The united states and their ambitions in africa

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Afrasianet - Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune did not exaggerate when he said in an interview with Al-Jazeera that his country is being targeted by conspiracy and that it was on the target list after Syria, because its decision is independent, not indebted, and not affiliated with the West.

Western strategic intelligence reports began to reveal a lot. Evidence in this regard. The American magazine Military Watch, which is specialized in arms deals and military affairs globally, said in a report it published before the end of last year, “

The land and air maneuvers of African Lion led by the United States in North Africa from 7 to 18 June 2021 simulate Remarkably, the attack on two supposed countries, Rouen and Yinhoun, both of which are located on Algerian soil.

The strategy of expansion and strengthening the American military presence in the African continent, which began with the attack on Libya ten years ago, and the dismantling of Sudan with European support. and controls the African Sahel region Western military reports reveal:

The recent maneuvers of the "African Lion" came in preparation for the invasion of Algeria..

Is the Biden US administration conspiring to revive the Libyan scenario in Algeria? And why is its leadership avoiding Muammar Gaddafi's fatal mistake?

Did the Russian plane buy the latest and most powerful in the world?

The Algerian leadership has doubled its armament efforts and modernized the Algerian army with the latest highly advanced Russian weapons, defensive or offensive, as it was the only one on the African continent that possessed the S-400 and S-300 Russian defensive missiles, as well as the Russian Iskander-I missile system.

The most powerful in the world, with a range of 500 km, and Moscow sold these latest missiles only to two countries in the world, Algeria and Armenia, in addition to the “Pantsir” air missile system, and there are reports that it has purchased 16 of the latest Russian “Su-34” warplanes.

It outperforms the American stealth plane (F-35) and has proven a very high combat efficiency in the Syrian war because it is equipped with air-to-ground and air-to-air missiles, and is equipped with an advanced protection system to repel enemy missiles, and it can carry eight tons of ammunition, according to Algerian reports.

They will start driving training courses early next year. Historically... African oil is considered the backbone of America, as it imports 60% of its oil needs from Africa, and some reports indicate that it has risen to nearly 70% by the year 2025, and what America imports from countries such as Guinea and the jungle! Nigeria is equivalent to what it imports from all Middle Eastern countries, and what has been published about its imports is sufficient, for example... African oil has special advantages for its high quality, and according to the famous report on the future of energy in the United States issued in 2001, Vice President Dick Cheney, Bush and one of the major investors in oil confirmed And the owner of the Halliburton complex, which is present through its subsidiaries in the African continent, that Africa is rapidly becoming a source of oil and gas for the American market, and that African oil is of high quality, which makes it ideal for oil refineries in Africa

This, of course, can only be achieved by establishing military bases, which prompted the magazine (Alexander Gas and Wall Conctu) to publish what the US administration has begun to protect its oil interests in Africa, without giving a picture of the method adopted by the White House administration.

In fact, since 2005 the Pentagon has begun to think about military bases in Africa, and for this has brought together 9 countries, including Morocco, within the Trans-Saharan Initiative to Counter Terrorism (TSCTI), and experts confirm that the countries nominated to contain military bases are:

Morocco, Mauritania, Chad and Senegal. Algeria is the first country in the world that has suffered from what America calls terrorism, and without going into the political reasons, especially those that ignited the civil war, and despite what America considers that Algeria is an important partner in its fierce war against what it calls terrorism, the effective relations remained ranged The main reasons that stood in the way of US-Algerian relations remained, and they can be summarized in three main elements:

- The Arab-Israeli conflict and the unlimited US support for Israel. The Western Sahara issue and the American support for Morocco.

- The issue of human rights and American support for the opposition and human rights organizations critical of the Algerian regime. Algeria, as all indicators indicate, will not fall into the Libyan sin, because the comparison between the two countries and the two leaderships is not in place. The Russians, did not trust America.


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