noteworthy that this Indian-Middle Eastern-European line marginalizes the Arab and Islamic countries that played an independent, pioneering role confronting the West during 1,400 years.

This line marginalizes Damascus, which led the Arab-Islamic world until the year 750, and had a partner role with Egypt in pioneering the Islamic world during the time of the Fatimids, Ayyubids, and Mamluks.

This line also marginalizes Baghdad, which led the Arab-Islamic world between 750 and 1258. It marginalizes Cairo, which led the Arab-Islamic world, from the time of the Ikhshidids until the end of the Mamluk era, which ended in 1516.

In the end, this line marginalizes both Iran and Turkey, which played a pioneering role as a partner to the aforementioned Arab capitals, until the beginning of the twentieth century.

This indicates that the United States does not want Arab and Islamic powers, with their own geopolitical capabilities, to play a role in the regional system, in order to ensure“Israel’s” leadership of this system and its subordination to American hegemony.

However, a dilemma remains facing this line, which is the instability of the entity with its identity.

This Middle Eastern project wants “Israel” to be its base. For this rule to be stable, it must not have a divided identity, between Jewish and Palestinian, and therefore it must impose one identity in the territory it controls, which is the historic land of Palestine.

Also, for this base to be solid, it must not be threatened by resistance emanating from Gaza and strengthening the presence of armed resistance in the West Bank.

Therefore, the Prime Minister of the entity, Benjamin Netanyahu, in coordination with the Americans, was preparing a strong strike against the Palestinian resistance in Gaza after the end of the celebrations of the Jewish Day of Atonement, which was to end on the night of October 7, 2023. The strike was scheduled to begin with a campaign of assassinations of leaders.

The first row of all resistance factions, followed by painful strikes targeting Palestinian civilians with the aim of displacing them from Gaza towards Sinai, and finding an alternative homeland for them there.

This strike was supposed to be followed by the displacement of the people of the West Bank towards Jordan in order to achieve the transfer project, which the Zionists talked about for decades.

However, the Palestinian resistance factions, led by Hamas, learned about the strike, and decided to pre-empt it with a strike in coordination with the other resistance factions, knowing that preparations for the Palestinian attacks had been made a long time ago and were kept secret.

The surprise was the unparalleled success of the attack, carried out by the resistance factions, to deal a blow not only to the security doctrine of "Israel", but also to the entire American-Zionist Middle Eastern project in the region.

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