Washington and double-dealing even with its allies

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Afrassanet - Ibrahim Abrash - Washington, and the West in general, is adopting double standards in dealing even between its supposed allies. While Washington and the West are mobilizing armies for allegations of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine,

Washington is standing by and watching the attacks against its ally, the Gulf states, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE, by the Houthis, or they are content to condemn these attacks. Or promise to help!!! What is the secret of this duality in dealing?

And what lies behind this silence or inaction in defending Riyadh and Abu Dhabi? For decades, we have been hearing that the Arab Gulf states are a strategic ally and friend of the West, especially the United States of America, and under the allegations of this alliance and friendship, the Gulf states have allowed the West to have almost complete control over their raw materials, especially oil and gas, and invest the majority of their financial savings in the Western economy, under the title of ally and friend.

This country has linked its security and future to the West, with arms deals worth hundreds of billions of dollars, allowing the establishment of Western, especially American military bases on its lands, and the signing of many security agreements.

It has to protect it from Iran. Despite this, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are exposed to serious security threats from the backed Houthi side, as missiles and drones strike strategic locations in the two countries, in addition to the West standing idly by on Saudi Arabia and the UAE as they are mired in a war of attrition in Yemen that extends for years, yet it did not move The West remained silent and left its allies to face these dangers on their own, and they are real dangers, especially for the Emirates, which has harnessed most of its capabilities for development and attracting foreign investors and talent, which are matters that need complete stability and security, otherwise everything will collapse.

This Western stance towards its Arab and Muslim allies is not limited to the Gulf allies, but the same applies to other allies. Washington has left its allies in Afghanistan to fall into the grip of the Taliban group, which the United Nations has classified as a terrorist group.

The devastation and the incursion of terrorist groups and militias, and during the so-called Arab Spring, Washington and the West encouraged the spread of chaos and even supported all groups that are fighting to overthrow the national state and spread strife and sectarianism, even if they are terrorist or extremist religious groups, as it left the neighboring countries - Israel and Turkey - to persecute the Arab lands. And it left Egyptian President Mubarak and Tunisian President Ben Ali to fall while they were, in one way or another, affiliated with the West.

This position of the West is not out of love for peace, or commitment to the principle of non-interference in wars and foreign conflicts, and is not in defense of democracy and the right of peoples to revolution.

The West, especially Washington, was recorded militarily in defense of its interests and allies, both during and after the Cold War. For example, Washington intervened in Korea, 1951, Iran, 1954, to overthrow the Mosaddeq government, Cuba 1961, Vietnam War 1964, Indonesia 1965, and Chile 1973 To support the dictator Pinochet against the democratically elected Salvador Allende, 1980 in Nicaragua, and in April 1986 American planes bombed the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi in Libya, and invaded Afghanistan and Iraq in 2003, and NATO militarily intervened in the former Yugoslavia, as it sent bombers to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, and sent the West his forces to Syria to spread chaos and civil war and not in defense of democratic forces as they claim, and France sends its armies to Mali, Chad, Niger and other African countries to defend its interests even if the regimes of these countries are undemocratic, and finally the military mobilization to protect Ukraine from the allegations of a Russian invasion, this is in addition to covert intelligence operations and economic sanctions.

This duality in dealing with (the allies) is not without racism, especially in the case of comparing the West's dealings, especially Washington's, with Israel and its dealings with its Arab allies.

Israel has practiced and practices the occupation, and there are many UN resolutions that recognize this and demand it to end its occupation of Arab lands, especially the occupied in the 1967 war. It also practices racism against the Palestinians, according to the testimony of international human rights organizations, the most recent of which is Amnesty International a few days ago. It also practices ethnic cleansing and war crimes, as recognized by the Jews, who are the new historians.

The Criminal Court has also opened the file of Israeli violations in Palestine, and it continues its aggression against the Palestinians and neighboring countries, as is the case in Syria and Lebanon. The West, especially Washington, knows this and sees it and does not even move to condemn this racist colonial entity, but rather protects it in the United Nations from any condemnation of it, while this West, which claims to defend human rights and peace and defends its allies, criticizes and denounces human rights violations just because of the killing or arrest of a citizen in One of the Arab countries that is considered a friend or ally of it, such as Egypt or Saudi Arabia!!! As for why the West does not intervene to protect its Arab allies and friends, in addition to the rule or philosophy that governs the policies of the West, which says: (There are no permanent friendships or permanent enmities, but permanent interests) and a friend of the West is the one who achieves his strategic interests with the least possible losses, Washington and the West in general They intervene to defend their interests, not human rights and democratic values.

They also intervene in defense of reliable allies from their point of view. It seems that the Arabs cannot be trusted from the point of view of the West, especially America. In order to understand the reality of America’s policies towards the Middle East, especially the Arab world, we must return to Washington’s fixed strategic goals, which are to ensure Israel’s security and military supremacy over all Arab countries, and to guarantee its strategic interests in the region.

What threatens or can threaten these two goals is the unity of the Arab nation or Any Arab situation free from Western hegemony and hostile to Israel. Hence, Washington and some of its Western allies see in weakening the Arabs, even their supposed allies, as an interest for them and Israel, and from here we understand their support for the chaos resulting from the so-called Arab Spring, and even support for all groups that participate in this chaos, even if Extremist and terrorist groups have also been silent on military intervention in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen.

Despite the anti-Western rhetoric that we sometimes hear, these parties do not pose a real threat to the West and Israel, and the points of convergence and long-term strategic understanding between them are more than the points of contention.

Arabic is the list. Finally, Washington is not concerned about what Saudi Arabia and the UAE are exposed to, because the perpetuation of the war in Yemen and the involvement of the Gulf states is consistent with the strategy of creative chaos that Washington has adopted since 2006. Israel, which is already happening

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