Earth Day is an eternal memory in the history of the Palestinian national struggle

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Afrasiant -  Written by: Shaker Farid Hassan - These days mark the 45th anniversary of the Eternal Land Day ... this day which was a historic turning point and an important point and a milestone in the path of the Palestinian national and political movement, and came as the culmination of the struggles of our Palestinian Arab masses in the face of the policy of dispossession, confiscation and demolition of homes.

Land Day was not a passing event, but rather a new historical chapter, confirming beyond any doubt that the Palestinian identity of our patient and steadfast people, who possesses the historical right to the land, will not be attained by all the racist schemes and Judaization projects that were drawn up and imposed by the Israeli ruling establishment on the Palestinian Arab minority, which has survived and remained.

In its land and homeland, it faced all the attempts of displacement, deportation and expulsion from the homeland by the successive governments of Israel, and it remained gripping the embers of steadfastness, survival, resistance and adherence to its historical national identity.

Time and time again, history proves that our people's struggle with the Zionist movement, the colonial colonialist ideology, the occupying and apartheid racist mentality, and with the ruling establishment that legislated the racist nationalism law does not desire peace, and does not respect the agreements it signed with the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Oslo, and with the Arab countries,

This conflict is mainly focused on the land that constitutes the features of our Palestinian national identity linked to the historical narrative of our people. For us Palestinians, land means identity, existence, life, homeland and destiny, and it is the past, present and future, and it is the main and fundamental issue in all its crucial political and national dimensions.

Long live the Eternal Land Day, the glory of the makers of the Eternal Land Day, and the glory of all the martyrs of our people who died in defense of the land, the homeland and the national cause, and let us cheer with the late Palestinian poet

Tawfiq Ziyad, one of the makers of this historic day: I planted a red lily in my chest And in all entrances And I was hugged green lawn Cry, pray, and fight They took me in a rosewood boat And underbrush papers I am the voice of the caller I am a caravan And my blood is the flower and the sun And Sanabel waves And I am a volcano of love and saba And my cheers flares.


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