"The General Union of Palestinian Writers - Carmel 48" condemns the reckless Western campaign against Russian literature and arts and calls for the neutralization of literature on political conflicts

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Afrasianet - The world is following with concern the military developments in Ukraine, as it followed the news of wars and battles in many places previously, and what worries us most is human life, freedom and right to live with human dignity, and wars have always had economic and social repercussions, but it comes to the point of fighting culture in general and literature in particular.

None of us, perhaps, would have thought, especially if it came against a racist background and a hateful supremacist look. We were recently surprised by what was reported by the Italian newspaper “Milan” and a number of news websites, about the writer Paolo Nuri, that the Bicocca University in Milan, where Nuri was supposed to give a series of lectures on Fyodor Dostoevsky, canceled his lectures for political reasons (!) related to the Russian war. - Ukrainian.

Media websites and stations also reported news about canceling artistic performances, dismissing musicians and artists from their high positions, blocking theater scenes or literary and artistic clips, on the grounds that they are Russian, or those dismissed for abstaining from taking a political position on the war (!)

This "brutal" attack on literature and art - in addition to the attack on sports and athletes - by the "democratic" and "enlightened" West, as it claims, reveals its hateful, racist, arrogant and arrogant face, and its narrow-mindedness and interests that have nothing to do with human values.

Hence, we, in the General Union of Palestinian Writers - Carmel 48, and regardless of the individual position taken by each of us writers regarding the war, we denounce this campaign and see in it dark measures that take us back to the forbidding mentalities of the Middle Ages, which are carried out by the ideas police in universities and institutions

Those that, as Palestinian writers, have tasted both of them, and caught fire in the curriculum of Israeli schools and universities, we strongly condemn and reject them.

The novelist, short story writer, journalist and philosopher Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky is of universal prestige, because during the crisis of his country and of the whole human race, he knew how to put questions with a decisive imaginative awareness.

He was born in 1821 in Russia, and passed away in 1881, leaving humanity a great creative legacy, translated and read all over the world, influencing the global cultural process. His most famous works are "The Brothers Karamazov", "Crime and Punishment", "The Idiot"... and others, which I have studied and read, and still are, generations and generations, and no one has the right to cancel them from the human heritage by a foolish decision. General Secretariat

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