The special ambitions of Zelensky and the American investment in it!!

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Afrasianet - One photo sums up the outcome of the bewildering NATO summit, where Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky appeared alone just before a group photo of NATO leaders.

One of the circulating photos shows the Ukrainian president standing alone and resentful in the group photo, while those present are busy with side conversations, in apparent disregard for Zelensky, who is panting for his country to join NATO.

On May 22, 2022,  Zelensky stressed  that only "diplomatic" means can end the war in Ukraine at a time when negotiations between Kiev and Moscow are at an impasse.

"The end of the conflict will be diplomatic," Zelenskiy said in an interview with a Ukrainian television station, adding: "The war will be bloody, punctuated by battles and fighting, but it will definitely end through diplomatic means."

"There are things that we can only achieve around the negotiating table. What happened?

In fact, his ambitions do not end, and his demands do not stop.. This is how Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky can be described, who became servile to the West in exchange for aid.. and the allies were fed up with him, so a wave of discontent began against him in the West, at the political and popular levels

Zelensky's greed put him in the crosshairs of allies.. British Defense Minister: We are not an "Amazon's weapon" and Kiev should show more gratitude. Biden Advisor: The American people deserve thanks.

So  the tone of Ukraine's allies, led by Britain and America, changed for the first time since the start of the Russian offensive more than a year ago, as the British defense minister and the US national security adviser demanded that Ukraine show more gratitude for the help it received from the West, in response to complaints by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that his country has not issued a fixed timetable or set of conditions for joining NATO.

"Whether we like it or not, people want to see a little gratitude," said Ben Wallace, Britain's defence secretary, when asked about Zelensky's frustration at not receiving an official invitation to join NATO.

Wallace, who offered his remarks as useful advice, noted that Ukraine has a habit of treating allies, including the United Kingdom, as if they were Amazon warehouses but for weapons — and has not always been keen to try to win over more skeptical politicians in the United States, the U.S. Congress and elsewhere.

According to the Guardian, Wallace noted that it is not the first time he has spoken to Kiev about the matter. "I told them that last year, when I was driving for 11 hours to get a list, I wasn't like Amazon, and notice that Ukraine has a habit, as soon as it gets one type of weapon, it immediately starts pushing for someone else," he said.
"The American people really deserve a degree of gratitude," said Jake Sullivan, the U.S. national security adviser, in response to a specific question from a Ukrainian activist who asked if Joe Biden was withholding NATO membership because he feared losing Russia.

The complete dependence on America when Zelensky positioned himself as a puppet to implement Washington's policies is a matter that does not concern anyone, even if the price is the displacement of more than 15 million Ukrainians and the destruction of everything in Ukraine.

That is why a serious conflict has begun between Vladimir Zelensky and the Ukrainian military. Although Zelensky is trying to contain the dismissals and try to find loyalists, he and the West know that these are all mired in corruption and benefit from Western aid that goes to private accounts.

Ukraine's neighbors are also fed up For example, Poland is hesitant, sometimes saying it will receive refugees, sometimes saying it will not receive them, sometimes asking for money, sometimes saying that the money will be sent to Ukraine through it; they have already agreed to carve out western Ukraine. , a serious conflict and confrontation between Zelensky and the Ukrainian military has already begun."

This is due to the fact that the Ukrainian army realized that it could no longer fight: "The army, better than anyone else, understands what the conflict with Russia is; military men are dying there.

They understand and see how capable they are, and will not be able to fight in the future. As you can see, Russia has changed its tactics."According to the Belarusian president, the deputy head of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, also opined earlier that Polish national consciousness had been strengthened against the backdrop of the crisis in Ukraine, where the annexation of the western provinces of Ukraine to Poland, under the guise of beautiful phrases, became a desirable acquisition for Warsaw.

The initial impression, which was formed by the majority of observers immediately after the announcement of the NATO summit in the capital of Lithuania, about the seven major industrialized countries providing long-term security guarantees to Ukraine was not false to those who read it as a detailed founding statement, with a specific timetable, for the creation of a new Israeli state in Eastern Europe, simulating its predecessor in the Middle East in several ways. Beyond the ultimate goal of the executive producer himself, that is, of the colonial West itself with its fat and flesh, according to the plan to plant a sharp steel fork in the Russian flank, to contain the Siberian bear and drain its blood drop by drop.

Although the protégé of the West here did not obtain membership in NATO like Ukraine, and did not enjoy its nuclear umbrella either, but it continued to enjoy the best of what this alliance of the powerful gives to its members in terms of security, armaments, financial resources, and above all political and diplomatic protection, which provided the last occupying power with enormous capabilities for expansion and aggression without fear of accountability, and achieved a qualitative superiority over its entire regional environment, which created a model for it to be followed to dictate positions to others by abstract military force. And impose facts on the ground with the logic of dominance and coercion.In fact, this second Israel has passed, in fact, the stage of establishment some

time ago, and reached an advanced degree in terms of its origin, after the Ukrainian president succeeded in drawing the attention of his Western supporters to the model that had appealed to the heart of Volodymyr Zelensky since the beginning of the Russian invasion of his country, when he called, at that early time, for the establishment of what the literal text called "a European Israel", referring to the weapons and war technologies possessed by this beloved of his soul, most of which flowed from the arsenal. The former comedian continued his pressing pressure, or less blackmail, to obtain the weapons, equipment and money needed to repel the invaders of his country.

All that happened in Lithuania is that the West breathed its colonial spirit into the Israeli entity under establishment, and granted it a legal birth certificate signed by seven major heads of state armed with iron, fire and domination, through  "long-term security guarantees" known as the means and the end, as the Europeans, and then the Americans, have singled out the Hebrew state since its establishment about 75 years ago, full of aggression, bloodshed and expansion, not against the Palestinians this time, but against the Russian Federation, more than For 500 days, it has been facing a proxy war all the time, not with the armies of the West head-on, but with the latest lethal warfare technologies at these Zelensky backers.

America threw its full weight behind Ukraine, deliberately taking a country larger than the first Israel, demographically, geographically, and perhaps even more viciously, under the slogan of repelling an invasion, all of which does not divert attention from the fact that recreating a state that mimics a fascist state that occupies another people is colonial and immoral.

 One former Ukrainian adviser, Oleg Suskin, says: "Zelensky stopped throwing men's flesh, there is no place to build a cemetery, there is no more land. All hospitals are full. He abolished martial law and declared a ceasefire."

"The situation in the conflict zone is very difficult, the Ukrainian armed forces suffer from an acute shortage of personnel, as a result of which people are arrested on the street and sent to the front."

 American human rights activist Agamo Baraka says the United States plans to scapegoat Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to evade a disaster it caused in Ukraine.

A German report says that the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, deliberately concealed information from the Ukrainian people about the possibility of Russia launching a special military operation.

The report, published by the German newspaper "Berliner Zeitung" and quoted by a number of international media, warned that representatives of various political forces in Ukraine seriously believe that Zelensky committed a crime against his people.

Zelensky himself, who admitted to the Washington Post that he did not urge Ukrainians to "hoard money and food"  to avoid panic, due to the flow of seven billion dollars out of the country each month.

Playwright Katrina Babkina called Zelensky's action a "crime  ,"  saying, "This is not a kind of surveillance, not a mistake, not an accidental misunderstanding, this is not even a mistake in strategic judgment, this is a crime."

Zelenskiy provided his citizens with data on his own services, which were often reassuring and contradictory to Americans' information.

It is noteworthy that the co-chair of the Ukrainian "European Solidarity" faction, Irina Gerashchenko, said earlier that some of the anonymous Telegram channels are not free from being run by the Ukrainian authorities in addition to the office of Vladimir Zelensky.

The important meaning of this move is that the zero-sum game side is from the Western camp, namely the Biden administration and Zelensky's government, not the United States and Ukraine. Biden, after investing a lot, and throwing all the weight of his country in this battle, put his future and the future of his Democratic political party on this side, whose defeat will mean losing the presidential election, whether it is the candidate, and this is so far, or the candidate of the party whose members expressed reservations against the decision.

On the other hand, Zelensky does not care about all this, he does not have the will to determine what the Ukrainians want, but rather to what the United States wants.

It can be said that future scenarios have become clearer and simpler, and although observers will try to be cautious in predicting the results, especially after the provision of cluster bombs  to Ukraine by the United States of America,  it is likely that we are facing two more obvious possibilities than before, the first possibility is that this development will not prevent the defeat of Ukraine, and the failure of its military counterattack is confirmed, and Russia will often escalate its military response and the resentment and anger of Western peoples will increase against all the waste of resources that has taken place, which will result in a crisis. Widespread in the Western camp, and the decision of Biden's exit from the presidential race and the possibility of parties such as France and Germany moving steps to summon the Chinese side to get out of this predicament.

Russian President Putin says: "Extravagant ambitions, arrogance and indulgence inevitably turn into tragedy. This is the cause of the catastrophe that the Ukrainian people are living now."

"They (the Ukrainian people) have become hostage to the coup and the criminal regime of their Western masters and a bargaining chip in the implementation of their cruel and selfish plans," he added.

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