On the sidelines of the Ukrainian-Russian crisis!

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Afrasianet - With the intensification of the escalation between the western and eastern camps after the disappearance of this term for several years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the Middle East, specifically Jordan, began to hear the drums of the coming war from afar.

The continuation of this political and military escalation and its subsequent transformation into military operations in Eastern Europe. In addition to the presence of a large number of Jordanians in Ukraine, most of them are students in Ukrainian universities Ukraine is looking forward to establishing alliances that would strengthen its positions towards Russia, so that it submitted a request to join the, The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) even if it was as an observer.

Oman will not and cannot stand by Ukraine, politically Oman will try to find a balanced position between the two camps. and military forces after the recent transfer of military equipment to Jordan from US bases in the Arabian Gulf, in addition to the Jordanian and American side signing a military cooperation agreement with a new concept and clauses that sparked controversy at the time.

On February 3, the US State Department announced several deals. arms to allies in the Middle East, including Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

The United States agreed to supply Jordan with advanced F-16C Block 70 combat aircraft and other military equipment, worth $4.21 billion.

On the other hand, to the north of Amman, there are Russian military bases in Syria, in addition to the Russian military air bases, most notably the Hmeimim base. The Syrian port of Tartus has returned to be Russia’s base to serve warships, and even nuclear-powered submarines.

The military presence of both camps close to the Kingdom or located on its lands imposes many challenges on it, which requires amman to find a formula to avoid any clash between the two parties on the territory of the Kingdom or to allow any party to attack the military bases scattered here and there.

The economic repercussions will not be immune from this conflict, as Russia and Ukraine are considered among the largest producers and exporters of basic foodstuffs such as grain and wheat.

As for the trade exchange between Jordan and Russia from and between Jordan and Ukraine, it is low compared to the Jordanian trade exchange with other countries where the volume of exchange reaches Trade between Jordan and Ukraine is 200 million, while the volume of exchange between Jordan and Russia is about 210 million dollars.

The economic effects will also include oil and gas, as the price of a barrel of oil is expected to rise to $120 per barrel in the event of any military operations starting, especially since Jordan imports all of its oil needs from abroad, and this rise will raise the cost of the Jordanian oil bill, and the Jordanian government will find itself in the face of Big challenges that are hard to face.

In conclusion, despite all these military moves on both fronts, everyone feels that there will be no war, but that in all cases should put Jordan in a position consistent with the excellent Jordanian relations, which necessitate not responding to the Ukrainian desire to drag him into it in any way. conditions.

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