Strange.. our astonishment.. for the racism.. of the West

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Afrasianet - Awad Dhaif Allah Al Malahama - Many were astonished by the racist way in Romania's dealings with those fleeing Ukraine when it did not allow Africans and Asians to enter its lands.

People were also surprised by the racism of some Western media professionals and their saying that the displaced Ukrainians have white skin and blue eyes and look like them and that they are not like the refugees of the Middle East!?

It seems that we have either crossed out history, or that we do not study history, or do not understand it, or that we do not consider events in history, or that our memory is the memory of a fish.

How can a sane, well-informed, and follower of world events and wars be surprised, or surprised, by the racism of the West in general!? The West is a killer, racist, occupier, deranged, and double-standard. The West is a colonialist, an opportunist, a reformer.

The West is sadistic, the West is a thief, the West is without loyalty, and without humanity. The West is authoritarian, savage, without morals, without values, and without religion and they are in contrast to the tolerance of Christianity, this great divine religion, because most of them are atheists, so Christianity is innocent of them.

All of the above is an actual description of the West, not an emotional one.

To make the picture clear, the above description describes the West's dealings with other societies and countries. Because the treatment of Western countries with their peoples and citizens is completely different, and even completely contradictory with their dealings with others.

That is, the West, in its dealings with a citizenry, is civilized, advanced, developed, humane, valued, moral, just and equitable.

The values of individuals, societies and states appear when dealing with the other, of which he is not a part, and there is no genetic, ethnic, religious or national connection between them.

Because on the individual level, you find that the most hardened criminals are at the top of care, tenderness, tenderness and warmth by dealing with his family, for example, while he commits the cruelest and most heinous crimes against others.

What applies to individuals or persons applies to states. And I find that it is necessary to mention some real and realistic examples to confirm the correctness of the topic of the article :-

1)) We must recall and remember who the original inhabitants of the United States of America were!?

Weren't they Native Americans!? Have they not been brutally exterminated, and a mixture of the peoples of the earth replaced them!?

2) What did America do in Afghanistan!?

3)) What did you do in Iraq!?

4) What did America do with its ally Noriega!? Didn't she kidnap him from his castle in his country while he was her ally when she invaded Panama!?

5)) What did America do in Vietnam!? 6))

Did not America support and protect the Zionist entity and support its expansion, arrogance, and disregard for all United Nations resolutions!?

7) Did not America abandon its ally the Shah when the Khomeini revolution took place in 1979!? She refused to receive him and bury him!?

8)) As for imperial Britain, from which the sun never sets, its criminality is difficult to enumerate, including giving a national home to the Jews in Palestine.

9)) What did you do in India!? Were Indian men and women not forced to carry the British on their backs, as if they were beasts!? Did they not stir up strife among the population on religious and ethnic grounds!?

10)) Did not Britain transfer the most notorious criminals from its prisons to Australia as citizens!?

11)) Did Britain not work with France to divide the Arab world with the Sykes-Picot Agreement!?

12)) As for France, the least it did was to kill 1.5 million Algerians, and museums and buildings were built from their bones and skulls!?

13) What did the Americans do with the Africans, did they not enslave them!?

14)) A few days ago, the French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour stated the following: Yes to receiving white Christian refugees from Ukraine, and I refuse to receive Muslim Arabs in France. Is this statement steeped in hateful racism commensurate with a candidate for the presidency of France!?

15)) We also listened to the statements of a number of Western media professionals whose statements were at the height of racism. We heard about students studying in Ukraine being taken off transportation because their skin is not white and their eyes are not blue, and Western countries refused to receive them.

16)) One of the clearest evidences of the criminality of Western regimes was the killing of tens of millions in the first and second world wars.

17)) Who dropped the atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in World War II in 1945!?

18)) Who created the terrorist organization ISIS!? Isn't it America!? Which aimed to use the gullible Muslims to fight among themselves, without knowing why they are fighting, and the killer and the killed are chanting (God is great).

19)) Did the West not rob the wealth of the countries of the world and follow bad and immoral policies to impoverish and ignore them so that their wealth continues to be depleted!?

20)) Did the West not stage tens, if not hundreds, of coups in the Third World to install agents for them who would be easy to subjugate and plunder the wealth of their countries!?

21)) Who is the poorest and ignorant of the third world countries!?

22)) Is it not the West that provokes and provokes wars in many countries of the world to operate factories of killing and destruction to produce lethal weapons!?

The brutality of the Western regimes exceeds the brutality of the jungle with others, with those who are not of their own kind.

They kill and maim, without any moral, ethical, or religious deterrent.

The West is the enemy of humanity. The West is a fierce enemy to all mankind. And the weak, the clients, the benefactors, the reformers from the third world countries prepare for them what will achieve their criminal, inhumane goals.

I do not forget a saying of the Arab thinker, Professor / Al-Hadi Al-Manjar, when he said with its meaning:

((Do not believe all the countries of the West when they call for the application of democracy in the countries of the third world, they only call for it, and do not ask the regimes to implement it, because the application of democracy harms their interests, they They only apply democracy in their own countries. The whole world was plagued by the Wild West.

The peoples were caught between the hardship of life, and their systems working for the West, and the absence of humanity in the West and their brutality that they practice on people other than their kind.

They lost their lives, their dignity, and their livelihood even if they were covered with some humiliation.

Do not believe your puppet regimes, which paved the way for the West to desecrate your homelands, plunder your wealth, and lose everything, even your dignity.

And he concluded: We should not be surprised by the brutality and racism of the West with others, because its civilization is limited to their dealings with their peoples.

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