Nicaragua withdraws from the Organization of American States and expels it from its territory

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Afrasianet - Nicaragua has decided to immediately withdraw from the Organization of American States and close the offices of this continental body in the capital, Managua, describing it as a "diabolical instrument of evil". And the government of President Daniel Ortega announced in November 2021 the country’s withdrawal from the Organization of American States, in a decision that according to the organization’s protocol cannot enter into force until two years after its issuance, in order to give the country sufficient time to prepare for its withdrawal.

But Foreign Minister Denis Moncada said that Managua had decided to speed up the process of its exit from the organization, and withdrew its representatives from the body, which is based in Washington. In a letter, the minister clarified that "as of its date", Nicaragua has no longer any connection with "all the deceptive mechanisms of this monster", adding: "We will not be present in any of the bodies of this satanic instrument of evil called the Organization of American States." He stressed that "this notorious body will therefore not have offices in our country, and its headquarters has been closed" in Managua.

The organization condemned Managua's decision, stressing that Nicaragua's withdrawal does not enter into force before the end of 2023, and called on Ortega's government to "fulfill all its obligations," stressing that the Nicaraguan authorities had seized its headquarters in Managua. A few days ago, the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States approved the decision to suspend Russia's membership as an observer country with the organization, against the background of the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

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