Putin: In the Middle East, several parties have begun to apply a policy of revenge on the principle of collective responsibility

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Afrasianet - Russian President Vladimir Putin said that instead of pursuing and punishing terrorists in the Middle East, several parties have begun to apply a policy of revenge on the principle of collective responsibility to destabilize.

Putin stressed that the scenes of dead children, blood, the suffering of the elderly and the killing of doctors in the Middle East fuel our grief, but only sympathy is unacceptable.

"When you look at the bloodstained children, the dead children, how women and the elderly suffer, how doctors die, of course, it fuels our sadness and tears cry," he said. You can't say it any other way. But we shouldn't just be sympathetic."

The president noted that it is necessary "to clearly understand who is really behind the tragedy of the people of the Middle East and other parts of the world, who organizes the deadly chaos, and who benefits from it."

The Russian president stressed that it is the American elites who benefit from global instability, and that the United States needs constant chaos in the Middle East, so it discredits those who want to stop the bloodshed and even the United Nations is persecuted.

"I reiterate that those behind conflict in the Middle East and other regional crises will use its devastating consequences to sow hatred and perjure people around the world. This is the real and selfish goal of geopolitical puppeteers."

He added that Russia is fighting for the future and the principles of a just world order.

"Today, Russia is not only actively involved in shaping a new, more just and multipolar world with equal rights and opportunities for all countries and civilizations, but we are not only one of the leaders of this objective historical process, and I will tell you more, this is known to everyone, for the sake of our future, Russia is fighting on the battlefield for the principles of a just world order, for the freedom of countries and peoples," Putin said.

The Russian president stressed that the monolithic American world is collapsing and gradually becoming a thing of the past, but the United States does not want to admit it.

Putin stressed that Russia's position on the Middle East has never been based on self-interest or double bottom, stressing that the key to solving the problem is the creation of a fully-fledged and sovereign Palestinian state.

"In our handling of the situation in the Middle East, unlike the West, there has never been self-interest, conspiracies or double bottom. We have declared and are publicly stating our position, which does not change from year to year: the key to resolving the conflict is the establishment of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state, a full Palestinian state."

Source: RT

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