A secret British training document for the Ukrainian military 4 years ago.. and what was contained in it raises controversy

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Afrasianet - Moscow - Follow-up: A document obtained by the Russian "Novosti" agency revealed that the British Royal Tank Regiment participated in training Ukrainian soldiers and preparing them to fight in the Donbass about 4 years ago.

The correspondent of the same agency found a cache of documents in the liberated city of Volnovakha in the Donetsk People's Republic, including a certificate confirming that the Ukrainian soldier Boris Kazarian had completed training courses and obtained the rank of "sergeant" with the participation of British trainers.

According to the document, the aforementioned certificate was issued by the British Royal Tank Regiment, a famous military unit formed during the First World War, after the invention of the tank by the British.

The document indicated that British trainers trained the Ukrainian army on the use of weapons in 2018, when the parties to the Minsk process were trying to resolve the conflict peacefully.

London has not yet announced that it will supply Kyiv with NLAW anti-tank grenade launchers.

According to the document, the training included 4 stages: “training in the use of weapons, training in navigation affairs, medical training, and training in marital mobility.”

The Ukrainian military fighting in the Donbass received training certificates from British instructors, signed by Colonel M.

Evans of the Royal Tank Regiment, according to the document.

In a related context, the United States and Western countries continue to provide Ukraine with more lethal weapons, as a senior US Defense Department official confirmed that the first shipment of a new weapons package worth $800 million to Ukraine will begin to be transferred from the United States within one day.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also announced that his country will send an additional 6,000 missiles to Ukraine.

Germany also plans to send an additional 2,000 anti-tank missiles to Ukraine.

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