The war...against China too

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Afrasianet - Mounir Shafiq - Where has the war in Ukraine between Russia and America reached, especially with Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, continuing to play the role of the American cat's claw?

It would have been possible for this war to have found a quick or medium-speed settlement if Zelensky had enjoyed a degree of independence in safeguarding the interests of the Ukrainian people, away from blind submission to the American decision. Ukraine and its unity, but he insisted on seeking to join "NATO", and this was translated by arming Britain and America to fight a war with Russia if Vladimir Putin carried out his threats, after he mobilized an army on Ukraine's borders.

If Zelensky, a loyal American Zionist, had thought, first of all, of the interests of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, he would have spared it the war of a global nature, which, until now, has led to the catastrophic situation that has engulfed its cities, afflicting its people with destruction and loss of lives, materials and infrastructure.

This war would not have broken out had it not been for the American desire for that, or rather, had it not been for the American strategic decision to open a front against Russia, through Ukraine and on its territory, even for another Ukrainian. As for the conclusive evidence of this American strategic decision, it can be read by following up on American policies and practices and the American media, since February 20 until today. Since that date, the Biden administration has been pouring oil on the fire of war, with active cooperation with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

It harnessed all American capabilities to serve the war militarily, politically, and in the media, in addition to a very broad global mobilization, until Biden decided not to leave a place for reconciliation with Putin, after he publicly described him as a war criminal and demanded that he gather evidence to present the Russian president to the International Criminal Court.

In addition, he sent his Secretary of State Blinken and his deputy, Kamala Harris, and went in person, to encourage Zelensky to continue the fight, after the latter appeared to have some weakness in the first rounds of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. In short, all American policies indicate that Washington wants to go in the Ukraine war to the goal of inflicting a strategic defeat on Putin and the Russian Federation (as a major united and significant country in the international polar conflict).

In doing so, it placed Putin and Russia in front of an existential war; Either they are or they are not. Of course, neither Putin nor Russia can allow America to overthrow them. And this crazy goal was achieved, without which a nuclear world war. So, when the question arises today: How far has the war come?

The answer comes, mouth full, in the light of American policies: they are going to escalate, to escalation, with ominous consequences, unless the Biden administration comes down from the tree. Hence, the question arises: will he eventually look for a way down? This is of course always possible, and in relation to the war in Ukraine in particular, it is very easy if Zelensky is allowed to negotiate and make the required setbacks.

These regressions are in Ukraine’s interest first, because its interest and the interest of its people is to be neutral and a friend of Russia and the West, as well as not to arm what threatens Russian national security, and to preserve eastern Ukraine within a non-hostile Ukrainian federation.

However, the war that the Biden administration wants to win against Russia is essentially a war against China as well. Russia and China, after the bilateral summit between their presidents on February 4, 2022, became on one front in the conflict with America, and this explains why the Biden administration went to the extremes mentioned above. The goal of defeating Putin and Russia is a necessary and essential step in the war with China.

It also explains, and will explain, why China will not allow Russia to be defeated, especially in the face of the economic, political and media blockade that Putin is subjected to, while the military dimension is still almost guaranteed in Russia's interest, at least in the face of Zelensky, his army and its extremists.

It was expected by a number of strategic analysts that the conflict between America and the West and their allies on the one hand, and China and Russia (and others) on the other, would turn into something like a Cold War defined by the contradiction between the Soviet and American camps after World War II, which ended in the interest of the latter camp. 1991.

Here a new question arises: what prompted America to choose the path of war through Ukraine against Russia and China (practically and objectively), and not to return to the Cold War strategy that was characterized by the arms race, proxy wars, and international accord, along with the enormous economic, financial, technological and scientific superiority In the interest of the West?

The difference between the two phases lies in the economic, financial, technological and scientific superiority that China enjoys in a way that competes with the West.

The latter has lost the advantage it had enjoyed against the socialist camp in the previous cold war, which played a key role in winning it, without moving to the hot war. , or semi-garrison, as is the case now in Ukraine. Thus, the US war against Russia (and China) in Ukraine is the first strategic step in addressing the US-Chinese contradiction, which was declared by the Biden administration to be the No. 1 contradiction facing America.

This military option, which is taking a long time, will be accompanied by an economic war, as is the case with Russia now, and as it will happen with China in the coming days, which gives other features, in addition to those that marked the post-World War II Cold War, on top of which is the state of reconciliation.

The international long-term, which lasted throughout the sixties, seventies and eighties, a period that was sufficient to exclude the world war on the one hand, and to lead the Soviet leadership to spoil like a fish from the head (Gorbachev and Yaltsin phenomenon) on the other hand. History does not repeat itself, and every era has its own characteristics, and every international conflict has its own characteristics as well.

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