Five criminal Zionist scenes in Palestine...?!

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When some Arabs adapt to the Zionist war crimes...!
 * Nawaf Al-Zarro.

- Scene one –
Afrasianet - Since that ominous Balfourian promise was granted to the Zionist movement without right as a homeland, a state and a future, a new era of wars, aggressions, violations and horrific war crimes has been launched in Arab Palestine and the region as a whole, which history has not witnessed before, except perhaps in the cases of the Tatars and Mongols, as even Hitler's Nazis did not penetrate into She confessed her heinous racist crimes against an entire people, to the actions of the Zionist terrorist movement and organizations in Palestine of acts of war, repression, abuse and mass purification against the Palestinian people.

That false promise was the beginning of the series of related crimes in Palestine, to be followed up by planned succession and overnight stays with another group of comprehensive crimes that have not reached their end to this day while we are in the third millennium of time.

The waves of immigration, displacement and the Jewish human invasion of Palestine came under the umbrella, support and protection of British colonialism as a basis for the formation of the second major crime after the conspiracy promise against the people of Palestine, to begin the phase of implementing the Zionist project on Palestinian land: seizing the largest possible areas of Arab lands and building the largest possible number of settlement colonies in which, besides; And concurrently with the building of a professional Zionist war army armed with the most deadly weapons at the time, this was the third major crime in Arab Palestine.

The British-Zionist-international conspiracy reached its climax on the eve of the announcement of the end of the British Mandate period, and the outbreak of the totally unequal Arab-Zionist war, which was built, cooked and settled in favor of the Zionists and with Arab complicity shameful and tragic, which at that time reached the point of negligence and betrayal.

The alleged war revolved between a Zionist army armed with light and heavy weapons and aircraft, numbering nearly half a million professional soldiers, and the scattered Palestinian armed groups that only had light rifles, and seven Arab armies allegedly “armies that invaded Palestine to eliminate the Zionist state.” While the number of its members did not exceed fifteen thousand soldiers, and its weapons and ammunition did not exceed the worst and worst weapons and ammunition?! This was the fourth crime in Palestine.

Then came all the dirtiest and most heinous Zionist crimes throughout history: a complete burning of the green and dry in Palestine, a complete destruction of Palestinian cities and villages (about 500 villages, towns and cities), and bloody, horrific, horrific massacres, from which not even the Palestinian infant was spared, and then the mass deportation, displacement and asylum of the people. The Palestinian (about 800,000 Palestinians, leaving only 156,000 Palestinians to remain in Palestine 48).

For Arab Palestine to turn into a Zionist entity, and for the people of Palestine to turn into refugees across the Arab world and the world, without a homeland, without identity, without rights and without a future, and for the Zionist movement and gangs to turn into a system, entity and a recognized state with a homeland, identity, and the right to existence and the future. What a wonder and what an inverted unjust equation.

This chapter (full of small and major crimes) constitutes the fifth major crime on the scene. For the Zionist crimes in their various forms, the bloody, the colonial occupation, and the blatant violation of the rights of the Palestinians there in Palestine 1948, continued throughout the first phase of the first scene, extending from the history of the disastrous Balfour Declaration until the June 1967 war/aggression. However, the biggest, most oppressive and bitter crime was represented in the state of impotence, contempt, and Arab adaptation to the scene of the ongoing crimes in Palestine. It was also represented in the American-Arab complicity with the Zionist state, and in the relief or neutrality of the international community.

The second scene

The second scene, in terms of strategy, essence, and the Zionist criminal paradoxes, is not different from the first scene. 1967, which resulted in another severe Arab defeat that included the addition of Palestine 48, to the remaining Palestinian lands in the West Bank and Gaza, along with the Golan, Sinai and southern Lebanon.

Thus, if the size of the Israeli paradoxes, practices and violations were confined before that to a large extent against the Palestinians of 1948, the circle expanded after the 1967 aggression, to include all of historic Palestine.

It would also include Syria, Lebanon and Egypt, and the pace of Israeli violations and attacks against Palestinians and Arabs would accelerate, and its scope, areas and addresses would expand, and its results would multiply and its harvest would increase to form a huge record of completely deliberate Israeli war crimes. T

he Zionist aggression against the Arabs in 1967 was the first major crime in the second scene extending its phase to the year of the first Palestinian intifada 1987. In occupied Palestine, the racist, abusive, purifying, and warlike policies of the occupation continued to include the whole land and the entire people. And let it begin by plundering, settling, and Judaizing all of the land, and to continue the comprehensive policy of collective punishments, including arrests, trials, demolition and closure of homes, economic strangulation measures, cultural and educational Judaization measures, and so on, and to reach the perpetration of mass and individual bloodshed.

The whole scene, with its criminal details, also applies to Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, thus constituting the second major crime in the second scene. However, the biggest, cruelest, most oppressive and bitter crime remains, which is also represented in the state of impotence, condescension, and Arab adaptation to the scene of persistent Zionist crimes, also represented by the state of American-Western complicity with the Zionist occupation state, with an opening or impartiality of the international community.

The third scene

 In light of the two previous scenes “overflowing” with countless Zionist-Israeli war crimes, it was necessary for the Palestinian popular volcanic eruption to come in the occupied homeland, so the first intifada came on December 9, 1987 to announce its message very clearly: an intifada of Palestinian popular anger against all The Arab and international situation that "Trutnet" to a large extent with the occupying state and its continuous criminal aggressions and violations, and the uprising of Palestinian popular anger in the face of the occupation army and settlers, and the war of Judaization, repression, abuse and domination that never stopped. In addition, the intifada carried with it a political program calling for the end of the occupation and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, although the message of the first intifada 87-1993 was understood as a message of peace.

Although its tool was the entire Palestinian masses of old men, women and children. Although its weapons were mostly limited to the Palestinian stone, the Stone Intifada was in the face of the Israeli army and war machine, but the government of the occupying country at the time, led by the duo Shamir and Rabin, declared total war on the intifada. On Palestinian elders, women and children, it used strong iron fist policies, shattering the bones of Palestinians, and unanimous oppressive kneeling punishments, in addition to mass and individual bloody massacres, causing tens of thousands of Palestinians to be either martyred or wounded.

The main chapter in this third scene was that represented by those colonial policies, with all that they entailed of an infinite number of the most heinous war crimes. We do not neglect here in this context the reference to the American-British war crimes against Arab Iraq. However, the biggest, cruelest and heaviest moral and moral crime was the “Zionist crimes and their adaptation to them completely as a normal daily news that no longer stirs neither the Arabs nor the international community, despite the fact that the Intifada played a central role in the Israeli and international recognition of the “right of the Palestinians to self-determination.”

Fourth scene

According to the media of the parties concerned with the “peace” process that was launched in Madrid and communicated with the Palestinians through the “Oslo” channel, from a material that heralds the choice, covenant, entitlements, and return of “peace”, the Palestinians and Arabs imagined that the occupied lands and usurped rights would return, and that the Israeli occupation state would become “Israel.” Naturalness in the region, and that "historic reconciliation" and "ending the conflict of the century" are on the way, and that prosperity and economic prosperity will prevail over the peoples, and so on. However, disappointments from the whole process continued and intensified, and feelings of frustration, despair and betrayal accumulated: the occupying state remained the same, and the mentality of the occupier, racist, military, and aggressive has not changed.

The policies of confiscation, settlement, Judaization and collective punishment continued more frantically than before, while the Israeli “peace governments” committed a long series of continuous violations of the concluded agreements, not to mention the acts of killing, killing, demolishing, destroying and torturing, which continued in a feverish manner. The foundations and reference points of the Madrid process were the first major crime against Palestine and the Arab nation.

The "Oslo" agreement, with its many flaws and flaws, constituted the second major crime in the fourth scene extending from Madrid to the Al-Aqsa Intifada. However, the continuation of the same Israeli occupation policies, even under the umbrella of the “peace process” and historical reconciliation, constituted a mortal blow to the entire option, and the third major crime was established on the scene, even if it consisted of a long series of other crimes, each of which constitutes an independent major crime. As throughout the previous time periods and the scenes referred to, the biggest, cruelest and most bitter crime was also represented by the "routineization" of the crimes of the occupation and the adaptation of the Arabs and the world to it, while the "peace process" called for other concepts, policies and entitlements on the part of the Israeli occupation state.

Fifth scene

To the fifth scene in Palestine, the chapters of which began with the provocative and provocative tour carried out by Sharon's bulldozer of Zionist terrorism to the Temple Mount, which was followed, as is well known, by the Palestinian intifada eruption that continues until this writing, through the wars of criminal aggression against Gaza, and also through the intifada of knives 2015-2016, with the uprising of electronic gates 2017, and also through the gift of Al-Fids and Al-Aqsa and all of Palestine in April-May/2021 until May 2022..

The series of Israeli crimes began in succession at an amazing pace since that Sharonian tour. General Barak's government declared war on the Palestinians, took military decisions and field measures, and engaged its regular and reserve army and its heavy war machine, including artillery, tanks and aircraft. All kinds of destructive and deadly missiles and munitions were used in the face of a completely defenseless people of equivalent weapons, in addition to activating the role of the Jewish settlers’ gangs.

Sharon’s provocative tour was the first major crime in the fifth scene, to be followed the next day by the Al-Aqsa massacre, for the occupying forces to commit the second major crime In the courtyard of Al-Aqsa and the squares of the Holy City. Over the past years since that date, the occupation war crimes in all their usual forms have followed suit, but in a more ferocious and filthy manner and insistence on oppressing and subjugating the Palestinian people: the entire fifth scene: an occupying state that understands only the logic of oppression and terrorism and considers itself above all international laws. And the occupation army is the strongest in the region (by regional armies) and the most heavily armed, even the nuclear fangs, and real decisions, policies and applications of war on the ground aimed at undermining the morale, steadfastness, reverence, and adherence of the Palestinian people to their legitimate rights in Palestine. Weapons of murder and destruction, and bloody, oppressive and terrorist crimes and violations that have been going on around the clock since the 28th of September 2000.

On the other hand, there is a Palestinian people who are defenseless from the force, the army and similar weapons, and have practically nothing but their will, morale and insistence on the legitimate rights in Palestine, besides the stone and some light weapons. Are there crimes more heinous than these crimes?!

But… the major crime, the cruelest and the most severe on everyone, especially the Palestinian people, is represented once again by the “routineness” of the crimes of the occupation, adapting to it and receiving it as a normal daily news, whether it is at the Arab level, or at the level of the international community, despite our respect, appreciation and awareness of the importance of street movements.

The Arab in all Arab capitals in the early days of the Al-Aqsa Intifada and the solidarity of the Arab peoples with the people of Palestine. The crimes of the occupation war are continuing, growing, dedicated, committed with a premeditated intention and planning, with great preparation, determination, and surveillance, and in the most horrific forms and images... Do we see an end, O Arab nation, to the scene of “routineization” of the crimes of the occupation and adapting to it as if it does not affect any member of our body

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