Former US official: Washington will continue to create problems for Russia

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Afrasianet - Former US Treasury Assistant Secretary Paul Roberts considered that Washington will continue to create problems for Russia even after Ukraine, warning Moscow not to "trust the promises of Zelensky, the Washington puppet."

It is not clear whether Washington will allow its puppet (Ukrainian President Vladimir) Zelensky to sign an agreement (peace with Russia) or adhere to it after signing it," Roberts said in a statement to RIA Novosti news agency. He added, "Washington will continue to create problems for Russia," stressing the need to deal with the reality around Ukraine now.

He added, "Russia should not sign agreements if they do not include Ukraine's recognition of the seceding of Crimea and Donbass." He believed that "Russia must decide whether to trust Kyiv, which refused to implement the Minsk agreements." And he added: "There were guarantors of the Minsk agreements and they did nothing, why repeat the mistake again?" Source: "Novosti"

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