Former Ukrainian Prime Minister: NATO was planning to launch a third world war against Russia. Kyiv was assigned the main role..

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Afrasianet - The former Ukrainian Prime Minister, Nikolai Azarov, announced Friday that NATO was planning to launch a third world war using nuclear weapons against Russia, and that Kyiv was assigned the main role.

"NATO was planning to launch a third world war with the use of nuclear weapons against Russia and the main role in this was given to the current American-dominated ruling elite in Ukraine and the nationalists," Azarov wrote on his Facebook page.

Nazarov added, "Since December 2021, Russia has been receiving information about NATO's plans to deploy 4 military brigades (2 land, 1 navy, 1 air) on the territory of Ukraine. Moreover, an air brigade has the ability to carry nuclear warheads.

NATO wanted Approval of this deployment of troops in the summer of 2022 at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council. Moreover, most likely by the end of the year, they will have provoked a conflict and launched large-scale military operations against Russia with the use of nuclear weapons.

"In order to prevent the Third World War and the attack on Russia with the use of nuclear weapons, the Russian government decided to stop this situation and restore order in Ukraine," Azarov added. Azarov said: “One day before the start of the war, fateful decisions were made to exterminate the Russian-speaking population in Donbass.

The Ukrainian army, led by the National Brigades, was preparing to start a military operation in Donbass. On 25.02.22.” Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the aim of the operation is to protect people who have been subjected to persecution and genocide by the Kyiv regime, eight years ago.

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