War hysteria against Russia .. Let Ukraine be the tool .. Who cares?

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Afhrasianet - It is no longer a secret about what the West is doing against Russia, using Ukraine as a tool in its war, supplying it with money and weapons, while the Ukrainian officials, in turn, are blackmailing the West, knowing that these supplies are not known for certain whether they really go to Ukraine or escape in different ways to accounts Financial aid, especially with regard to financial aid.

As for the massive military aid, perhaps it could go to appear in other hot spots or within the reach of terrorists.

This is not a figment of the imagination, as a retired American general who would like to draw his government's attention to the seriousness of what it is doing says, "This unprecedented financial and military aid goes into a black hole and no one knows where it ends." Her ears close and her eyes are pumped more. Not only that, the information confirms that those running the war are Western officers, headed by Americans, who have taken Kyiv as the headquarters of their plans, while US intelligence provides them with military information, location coordinates, and various matters related to plans to confront Russia.

Also, the alleged volunteers from Western countries are pouring into the Ukrainian army, while the reality confirms that these are only regular soldiers sent by their governments under the cover of volunteering, and the returnees say that they lived through hell because of the treatment and contempt of the Ukrainians.

The United States in particular was and still supports Ukrainian battalions known to be Nazi-oriented, but that will not matter as long as they are fighting the Russians. It proves here that it really wants to fight the Russians to the last Ukrainian.

The most famous of this battalion, the so-called Azov Battalion, is a far-right and neo-Nazi unit of the Ukrainian National Guard. It was based in the city of Mariupol on the coast of the Azov Sea. Pro-Russian forces fought during the war in Donbass.

Azov was initially formed as a volunteer militia in May 2014. It experienced its first combat experience in retaking Mariupol from pro-Russian separatists in June 2014.

On November 12, 2014, Azov was incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard, and since then all members have become contract soldiers serving in the Guard. the National. In 2015 and 2016, the battalion gained a lot of attention and sympathy from the good Nazi movements and also used Nazi symbols to express its slogans. Azov representatives said that the symbol is an abbreviation of the motto "National Idea" (Ukrainian:

Ідея Нації) in Latin letters (Latin: Ideya Natsiyi) In March 2015, a spokesperson for the battalion said that about 10-20% of its members were Nazis.

In 2015, the United States and Canada decided to stop training or supporting the Azov Brigade due to its ties to the neo-Nazis, but the following year Washington lifted that ban.

A provision in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 passed by the US Congress banned military assistance to Azov on the basis of its white supremacist ideology but later rescinded the ban on aiding the group. Members of the battalion come from more than 22 different Western countries.

• In 2022, hundreds of battalion members surrendered to Russian forces after being trapped for weeks in the Azovstal factory, which was their last stronghold in this coastal city. According to the Russian authorities, about a thousand personnel of the battalion surrendered at the Azovstal plant.

• On August 2, 2022, a court in Moscow issued a decision declaring the Azov Brigade a terrorist organization in Russia, and one of the consequences of this decision is the possibility of severe sentences of up to 20 years in prison for members of the battalion who were captured inside Ukrainian territory.

These prisoners face charges that include killing civilians. However, the United States of America did not stop supporting the remnants of these people because of the hysteria that resided in the hearts and souls of Western rulers and who no longer listened to their people who suffer from the collapsed economic situation and from Europe's dependence on the United States of America, which seems to destroy Europe after the destruction of Ukraine, which is It is on its way to this fate, especially after the greed of neighboring countries that claim to help Ukraine while it is actually working to annex Ukrainian lands, will not delay in annexing it if the Ukrainians did not catch up and know how their rulers dragged them into a destructive war that would not have happened if Ukraine had an independent decision and not a leadership Subordinate and any dependency, but it is an ignorant and unconscious dependency, except perhaps for personal benefit, and the Ukrainians will discover that no matter how long the war takes.


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