Between Gaza and Donbass. A new world is being created

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Afrasianet - Sayed Shibl - When the battle in Gaza is placed within the UN context, it becomes clear immediately why Western capitals are mobilizing to rally around Israel, as is the magnitude of the achievement of the son of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

How did America create its "color revolution" in Kiev?

In 2014, U.S. intelligence, with the support of English authorities, led a group of liberal movements within Ukraine with the aim of toppling President Viktor Yanukovych. Yanukovych was elected by the free will of his people four years before this date, and has good relations with Moscow, and seeks to turn his country into a bridge for the Russians to cross towards Europe and vice versa, thus achieving with this plan a number of common interests.

The CIA believes that tweeting the old continent outside the American influence means the beginning of the end for NATO, which leads to Washington losing almost half of its influence on the world, so it had to eliminate the rule of Yanukovych and his men, and then turn the whole of Ukraine into a mass of flames on Russia's western borders, hindering any communication of Moscow with Western Europe.

America created its "color revolution"  in Kiev, taking advantage of the Ukrainian authorities' objection to EU control and political and economic interventions in exchange for enhanced cooperation with Moscow, which was willing to provide $15 billion plus cheaper gas prices, sparking protests in Independence Square, which were directed not so much against local authorities as against Vladimir Putin himself.

Here, the Donbass region appeared on the map of international politics, as a region in eastern Ukraine, near the Russian border, whose people declared their objection to the political invasion of Ukraine by the Americans (which later developed into military), under the pretext of "liberating" them from the relationship with Russia, with which they are united by history, geographical neighborhood, common origins and, above all, language.

The interactions in the Donbass resulted in the birth of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics, and for several years later, until Moscow's recognition of them and subsequent military intervention in February 2022, these two republics will be subjected to all forms of violence at the hands of Nazi groups supported by the new regime in Kiev, which succeeded Yanukovych and was supported by Washington and Tel Aviv.

But the strange thing here is that these  "ultra-nationalist" groups that committed war crimes against the people of the Donbass have received support from Salafi-jihadi organizations, whose roots extend to the Caucasus region, and some of them have fought against the Syrian army over the past decade.

Russia's military expansion towards the east towards Ukraine had its humanitarian justifications for saving the population that is being harmed for rejecting the new regime and defecting from it, as well as its political justifications for preventing the arrival of American war vehicles to its western borders, which would have followed Kiev's inclusion under the banner of NATO.

But, beyond all that, it represented a leap forward that interpreted the dreams of the peoples of the Second and Third Worlds aspiring to the emergence of a new military pole capable of challenging the Western will.

Gaza in the heart of the world

No one no longer sees what is happening on the Palestinian territories in general, especially in the Gaza Strip, as a local affair or concerns Arabs and Middle Easterners alone, but everyone sees all these events as episodes within a larger international conflict, which will result in a new global model with different political laws.

The leaders of "Israel" are aware of the status of their entity within that international equation, and the most severe evidence of this is the popularity of the discourse that returns the Israeli entity to the "Western incubator" whenever the resistance arms surround the necks of the settlers, which is an ideological aspect deeply entrenched within "Israeli society" and overshadows any biblical doctrine or nationalist claims, as the occupation politicians believe that the entity since its establishment with Western support and until today, represents a microcosm of what Europe was at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Copy and paste it in Arab lands, to play its role as a base to serve American and European interests.

On Dec. 5, Israeli President Isaac Herzog clearly declared in his remarks  to MSNBC  that "the war in Gaza is not only between Israel and Hamas, but a war to save Western civilization," and this is naturally in line with the military, political and propaganda support provided by various Western regimes to Tel Aviv over the past weeks.

The Arabs collectively do not realize the reality of "Israel" as an extension of Western colonialism, and this is what drags some of their leaders to the palaces of government in Europe, demanding the restoration of some of the stolen Palestinian right, which is a farcical path of course, and its outcome is zero multiplied by zeros, which is one of the main reasons for the loss of the issue throughout those decades, and almost led to its withering had it not been for the solidity of the will of the Palestinian people and the support they received from the axis of resistance.

All these facts refer to the most important characteristic of the events since the seventh of October, which is the multiplicity of arenas that did not direct their weapons to the Israeli occupation alone, but to the American enemy before it, and this reveals the originality of the vision possessed by the leaders of the axis of resistance, and their awareness of the essence of the global conflict and their ability to access its essence.

A week after the "Al-Aqsa flood", the Islamic resistance in Iraq was carrying out dozens of attacks on US bases in Iraq and Syria with missiles and drones, while the Yemeni armed forces did not only fire missiles at the occupied um al-Rashrash and attack Israeli ships at the Bab al-Mandab Strait and detain one of them, but also Western countries that provide support to the occupation, and in the same context, the statement of the spokesman for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Ramadan Sharif, that "some hands that do not reach Israel may reach U.S. forces and that all U.S. bases and flights are under surveillance."

During 1942, the steadfast Russian soldier at Stalingrad imagined that his role was only to defend his country's borders and prevent them from falling into the hands of the Nazi German army, but the truth is that his historical role went far beyond that, as he withstood the end of this Nazi-colonial madness.

The achievements of the Katyusha (BM-13 rocket launcher) were not limited to thwarting Adolf Hitler's ambitions, but extended to the realization of the dreams of millions of people at the time in a world free of racism and free murder.

It is not intended to draw an approach between the conditions of the international system now and the situation at the end of the thirties and early forties, when Berlin was seen as an iron capital that was impossible to break, and how it fell a few years later and was divided in 1945, but it is intended to take a lesson from the past, and to believe in the possibility of changing conditions suddenly and shockingly, provided that there is steadfastness and will.

The world has been changing since the first man left his cave, and Francis Fukuyama's ideas about the "end of history" and the "supremacy of Western liberalism" are sacred to no one on the planet except the "neoconservatives" within the United States, who aspire to ensure that the White House remains the sole master of the planet's destiny.

The most disturbing thing for the American today is for the peoples of the world to believe in the possibility of defeating it, as happened with the Nazis one day, or to see their interest with Russia, rising with the strength of its military and China developing thanks to its economy, just as the most frightening thing that affects the Zionist occupation is that the Arabs believe in the ability to dismantle this entity, and that it is weak and its pillars are fragile and the seed of its demise is planted in it from the moment of its establishment, and that the paws of the Arabs embrace the paws of their neighbors and extend the bridges of cooperation.

It hurts Americans and their Israeli lackeys not to be accused of thuggery, immorality and crimes, but to be emboldened and underestimated by their opponents. This is exactly what is happening today from Ansar Allah in Yemen to the citizens of the Donbas in eastern Ukraine, the frontlines with the Western camp extend and widen.

When the battle in Gaza is placed within this international context, it becomes immediately clear the reasons that incite Western capitals to rally around Israel, as evidenced by the magnitude of the achievement made by the son of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, who is holding the trigger of his rifle and repelling the ground invasion in the Jabalia camp or the outskirts of Khan Yunis, and thus not only pays aggression on behalf of his people or contributes to the liberation of his land, but also gives all humanity a new dawn, and heralds the birth of a new world. In which the American is able to dominate or provide weapons and support to his lackeys.

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