For memory and for generations: Nineteen years after the legend of Jenin: fighting until the last bullet ... and until the last gasp..!

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Afrasianet -  Nawaf Al-Zrou - So that we do not forget, for memory, for generations and for the future, we continue to evoke the legendary battle of Jenin, for here it is Jeninrad returning from time to time to occupy the scene of resistance to occupation again, not a day passes almostwithout following an event, process or address related to Jenin, so events return to us again And third, to the reality of the city, let us recall that legendary battle in the camp, where the Palestinians fought there on the camp grounds a big, big, honorable, and honorable battle.

They became a great martyrdom, which has never been witnessed before over the course of the wars and battles that took place between the Palestinians and the Arabs with the Israeli occupation state over the past decades ...

When living testimonies and confessions of enemy officers and soldiers, as well as documents and data collected on the ground, that the camp's confrontation was a myth of its glory in the history of confrontations and wars with the occupation state, this is not in vain or an exaggeration in the media ...!

And when historians and analysts agree, even from the ranks of the enemy, that "the myth of the Jenin camp was witnessed by the enemy before the friend, and it has become a curriculum taught in international military institutes and universities. Military machine in the world, "This big reality is not part of the Palestinian imagination.

Our people in the camp wrote as fighters, women, elders and children, a true mythical heroic epic of steadfastness that is taking root and consolidating in the Palestinian and Arab national struggle consciousness and memory as one of the most important, prominent and greatest epics.

According to the confessions of the Israelis themselves, “the Jenin camp was the site where the Israeli army paid the highest price / Haaretz 7/4/2002,” and because the Israeli forces completely failed to storm the camp over a period of seven full days, and because “the battles in the camp were very harsh and burdened with casualties ( On the Israeli side), the Israeli army decided to use giant bulldozers to demolish houses in which fierce battles took place (and the forces and tanks failed to storm them) and not to clear them by bringing soldiers into them, and because the Palestinian fighters and civilians in the camp showed legendary resistance that was not in the accounts of the Israelis. ,

As it succeeded in squirting their noses in the mud, and it broke the ability of the legendary army morally .. So the Israeli army pushed large columns of tanks, armored vehicles and bulldozers reinforced with terrifying air cover consisting of squadrons of "Apache" helicopters and others, full of intentions and terrible revenge among the officers and soldiers of the occupation army.

Which has been practically translated on the camp grounds by committing acts of killing and destruction in a massive manner ... Those actions rise to the level of heinous war crimes. The occupation pushed 400 tanks and about 20 thousand soldiers to the heart of the battle, so the occupation army committed a comprehensive massacre in the Jenin camp: the mass bloody massacre ... and the complete demolition and mass deportation of they demolished and destroyed 680 houses completely and destroyed 1160 houses partially destroyed, while The camp residents offered seventy martyrs and hundreds of wounded, in addition to committing all criminal violations against the wounded and civilians during the war.

The occupation forces completely isolated the camp, cutting off water, electricity, communications, and foodstuffs, as well as preventing all forms of humanitarian relief for the wounded, children, women and the elderly.

The Zionist massacre was comprehensive against humans and stones ... Pierre Bar Pansy, a journalist working for the French Communist Party newspaper L'Humanite, who spent 48 hours in the camp at the Jalameh checkpoint, said, "According to many Palestinian testimonies, the Israeli army buried the bodies in the pit of the central square of the camp and filled them with cement." It looks like Berlin in 1945 due to the terrible scale of the destruction.

" In this context, we recall some confessions of enemy soldiers and officers. One of the soldiers of the Israeli Occupation Military Engineering Brigade, which participated in storming the Jenin camp at dawn on April 4, 2002, admitted: “The situation there is terrible, and it is better not to enter there.

” He added, “We are moving from House to house but they are fighting fiercely. " A report by the Hebrew newspaper Yedioth said: “The Palestinian militants do not leave the camp, while they are fighting ... they have planted hundreds of explosive devices and prepared car bombs..and they have insane incentives, and they fight us fiercely and do not give up.

” Another Israeli soldier added, describing the fighting in the camp: What is going on there resembles the wild west, and the soldiers receive Palestinian fire from all directions, and in all directions, as dozens of explosive devices fly over the heads of the soldiers ... and bullets also pass near their heads.

" "The Palestinians have learned from the battles and learned their lessons, and they are fighting the fiercest battles so far," the division commander, General Eyel Schlain, told Voice of Israel Radio. Israeli military analyst Reuben Fadhatzur documented the battle, saying:

"Whoever decided to occupy the refugee camp in Jenin made a mistake not only in analyzing the intelligence data, but also in understanding the effects of the fighting there. In all cases, this battle will be recorded as Stalingrad, the Palestinian nation.

" So ... and with their testimonies as well: the camp entered history from its widest gates, because the story of its steadfastness and the heroism of its fighters prompted a reading of what happened there, especially with the difference in the balance of power, the size of the losses, the ferocity of the battle and its ferocity, and the story of deceptions and engagements that characterize the camp fighters, and in the end the story All the martyrs, who fought to the last breath.

The stories and stories do not stop at a certain point, in every corner and corridor a story, and under every destroyed house and rubble strewn with a martyr stuck to the weapon, there Taha Zubaidi was martyred, and there Shadi al-Noubani was martyred, and here Sheikh Riad Badir was martyred, and there is also Mahmoud, Muhammad and other heroic fighters.

Thus .. Jenin camp turns into a symbol of Palestinian heroism and a myth entrenched in the consciousness and memory of Palestinians and Arabs throughout the current and future history. Hundreds of Palestinian citizens hurried to name their new children "Jenin", and the name became a ringtone on every tongue.  

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