Towards a solution to the two states: the state of Ramallah and the state of Gaza

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Afrasianet - The upcoming elections, if they take place, will restore the Palestinian situation to its present state, as Fatah continues to rule the West Bank, with or without victory, and Hamas will also rule the Gaza Strip. Elections to "renew legitimacy" for Palestinian leaders The Palestinian people surprised the whole world.

Especially in what appears to be the ruling National Authority in the West Bank, the Hamas movement ruling in the Gaza Strip, and the factions and organizations taking place around them inside and outside the Palestinian territories.

The overwhelming popular response represented the extent of regret and anger over the long years in which he had no opinion or the right to elect his ruler. The free and independent popular Palestinian movement was launched to nominate or support the candidacy of those who deem themselves worthy of participating in legislative, political and governmental work.

The enthusiasm shown by the Palestinian people towards holding the general elections has proven that they refuse to submit to a ruling imposed by a decision by executive or central committees, a recommendation from a president or minister, or advice from advisers wandering around the corners and corridors of the presidential offices or the rooms of a security official.

When the election laws were imposed according to what the leaders of the authority and the factions, which differed and agreed upon, wanted, the Palestinian individual was denied the right to run, and the individual citizen no longer has the right to run for membership in the Legislative Council, and he has nothing left but to join, if he has the capabilities and connections, to one of the electoral lists that are being held

The approval of the Supreme Election Commission or other bodies on their legitimacy to run in the elections. These instructions did not confirm the determination of the Palestinian citizen to run in the elections with lists that do not follow the factions or parties, and a number of lists were arranged that include individuals who are not partisan, but who are able, willing, and qualified to receive positions, positions and responsibilities that serve the Palestinian people and their needs, as well as their legitimate national goals.

The choice of the forces sharing and governing what remains of the land and the Palestinian people for this electoral system based on the rejection of individual elections and reliance on collective elections was not approved by the Palestinian people, and no referendum was held on it, although the individual election was the basis for the first elections in the history of the Palestinian people in 1996 and the elections in the year 2005 Presidential and Legislative.

It is clear that the goal of preventing individual candidates is to block votes for the lists that will be the mainstay of both the Fatah and Hamas lists. On the other hand, it will soon appear that the Negotiations Department rejects many community lists under the pretext that they do not comply with the relevant laws.

The HEC's persistence in rejecting the lists submitted to it by the owners of the popular and not partisan lists may cause an angry reaction from the people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, represented by a popular boycott of participation in the upcoming elections.

The development of events before, during, and perhaps after the elections, according to an interpretation reported in some Western newspapers, may prove that the pressure of European countries towards holding the Palestinian elections is what has forced the factions, after about fifteen years of failure, since the last elections, to accept taking them now.

The matter that is taking shape day after day is diverging from mere international support for holding fair elections to achieve the political existence of a unified Palestinian state, which Israel opposes, and the stronger Palestinian factions, Fatah and Hamas, also oppose.

What the world is seeing today is an international initiative, which is not led by the United States and others for reasons that do not need to be explained, but rather led by some European Union countries, the most important of which is France and Germany.

The European aim of holding elections, as Germany stated publicly a few months ago, is to "renew the legitimacy" of the Palestinian leaders, and that is to say, the National Authority and the Hamas government.

There is no better way to renew legitimacy than to win elections. The upcoming elections, if they take place, will restore the Palestinian situation to its present state, as Fatah continues to rule the West Bank, with or without victory.

Hamas will also govern the Gaza Strip, and both of them will be eligible for "legitimacy" and ready for final separation and the consecration of two Palestinian states, the state of Ramallah and the state of Gaza, with the agreement of the countries of the region and all countries of the world on that. Instead of working to create a single viable Palestinian state.


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