Did the war in Ukraine show the weakness and division of "NATO"?

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Afrasianet - A report talks about the impact of the war in Ukraine on NATO, and says that the sanctions against Russia have not worked, and that the multipolar world with the participation of Russia and China is much stronger than the unipolar world led by the United States.

The American "AntiWar" website stated that "the war revealed a division between the new NATO members in Eastern Europe, the old NATO members in Western Europe, and between the United States and its main European allies."

The website said that although NATO was unified on imposing sanctions on Russia, "there were cracks," pointing to the issue of exports to Russia rising to "pre-war levels despite the sanctions."

This is due, according to the website, to "countries, including the European allies of the United States in NATO."

The site added that although it may "be true, to a large extent, that NATO is strong and unified within itself" when it comes to the general topic of arming Ukraine and imposing sanctions on Russia, it is not true that "NATO is stronger in its position in relation to the rest of the world.”

He added, "NATO may have been strengthened internally, but much of what Russia calls the global majority has refused to join it in punishing and opposing Moscow."

He added that the multipolar world that Russia and China have presented to the international community is "much larger and stronger than the unipolar world" led by the United States, which NATO aims to "defend."

And the site stated that, "If NATO is stronger than ever, then its rejuvenation represents a renewal of the Cold War," pointing out that "this is not a good development in the world."

He stressed that the approach of the United States and NATO in the war in Ukraine, which divides the world and forces countries to choose a side, has the opposite effect of leading countries not to choose, and pushes them to a strong multipolar world," noting that "the new world rejects Cold War blocs such as "For NATO, and strengthen Russia and China."


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