NATO is an aggressive organization, not a defensive alliance

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Afrasianet - Mohammed Ahmed Al-Rousan - She described the political and diplomatic system in Russia, and before the current Ukrainian crisis aggravated, and with it the Russian intelligence community and its sensory horns, that the relations between Moscow and NATO are worse than they were during the Cold War, due to the behavior of NATO and its Secretary-General through the new strategy for it, and warned against Ukraine joining NATO, How are the relationships then?

I got close to minus 2 on the Ukrainian question and the investments in American and European mythology in it. Where NATO's strategy is a mixture of diplomacy and attack on the parties of independent and sovereign states, and a return to square one to ignite the sparks of war, to keep everyone busy with everyone, and to drain the regional whole with the international one, for the purposes of safeguarding the interests of Washington and its allies, without taking into account the interests of other countries and the interests of the Russian Federation. And its allies and peoples, because Ukraine has turned a puppet and tool in the hands of NATO and America for the purposes of containing Russia.

Undoubtedly, the world is at this time in an aggravating state of sharp and deep historical impulse. Of his offensive and defensive impulses and on the basis:

There is a misunderstanding along the lines of US-Russian relations on both sides. And international relations are militarized by NATO as an aggressive and offensive organization under American sponsorship, and the ruling cartels are still in joints and joints, the political, intelligence and military establishment in the American capital, Washington DC, and by identification, symmetry and coordination, with the curves of the deep state in America, through the intersections of visions with the embryo of the government

The International (Bulderberg), Wall Street and major oil companies, so that everyone seeks to destroy the Russian presence in the region and the world and then contain Russia, and this is the goal of the crisis that he created and best created with the malice of the American, British and French intelligence community and in cooperation, with the intelligence of the Pentagon and the diplomatic intelligence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs America in Ukraine.

Russia is aware of the West's intentions to include Ukraine in NATO, as this means that the Black Sea has become a Nitoan lake par excellence, and the nucleus of state rule in Russia is aware that the third Western party in the Ukrainian event is seeking to set up the trap of Moscow's military involvement in Ukraine to weaken and deplete power The Russian Federation and its preoccupation with retreating to the Russian Federation interior, placing it in a position of defense and not attacking and preventing it from military and economic expansion and expanding the strategic geopolitical field of the Russian intelligence community in the world, in order to strengthen the concept of the multipolar world through cooperation with the BRICS countries and their intelligence and intelligence communities.

The Ukrainian event threatens security structures in most of the old European continent, and things may slip into unimaginable consequences, through the gradual rollover into direct military events between the West and Russia, where the battle is a battle for control of the gas and oil corridors in the world. Consistent and identical with the American and European?

A new US Nitto attack strategy, continuous updates to its international joints and its actions on the international field, its naval, air and missile nuclear triad, and in the background also the modernization of its intelligence communities and its dirty actions in most of the arenas of opponents and allies alike, to stop the erosion of the comprehensive unilateral military power in front of the Russian Federation and China North Korea and Iran, which is a strategy of competition on the one hand, and a military, intelligence and cyber confrontation on the other, and in order to preserve the vitality of the American economy, which is an economy of war.

America, along with NATO with its strategies, will rip its guts, not Russia’s, as its content is: America or no one, and Washington accuses both Russia and China of undermining NATO’s power, and the latter is a relic of the long past. As an aggressive offensive organization, and America appeared in the joints of its new military vision, that it is very concerned about the military and economic expansion of China, Russia and Iran in Africa and North Africa, and sees that military force is the only way to impose hegemony and decisions on the world, so it found its refuge and finally in removing gloves and percussion The drums of war through the Ukrainian issue in order to regain the influence it lost in the world, where American intelligence is deeply rooted again in the American State Department, and to confront its conflicts with America, from under the table and with Britain as well, and described both Russia and China as reactionary powers, and it became clear to everyone and through breaks and points.

The American military discourse, that Washington never fought international terrorism, but rather worked on sponsoring, housing and settling it and invested in it, and with you Because of the above, America is no longer in the military dictionary and the economic dictionary (considering the American economy an economy of wars and based on it) topping the list, so its new offensive strategy came as a kind of nostalgia for the past of unilateralism in light of a world that tends towards pluralism and in order to preserve international security and peace, and here the pluralism was exposed. Polarity is the American goal, and it has become a dream and an illusion. Moscow responded to Washington prudently, and in the words of Sergey Lavrov:

Global stability depends on cooperation between Moscow and America, and in secret the Russian response has been for years on the ground in the global field, and in partnership with China and Iran in the economic, financial, cyber and military sense, and it has been demonstrated in Syria and Iraq and the work continues without stopping or Tiredness or boredom. With all this and that, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), as an offensive and expansionist alliance, and not a defensive alliance as claimed by its member states, continues and at an increasing pace.

Expansion to the east, since the post-Cold War era, many countries from eastern and central Europe, which were previously part of the Eastern bloc, joined it, and this issue raised and raises concern among the Russians, and the joints of their state and their national security, which they (i.e. the Russians) consider an aggressive approach from the Western countries towards their country.

Moscow has long criticized NATO's expansion to the east, calling on it to stop this expansionist strategy, which may provoke in the near future a war that no one wants. More and more, he is heading towards the Balkan countries as well. At his last meeting in Brussels, he discussed Macedonia's membership in NATO, and the possibility of Ukraine and Georgia joining as well as future expansion plans.

These Russian fears began when NATO announced in the winter of 2017 that it had agreed to Montenegro’s membership in the alliance. The recently published strategy confirms that Serbia and Montenegro are preferred and ready to join the European Union in 20225. Russia responded by denouncing the decision, accusing the authorities of ignoring the opposition of a part of the population to it.

Moscow said at the time: We noted with great regret that the current authorities in this country (Montenegro) and the Western protecting countries did not listen to the voice of reason. Moscow explained that the will of nearly half of the country's population, opposing to join NATO, was ignored, accusing the Montenegro authorities of political brazenness, i.e. extreme rudeness.

The warning and criticism of the Russians did not stir any silence or fear among the leaders of the old European continent. On the contrary, they officially announced the acceptance of every country that wants to join NATO, on the condition that it contribute to expanding NATO’s presence and influence there in its arena and geographical areas.

Within the framework and paths of these contexts, and at the recent NATO summit, in the Belgian city of Brussels, NATO announced the acceptance of the membership of Macedonia, which is located in the center of the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe, and NATO claimed that Macedonia’s membership in the organization would strengthen its presence and influence. In the region, on the other hand, the Russians believe that Macedonia’s membership in NATO does not express what the Macedonian people want.

Russia’s permanent envoy to the European Union said that Macedonia’s accession to NATO is a mistake and will have consequences. The Macedonian parliament officially ratified the joint agreement with Greece, To change the country's name to the Republic of North Macedonia to resolve the conflict between the two sides, and that the vote was boycotted by 51 opposition deputies, and that the ruling coalition in parliament led by the Social Democrats agreed to the agreement at the time, knowing that the number of parliament members is 120. In the wake of the agreement between Scotland and Athens on the name of Macedonia, the former Yugoslavia is trying to accelerate its membership in NATO and the European Union, and from Russia's point of view, NATO's policy of expansion in the western Balkans, and the acceptance of its member states in NATO is an attempt to expand to the east More so, Montenegro’s membership in NATO has exacerbated tensions between NATO and Russia, and Moscow is now expected to respond sharply to the start of the Macedonian accession process in NATO, as Moscow has repeatedly warned of the consequences of NATO expansion and the presence of its forces near its borders, saying that it It will respond with a mutual reaction.

From the point of view of Russian President Vladimir Putin, NATO is an aggressive organization heading towards his country's borders, describing the collapse of this organization as a great profit for Russia and the countries of the region. Vladimir Putin said that such a policy would be irresponsible and would have serious consequences for NATO countries .

The European Union is showing that it is able to implement an active foreign policy and accept new members, and this will be in response to Britain's withdrawal from the European Union, and Brussels remains limited to the annexation of Serbia and Montenegro, to protect itself from the problems of crime, corruption and drug trafficking ingrained in other countries of the region.

Before the current Ukrainian crisis escalated, Russia began deploying a short- and medium-range missile system to protect its security, by installing the Russian Iskander-M missile group in Kaliningrad to protect its western borders, as well as the medium-range Bastion system in the Crimea, and the Triumph missile system to protect its southwestern borders.

At a time when global security is witnessing many regional and worldwide tensions, due to America and NATO as an aggressive offensive organization and not as a defensive alliance, from Ukraine to Southeast Asia, and most of the arenas and spaces of Eastern Europe and the Middle East, but the biggest threat that appears to the public is more Ever since is the nuclear threat, which can be seen in the decisions of the White House and its nuclear strategy, as Washington recently announced plans to modernize its nuclear submarines with smaller nuclear bombs, as the US Department of Defense - the Pentagon announced that these small bombs will be allocated to counter Russian threats, It will also have a deterrent effect.

The new Pentagon war doctrine, with the content of small nuclear weapons, included an explanation with intentional detail. It is true that small bombs have a lower destructive power, but they have greater deterrence power, as the US nuclear arsenal is expanding and nuclear warheads are used in new cases. This new strategy would reduce the potential for the use of nuclear weapons, and would increase deterrence against attacks that could target the United States and its allies and partners.

The new doctrine of the Pentagon, which emphasizes the use of small nuclear bombs, confirms beyond any doubt, Washington's intention to use nuclear bombs, even those described as small in size, small nuclear bombs have a destructive capacity of approximately 20 tons of TNT, and can be carried easily in warplanes. At the present time, as experts confirm that America possesses large and very destructive nuclear bombs, but the possibility of using these bombs is very few on the one hand, and on the other hand, the conventional nuclear bombs that America used previously on the battlefields have a great deterrent ability.

On this basis, experts confirm that small nuclear bombs will be more usable for Americans, and experts believe that Washington, which used nuclear bombs at the end of World War II during the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, is today trying to deploy small bombs, which it sees as an enhancement of its ability to deter and attack, and that By increasing the probability of using this type of nuclear bomb.

And I think: the announcement by the US authorities of small nuclear bombs, the new Pentagon war doctrine, comes with an emphasis on Russia's danger to America, and the new US military doctrine says frankly, that this strategy will ensure that Russia understands that any use of nuclear weapons is unacceptable, and accordingly Washington's most important goal in announcing the development and expansion of the use of small nuclear bombs is to confront the Russians.

Washington's focus on developing small-scale nuclear bombs, in addition to the pressure exerted on other countries to join the nuclear non-proliferation agreements, reflects the US double-standard approach to the application of global standards for the proliferation of nuclear weapons, as the new US strategy is expected to constitute a new area for the nuclear arms race. , which will also expand the scope of competition between the major powers and their impact on the relations of small countries, including India and Pakistan, which would threaten the security and stability of the world in the future.

The US and the West, through the expansions of NATO as an aggressive, offensive Nazi fascist alliance, and the proximity of its military infrastructure to the borders of the Russian Federation as well as its vital areas, began to tamper with the Russian interior deeply this time, and under different titles, to weaken the structures of President Vladimir Putin’s rule, to move unbalanced parties From the Russian street to pervade and deepen the protests.

The Russians became more eager and eager to seek to establish the building blocks of a new multipolar world order, born from the womb of crises through what was provided and provided by the Syrian event and the Ukrainian event, and the latter, as we mentioned and recall, is a natural product of the severe situation of the Russian-American rams in Syria, but the shape of the modern world began to be formed It is formed by Syria, and the Ukrainian crisis is just another supporter on the multi-polar path.

And the American capital, Washington DC, and under the guidance of the American Balderberg and through the American Military Industrial Complex, builds great hopes with its horizontal and vertical (credits) on its eastern European ally (Ukraine) with its military and economic powers and cartels, and its great role in threatening the existence and existence of the Russian Federation and impeding its calm, steady and continuous rise,By spreading the various American military capabilities and the capabilities of its allies in NATO, and employing and synthesizing them in the igniters of the colored revolutions again, and in the manner of what was called the Arab Spring in order to make the Ukrainian geography and through its rulers the clones of the American capoese, as a major barrier in separating the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe, the old continent After the annexation of Crimea to Russia, after Washington and NATO lost the advantages of using the Ukrainian coasts to control and influence the Black Sea region, due to the repercussions of the Russian annexation of Crimea.

Are the prostitutes of globalized terrorism inside America, who are well-known, have not yet announced their repentance in compliance with American values, for example?

Despite their bloodiness and their teacher, in making death squads in El Salvador, Iraq and Syria, Gina Hazbel, the former director of the CIA under President Trump, and now they are presenting new credentials to the embryo of the international government (Bulderberg) through their recent secret and public statements and actions, to be summoned again, to establish death squads in The Ukrainian interior and again and with deeper versions than the previous one, given that Joseph Biden decided to warm up with Russia, from the contracts of using the extreme right in the Ukrainian West and those who acquired fighting skills inside Syria from some Chechens, some Circassians, some Tatars and some Arabs, through the global jihad systems against the Russian Federation? Let us dismantle the international, regional and local scene into parts, and study each part separately, for the purpose of understanding it with the required depth, before re-composing the image again, based on what the parts give of connections, intersections, and contrasts in the direction of the general scene.

What is the nature, quality and smell of the Russian shoe raised in the black American face? Is there a deep painful and acute labor of the birth (not from the waist) of a new Middle East with a purely Russian commonality with others? Did the Russian who is closer to the East than to the West succeed in what the American Yankees failed in?

If there is a new Middle East with a purely Russian smile and brand, and the region has entered this modern path, are there Russian Trojans that were doing their work vertically, accidentally and silently, to make the necessary penetrations of this new Russian Middle East according to reflexology?

Did the American and his allies from the West subject the Russian Trojan horses to follow-up, monitoring and then obstruction in their actions and interactions in the target of the escalating and increasingly important Russian goals? Did the American obstruction strategies fail to obstruct and weaken the Russian action through its various horses?

And since when do these Russian Trojans do their work, their interactions, and their effects? Can the Russian S-400 missile system be considered, for example, as a Russian Trojan horse to infiltrate Turkey, after it knocked on Turkish doors with only one knock, and the various Turkish saliva spurted on it militarily, and away from the contexts of NATO? And did the same S-400 and S-300 missile systems do their work against the Iranian state’s wall, next to the Bushehr nuclear reactor, and other Iranian nuclear reactors that are being implemented with Russian expertise?

Is it possible to integrate the Russian S-400 air defense missile system that Turkey is now obtaining in the systems of NATO’s military structures, given that Ankara is an active member of this alliance and serves as an advanced operations room for the West in Central Asia and the Russian vital space? From the Syrianization of the Ukrainian event in its vital field and its geography engineering, to the Ukrainianization of the Syrian event within the natural geographic incubators of Syria, and from the Russian Russification for most of the Middle East region, to the anti-Americanization of the Americanization of Russification and seeking to subjugate it to its tools in the service of its strategic interests basket.

With the Zionist enemy, with multiple clashes and on step-by-step trajectories, the Chinese helped Russia and Iran compete in the Middle East, and gain influence on the Mediterranean coast through the paths of the ancient Silk Road, and with it Iran as well.

Ukraine and the interactions and repercussions of its current crisis, in terms of the vertical and the transverse, and the role of the external factor in its articulations and spurs, made it (crushed and milled) for the bones of the products of Russian-American rams in more than one file in the Middle East, and towards Russia indicates what we are moving towards here, even if it is It is directed at the American interior on the one hand, and the cartels of Democrats in the House of Representatives, Congress and the American military-industrial complex and Wall Street on the other.

The American made concessions in some files of the dispute, and in the Iranian file he escalated to negotiate again, and the Syrian file, Hezbollah, the Iraqi file, and the Lebanese file, and he needed coverage for most of what he gave up in depth, not in form, so as not to injure his pride, and to cover up his arms deals with hundreds of billions of dollars, so he went to heat the Ukrainian file again and tamper with Central Asia to sabotage the Russian arena, and stir up another smoke to cover his concessions in the Middle East, despite his need for a statiko in the latter to devote himself to his next enemy Russia and China, and the latter is deepening economically and the American economy is now mortgaged to the Chinese economy, Beijing has built a modern and advanced army, the Russian army has remained strong and coherent, and the Russian national feeling has grown and grown through Putin and his policies, and the Russian intelligence community has expanded in its geopolitical field and has become its soft tools, which would lead to exciting changes in the maps of its vital field, and as is the case in changing The sociological and strategic structures of Europe, if the latter persisted in its alignment with Washington, in its targeting of the Russian interior and the Russian abroad, in its vital and partial fields The most important in Russia's national security.

The American capital, Washington DC, and in the course of its support for the Kiev authorities, which is fraught with dangers for the stability of the old European continent, is legitimizing all kinds of confrontations of these authorities with opponents in eastern and southeastern Ukraine.

The American cowboy is known historically for extremism and flexibility in policies and their implementation, as there is in the joints of the American state a team that seeks more escalation with the Russian, in imposing more severe sanctions and providing military aid to the new Kiev authorities (the Fascist Nazis), and this team is the American heavy stick team, Because of them, America has become the first policeman in the world, and another team shows some wisdom and political and field realism, and may be the most capable of understanding the changes of time, striving with difficulty as a result of conflict and disagreement with the other team, to make the door open with a very easy way to reach rapprochements and then understandings, to reach The diplomatic solution to this crisis with the Russian.

According to the readings of the Russian intelligence and intelligence community, in light of the international alignments due to the Syrian crisis and its natural outcome, the Ukrainian crisis, Washington and its allies and the State of the Zionist entity, the monstrosity "Israel", are seeking to heat up the conflict between Russia and Japan over the disputed Kuril Islands between Tokyo and Moscow, and the latter coordinates with Beijing about it.

The Russian Federation is also aware that the diplomatic firefighting team of the American fire in Kiev does not mean or imply that America acknowledges the existence of a Russian partner for it, and that there is another rising power that has reproduced itself again, so it rose strongly and steadily, and the ascent was a step by step and not a missile ascent, since the equation Universalism says: that whoever rises with a rapid missile will fall in the same way as he ascended, and this applies to states, groups, and individuals (political and economic elites) in societies and states.

Any military conflict in Ukraine with the Russians by NATO and the Americans will change the security structures of the European continent and lead to instability in all of Europe, especially since NATO's military presence is now increasing due to the Ukrainian issue in the regions of Eastern Europe.

Russia is adopting the long-sentence tactic, and this is the same Crimean scenario that Moscow has pursued, where the Russian army is entrenched behind the borders and leaves the scene for allies in the Crimean interior, with political, material, moral, military and media support, and the same scenario will be with the regions of eastern and southern Ukraine, and in the event of Things have worsened in the Ukrainian east and south, as we will be facing another Crimea organized for the Russian Federation, and the impact on Europe and the world will be severe, as separatist movements are encouraged and demand secession, which leads to a state of instability and stability of countries and their geographical borders, and in the end the Ukrainian East will be another Crimean It is the curse of the province of Kosovo, as the latter was stripped from the former Yugoslavia and made as a state with the help of the Americans, and there are heatings for the geography and demography of Kosovo as a product of terrorism again to direct it towards Russia and Turkey
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