Warning from the chemist.. why ?

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Afrasianet - It seems that the cycle of searching for accusations and pretexts in the process of distortion and incitement against Russia will not stop at a certain point, as long as the parties involved in the conspiracy insist on continuing to express their hatred and malice, by allying these parties with terrorism secretly and publicly.

America and the Europeans are leading an early action campaign by warning that Russia may resort to the use of chemical weapons in Ukraine, which brings to mind what America did in Syria when it claimed that the Syrian army used this weapon. Here, it suffices to refer to a statement by Carla del Ponte, a member of the United Nations Independent Commission of Inquiry, in which he referred to the presence of testimonies from victims of the Syrian civil war and medical personnel that opposition militants used the nerve gas sarin.

And not far from it. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia has conclusive evidence that the alleged chemical attack in Douma “was a play with the participation of foreign intelligence, specifically at the hands of state intelligence, which seeks to be in the first ranks of the anti-Russian campaign.” What is surprising and surprising is that the occurrence of a chemical weapons attack by those who call themselves the Western-backed Syrian “opposition” is referred to only when the Syrian armed forces are in a state of superiority and victory over the terrorists supported by the West, and those forces have achieved great victories and gains. ?

It should be noted, that the focus on the possession or use of chemical weapons by a country is an issue that has several objectives, for example, exposing the country accused of possessing it to international inspection through experts specialized in that from international organizations concerned with the matter, which exposes the sovereignty of countries to violation and their national security at risk, but the most dangerous of that - which is What is in our interest - is that the evidence of the use of chemical weapons in any conflict, conflict or war makes the Security Council able to take any decision to confront that country, and no member state of the permanent members of the Council has the right to use the veto or veto to thwart it or prevent its issuance.

The seriousness and importance of the issue and the results that could result from any investigation that could be carried out by an international inspection team or body under this title lie. He also mentions what "Bush" did in Iraq, which was an unforgivable crime among the peoples of the world when he justified his invasion of Iraq by claiming that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, and this claim has been proven false.

Chemical weapons are one of the illusory pretexts invented by “Obama” during his reign to intervene militarily in another country in the Middle East, and this role was on Syria… which is required to be fragmented as a state and divided into conflicting sectarian states.

It is the United States of America that must be held accountable today for its genocide of the peoples of the world through its chemical weapons. What happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya exceeds what was killed and destroyed in the two world wars. America is now conducting tests using mustard gas and other chemical media, and they have shown Others were subjected to radiological tests. Others were also exposed to various types of disease genes without the knowledge or consent of those who were subjected to these tests.

Nuclear weapons were used in Japan and biological weapons were used in Korea, and chemical weapons were used in Vietnam. America, which now opposes this weapon, continues to develop weapons of mass destruction, for example, a new generation of nuclear weapons and metal storm guns that fire a million shells from heavy artillery batteries per minute, and mentally retarded boys have been used in radiological experiments, and American experiments on citizens who do not have The idea of what is going on with them has been carried out over the years, and the British Ministry of Defense admitted that for 40 years it had conducted radiological tests on humans and that it had conducted very rapid biological warfare tests on the beaches of the Caribbean and ordered officials to lie about it and that similar tests in London, as America and London They secretly tested mustard gas on about 2,000 Australian servicemen. Sheldon Harris, a professor of history at California State University, said in 2012 (that human experimentation and the production of biological warfare methods flourished in the United States of America and others, despite international agreements prohibiting such activities).

Thus, we find that the United States of America and its European allies are the main factor in killing the peoples of the world, and more than that, they are violating all international treaties and covenants.

America, which trades in the blood of peoples and claims to protect their rights at the same time, distributes its false accusations to every country that rejects its criminal policies, and ignores the fact that it has the upper hand in committing crimes and organized terrorist acts in all parts of the world, and also forgets that it is the only and first country in history to use weapons The nuclear program against the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, and the pictures of children being born mutilated in those two cities are still the best evidence of its terrorism.

It is certain and consistent that Western-backed actors have bought many media outlets, but we wonder why these people waste their money marketing hard-to-believable lies?

And what can be said about the allegations he promotes about the use of chemical weapons? In this context, we recall the allegations and lies made by "Donald Rumsfeld" when he said that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction in Baghdad, Tikrit, the north, south, east and west of his country.

America and its western choir from Britain and France ... and their tools in the marathon race that cut across the seas to them, know that they are in the throes of creating a new scenario after the failure of all the plans made and prepared by the research minds of cosmic conspiracy schemes The subject, then: a new dimension of my conspiracy in a new game for an upcoming scenario, its horizons began to loom” when opinion was mobilized for the lie of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in 2003.

It brings back to memory the tragedy of the destruction of Iraq by a brazen, brutal, brutal American-British aggression, and draws on the horizon a savage trend towards a similar aggression against Russia.

Just as the international organization emerged from the major gate of the dirty conspiracies in its Security Council against Iraq on the day that “Colin Powell” the US Secretary of State in the first term of the “young” George Bush threw the first lie of incitement and fabrication in front of the meeting and the world, here is the United Nations trying to enter through the same gate.

It has been undoubtedly proven that the chemical used in Syria was the result of the so-called White Helmets, but the investigations were obliterated in favor of those who plotted, and it is not unlikely that the scenario will be repeated by the so-called nationalists or neo-Nazis in Ukraine to frame Russia.

The issue of chemical weapons was the gateway through which the West intervened in the Iraqi sovereign affairs, and it is an issue that is present in our memory and our collective awareness and is not hidden from anyone with insight or insight, especially since we are facing an enemy that does not respect Sharia or Sharia, so the end justifies all means, and for the sake of its interests. He tramples on all principles and values.

The balance of global power is rapidly and steadily changing towards the shift in American hegemony over international decision-making.

The question: What legitimacy did the United States rely on in determining whether or not chemical weapons could be used in other countries?

And what does the United Nations say about this blatant interference, and does it accept an interference in its affairs and a transgression of its powers, as the United States does, especially since everyone knows that what America is doing is within the jurisdiction of the United Nations?

“According to the testimonies we collected, the “rebels” in Syria used chemical weapons and benefited from sarin gas,” said Carla del Ponte, the chief UN investigator for human rights. Use chemical weapons, not the Syrian government.

Many analysts have also pointed out the obvious fact that the Syrian government has no interest in using chemical weapons, especially since it is able to reach its goals through the use of conventional weapons. The same is the case in Russia now.

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