The openness to Damascus is a political move with a military title The American Rook and the Heart of Every Cold Tale

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Afrasianet - by: Lawyer Muhammad Ahmad Al-Rousan: The American is working on whitewashing the image of terrorists and is still investing in terrorism, and any global economic and financial crisis expected next year 2022 AD is the result of tampering with the blood of the dictatorship of Syrian geography, and the blood of demography for the Syrian faction, which is like a nuclear reactor.

Unfortunately, some of us do not know that politics is not just memorial photos with the poor, displaced and refugees, but rather an extrapolation of the future, and every invisible step in the future must be treated as an ambush, and a politician who only cares about cheering and praise, is no different from a livestock seller in a market Halal, and the newspaper seller at traffic lights in some of our Arab Qatari capitals.

Hence, we see that teenage politicians and their hollow and clumsy diplomacy believe that playing with the blood of geography is just playing with lines, borders and dirt, but whoever plays with the blood of geography must know that geography will play with his blood and his head, and the fact that the region is in a state of extreme liquidity and globalized terrorism is liquefied, all He started playing with the blood of Syrian geography, and through it with the blood of the geography of the region, but he began to backfire on everyone who tampered and tampered with and will tamper with Syrian geography and its dictatorship, and for those who wanted to be certain to go back to history, the language of geography to tell him.

The American still believes that the horizontal spread of jihadist ideology and the preservation of its character in all times and places is the only way to bring down any regime that does not agree and is consistent with the visions of the Americans.

Central Asia and the Chinese interior also through the Muslim Uyghur minority, which exceeds twenty million Muslim Uyghurs, so the Russian insists on rejecting terrorism and investing in it and in its curves to bring down the opposition regimes or that do not agree and are in any way with the American cape.

It is believed that Washington DC will use this aforementioned factor to bring down the regimes of its allies when they become a burden on themselves and their societies, and undoubtedly on America. Therefore, being hostile to Washington is dangerous, but being an ally of it is more dangerous than hostility to it.

The Salafists of Europe blew it up, and throughout the conspiracy against Syria, they are still seeking to do more and more, and European societies are turning towards the extreme right at the first level, rather to the right of the right, so the right becomes the left of the right, and its arenas have become a magnet attracting its terrorism against our region and Syria, just like the squares The strong, and the weak, neighboring Syria, has become, becomes, and will become, an attractive magnet for globalized terrorism.

So, are we in the process of another series of European alleles (relating to the American Black September of 2001 AD) that will inevitably come, similar to the Yankee US September - in relation to the naturalized Yankee, in In the shadow of an interactive international economic crisis that may occur in 2022 AD, similar to the crisis of 2008 AD, as the economic and financial sensing centuries in the US Treasury Department go? Is what happened, is happening and will take place in the countries and squares of Europe, a penance for a massive history of colonial slaughter, which Europe practiced against our peoples and our squares? Has the Syrian bladder intelligence become an international necessity for the European and others?

Well: the information contains more than five or six unannounced visits made by the brigadier general, head of the Italian foreign intelligence service (ISI) to Damascus and secretly after his first visit, with Russian encouragement and clear support, but this time he visits Damascus with cadres from the Italian intelligence service itself.

The French intelligence, the foreign branch, led by Bernard Aimé, worked jointly with the German intelligence service, to find out the scope of the cooperation paths with the Syrian intelligence community and also with Russian support.

This is the time, with clear and deep Russian support and advice, after the achievements of the Syrian Arab Army and the allied and friendly forces on the ground, and Damascus says: My intelligence does not normalize my information before spending it on politics and diplomacy with Syria, and this I believe is a 100% correct position.

This is the coercive policy and diplomacy that Syria has mastered professionally and achieves results that cannot be achieved by force of arms. It is Damascus, always and forever. No one knows how Damascus thinks, the land of jasmine. Its policy is a mystery to the Westerner and to some Arabs, the kamikaze of Rotana - relative to Rotana Cinema.

There is no moderate terrorism and non-moderate terrorism, terrorism is terrorism, in the Syrian event and throughout the decade of fire, and everyone who takes up arms against the Syrian national state and its political coordination and people is a terrorist even if it is supported by angels (for example), Washington and its alliance and with them the ruling party In Turkey and some Arabs, they are working to distinguish between a moderate armed group and a terrorist group as a military and political card, to target the Syrian regime and the state, through its moderation of terrorism, to write off and coordinate the Syrian regime, in light of the recent tactical Arab openness to Damascus, which is deceptive and the distribution of functional roles for a while,

This has proven to be a failure for more than ten years, and the Americans and most of the third party are still betting hard on what they call the moderate armed groups, despite the formulation of a decision cooked in the American scenes by the deep state, with the content of withdrawing from Syria within months, and I describe it in the event of its issuance: a decision It is deceptive. Rather, it is a military redeployment and not a withdrawal, and it will be a very formal decision, to the extent that it can be called: a political move with a military title.

The Americans and most of the third party on the issue and the Syrian event are still betting on the terrorist armed groups (they call them moderate terrorism) in the Syrian political process as this third party wants it in the Syrian event, and it is a real and real conspirator, and the truth is these moderate groups, the exponent and lord of the entrance and manufactured terrorism and the descendants of Al-Qaeda directly.

And more than that, the Americans are carrying out systematic misleading and deception operations and their Western allies and some Arabs, aiming to whitewash the pages of the armed terrorist groups, which cut the neck of an innocent Palestinian child who is the sacrifice of humanity. Ismael of the twenty-first century in Handarat camp six years ago, and more than that,

America is working On re-productions of political Islam through Muslim Brotherhood groups inside and outside Syria, where Washington is still betting on political Islam, to direct it towards Asia, China, Iran and Russia in the Caucasus and Central Asia through the strategies of American rotation, and what the so-called Nour al-Din Zangi movement did (Prince Noureddin innocent of them) and America, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and some Arabs consider it moderate. The Lord of terrorism, his cause and his religion.

Let us stimulate the mind to think by unleashing it with discipline: With the Syrian event and its consequences, has Turkish geography become a strategic question? Is Erdogan also being questioned by his NATO allies? Will Turkey be expelled from NATO (the American differences with Turkey are a crack in Turkish foreign policy, and a crack in Turkish domestic policy)?

Did the project to dismantle Turkey begin through the American Alderberg? What are the new risks that NATO is exposed to?

There is a danger from the east that NATO is exposed to, represented by the escalating and permanent Russian military presence in Syria, and there is a danger from the Turkish south represented by the CIA mystics,

NATO mystics himself and Erdogan’s own mystics (ISIS, obsceneties and dams), and Turkey combines these dangers and has become the most country in the world. NATO is exposed to risks, aren't these deep risks? America cannot abandon Turkey, as it is a member of NATO, and American nuclear bombs are present at the Turkish base of Incirlik, which is to deter Russia and Iran, and Washington will not withdraw it. After the deception of its withdrawal from Afghanistan, and what happened there is a redeployment only, and America has not abandoned political Islam yet, as a project to destroy Iran, Russia and China, and since Erdogan’s apology to Russia regarding the Russian plane, Russia is trying to contain (Erdogan’s Turkey) on its terms,

This is realized by Washington and rejected, and Moscow is trying to keep Erdogan away from the European Union. Neither NATO nor America will abandon Turkey, in order to complete the American project in the region, which is the project of Islamizing the region through the Turkish model that has more than nineteen years, and the obstacle for them in this is Syria With its political system, army, president, regime and people, here is the stumbling block in front of this Western project in the region. Therefore, Russia deals with the Syrian file with the professionalism of the KGB intelligence, which is clashing with the political and economic Military, cultural and intellectual.

And I think that the one who seeks intelligently, whether you like it or not, and drools and will fall into the warm and useful Russian embrace after President Erdogan, is the Saudi Crown Prince, but this Saudi conquest will be under Russian conditions, not Saudi Arabia, including stopping Saudi play with Iran, which is the active member of the BRICS group The question here is: Will Saudi Arabia later accept an active member or an observer in the BRICS group? According to what I explained:

I see that relations will be arranged with the Americans, with caution on both sides, and regarding Fethullah Gulen, and if America agrees to form a joint committee to discuss this matter, it will not hand Gulen over to Erdogan, because Fethullah Gulen is part of political Islam and its need. Washington, along with Erdogan, is to Islamize the region, so it will seek to settle the differences between them, and it is the one who made these differences through the famous failed coup attempt inside Turkey years ago, to accuse Erdogan of the parallel organization and Gulen of that.

The Turkish national security concern, which constitutes the bulk of the Turkish army’s doctrine and the rest of the military and security system, is religious radicalism that is steeped in extremism. It constitutes a fundamental and important basis, and from here we note with strength and depth that there is a radical Salafi and Wahhabi reality that is entrenched in the Turkish geographical environment, due to Ankara’s involvement

in the Syrian issue, so that it turned The geography of the Turkish borders with Syria are mosaic fields boiling with the cauldron of Salafi-Wahhabi groups, and this is what the West, the Americans and the Israelis sought for, and it is still through the Arabs of Rotana as well.

It has become clear to everyone in the region that the Turkish president’s joining the American Western game, made the American capital Washington DC work to gradually weaken him and his influence within his ruling institutions for the purposes of control, then use, employment, synthesis and management of the internal and external Turkish game in his regional surroundings and its vital field, in an informal manner. And indirectly, according to the British intelligence method: plant the project, provide it with all logistical support, and let it implement it, and you only meet it on the margins with a medium time dimension.

With clearer and deeper explanations, the Western and American invested in the conditions of the ruling party in Turkey, as well as in the paths of attacking Erdogan inside and outside Turkey, all of which led to the creation and creation of an appropriate and high-quality environment for the implementation of Western programs and the vision of the American Balderberg, and this position helped.

The Russian from Erdogan after implementing, in one way and another, the trap of the downing of the Russian Sukhoi in 2015. Terrorism (condemned in all languages) that happened in Germany, France (more than once) and Brussels, and what will happen later in most of the European arenas and other arenas of the world and repeatedly from time to time, is a systematic and planned destruction to strike the peaceful religious and social coexistence in Germany, Brussels, France and all Europe, as it will give justification to the so-called extreme right in European arenas, to raise the pace of its campaign against immigrants, especially of Arab and Muslim origins, as well as the case for deep escalations in the vertical and transverse sense of the so-called right-wing in most of the old continent, so the right becomes a left-right for the extreme right as Our predecessors, all of this in order to blow up Europe from the inside and according to the visions of the American Balderberg, as it is the result of messing with the blood of Syrian ideology and geography over the course of the decade of fire, by the European intelligence communities.

The European sowed the wind and harvested the storm, so he urinated on himself, meaning he urinated out of great fear, great and dangerous, and within the curves and cases of involuntary urination, and far from the necessity of solidarity with what is happening, happened and will take place in European countries of condemned and despicable terrorism and that which has its aftermath.

And the door, on the one hand, it is forced to follow the American policy of besieging Russia and sabotaging the Arab world, and the results of that are its economic losses and the flow of refugees to it as an economic burden and an issue of racial anxiety together.

At the same time, it is unable to maintain its internal security and is attached to Washington, where its foreign and defense policies depend on Washington, whose bank has now opened its account due to the vision of the American Balderberg, and it has to pay the bills for massive asylum and transnational terrorism.

Will it lead most of the terrorist operations that took place in London, the Brussels bombings, and before that the Paris bombings, the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the Nice massacre in southern France, and what happened in Germany?

Despicable terrorism, Europe towards the idea of cooperation with Iran, the Syrian army, President Assad, Hezbollah and Russia, despite what is happening on the Russian-Ukrainian border now?

If Europe really wants to combat terrorism, there are mandatory corridors for it, through Syria, Hezbollah and Iran, especially since the world is getting closer and closer to the Russian idea: Assad and his regime, Iran and Hezbollah are not the ones who are the danger.

Many reasons have led to the exacerbation of terrorism inside Europe, and among the results of terrorist operations that have occurred and will occur in the future, where internal and external factors are still present and exacerbate and expand without dissipation, there is racism in European societies and arenas, against immigrants and their children, so that European Muslims will not be able to integrate spontaneously in his surroundings?

Until the concept of a European Muslim became European societal contradictions, and since the seventies of the last century, many European arenas have allowed Wahhabi money to work freely in the field of preaching and preaching, to the extent that Wahhabi Salafism almost monopolized Islamic centers, mosques, and religious education in most of the squares in Europe, especially in France.

Various European governments, as well as France in particular, have distinguished relations with Saudi Arabia from various arms deals and over decades, and here is the brutal capitalist, the products of the French-Masonic Rothschild family and a boy whom Manuel Macron saw, on his recent visit to the UAE and Saudi Arabia, working to militarize the region again, through Armament contracts for Abu Dhabi through 80 Rafale planes worth $18 billion, as well as the case with his signature with Saudi Arabia on huge armament contracts, for the purposes of compensating for the nuclear submarine deal, which he lost with Canberra), down to corruption and financial payments received by European and French politicians on Over the decades without the oil states of the Gulf, all of this allowed European Islam to be assigned to the Saudis without the slightest objection, and whole neighborhoods of European cities were sulphated. Ba, the European whom society rejects is searching for his Islamic identity. He finds himself becoming a Salafi and Wahhabi.

The Sheikh is my predecessor, Riyadh pays his salary, the mosque is my predecessor, and the surrounding area has become my predecessor. Their European Islam, not ours, the Arabs. What happened in the past in most European arenas of globalized terrorism, with our condemnation of it, is the beginning of their harvest for what they sowed, and it is not finished.

Over the course of the four years and they are still, in order to make Syria a magnet that attracts terrorism, it was only that the magic turned on the magician, and the European squares and the neighboring countries of Syria became magnets more attractive to the entered zombies, and their incubators within the societies.

The European policies and fanatical Wahhabi propaganda have encouraged hundreds of young French, Belgian, European and also from Germany, to go to Syria and fight there, but it is clear that these policies are counterproductive, as two of the terrorists who launched the attack against Charlie Hebdo, for example, are Saeed and Sherif Kouachi, who came from Syria, where it was said that they had gained experience in fighting, and that one of them had previously worked in Yemen as a jihadist, and terrorists in Belgium were born and socially born, and now European countries fear the return of their citizens who are fighters in Syria, and the French and European intelligence services are knocking,

The gates of Damascus in order to establish security cooperation with Syria (in fact and in words, no one knows how Damascus thinks). No one can rule out the possibility that the Brussels attacks, and before that Paris, Germany, and then London were facilitated and perhaps instigated by intelligence agencies and interests that even the terrorists themselves do not realize.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: One of the perpetrators of the terrorist operation in Brussels was arrested by Turkey during his return from Syria and interrogated him He was handed over to the Belgian intelligence through the Turkish intelligence, and the latter released him. Why?

A question to draw the answer, to be answered by the intelligence in Brussels and the intelligence of NATO itself! Currently, Europe, all of Europe, has two options. Either it follows the example of the United States after the attacks of September 11, 2001, and is engaged in a serious stage aimed at strengthening its political and security position, which requires a radical change in its strategy, or it flees forward and maintains its policy.

The mistake that led to the growth of terrorist groups and their ideology not only in Syria and Iraq, but also in Europe and other parts of the world. The attacks launched by some European countries in Syria and Iraq within the so-called international coalition led by the American mother, are useless without military intelligence cooperation with the governments of the region, especially the Syrian ones.

The Syrian army today is the most effective force in the war against terrorism in the region, and the European, especially the arrogant French policy of not talking with Damascus has begun to reflect against Europe,

Brussels, France itself, and now Germany, even though the latter opened wide lines with the Syrian intelligence in the past and then codified it to the point of They stopped it, and now it will return, under compulsion or with its consent, to open it again on a wide highway, after exacerbations of upcoming terrorist operations, according to the information of their intelligence community, most likely.

Fighting terrorism requires a more serious commitment on the part of Western countries, Belgium, France in particular, and Germany, and their channel is Italy, as Damascus views Italy as a Syrian kebab to Europe. American and European leaders should review their positions and abandon all practices that encourage terrorism, such as training and arming (moderate revolutionaries in Syria and the latest and the last and will not be the last: the Noureddine Zengi terrorist movement) who are neither moderates nor revolutionaries, but rather bloodthirsty terrorists. Only time will tell us if the heinous massacre in Brussels at the airport and metro, and before that in the Paris bombings, and in Charlie Hebdo magazine, in Nice, in Germany in Munich and most recently in Britain, will push the French and Western political and military leaders to change their policies related to the fight against terrorism in order to improve Regional and international cooperation on this issue, and to prevent further heinous attacks in Europe and the Middle East.

European governments and their intelligence services sought to spread Wahhabism, and both Saudi Arabia and Qatar invested a lot of money in most European arenas, especially in France, and achieved an undeniable influence on French foreign policy in particular, and all of these countries sponsored Syrian terrorist groups. From here I begin and say:

Between the European moral duty and the reality of European political and security behavior is a chasm that no one knows how to bridge until this moment in the world, and the big and huge question remains before the European security systems and intelligence communities of the old continent:

Is there a European, Belgian, French, German or Italian in the Middle East?. The terrorist attacks in Brussels, and before France before it, in Nice, Munich, and London, constituted a pivotal transformation phase in the field of international relations, the repercussions of which have not yet ended, and their consequences and consequences, and have been imprinted by identity discourses, and it cannot be denied the fact that one of the first repercussions of the attack in London and in Belgium and before it Paris and Nice And Munich proved the validity of the fears that the threat of (jihadists) would reach the heart of Europe, after a period of vague Western movement regarding their spread in the Middle East. But on the other hand, the attack on Brussels, the capital of NATO and the European Union, does not negate that it intrudes internal European problems that should not be absent, so we are in the process of a third living model for the return of terrorism that has entered the Syrian interior to its original homeland where it is set on fire (the first model was in Paris and the second In Brussels and the third in London), it is the opposite migration now, and Brussels, France and London must move towards serious security and political treatments, and this means a radical change in their position on all crises in the region or a rush to flee forward away from their interests, and here is Belgium, Paris and London with all Unfortunately, you are paying a heavy price for their policies towards the Middle East, whether towards Libya, if towards Syria, if towards Iran, and even towards Lebanon. What will the European interior ministers say now, along with the heads of the intelligence services? America is a one-party dictatorship with one of the two political sides. It is republican and democratic. It has moved from the rule of democracy to the rule of plutocracy (that is, the rule of the rich and the wealthy are the products of the American Bulderberg arm, it is the military industrial complex) with democratic annexes that water the mouths of the minions and the Arab and Khouzmati countries of turmoil.

There are logical questions that pave the way for an attempt to understand that are located in the following interactively: Will the American capital, Washington, DC, through the nucleus of its deep police state (Bulderberg, the embryo of the international government), continue to rebuild and manufacture its own political refrigerators and ice cubes again, for the purpose of launching its new and old cold war tracks with Russia and under the administration of Democrat Joseph Biden, after activating the effects of a group of extremists' chorus, with the deep state and its ruling cartels in the American Balderberg? Are there conflicts between cadres and poles of the Republican Party, including neo-conservatives, traditional conservatives, and populists in the competition for the positions of Joseph Biden's administration after the upcoming midterm elections in America, and whatever their results? If these conflicts within the Democratic Party and its intersection with the Republican serve the welfare of the American citizen, is it a reflection of the crisis in the embryo of the internationalist American Balderberg government, and consequently there is a rebellion among its cartels in the joints of the upcoming method of action in the world, especially towards Europe, and towards China, and towards the Russian Federation?

Will the flavor of the neo-conservatives dominate, or the flavor of the traditional conservatives, or the flavor of the populists, or a magical mixture between the three groups?

In any political, security and military context, the plans and studies of the American military will be based on options for activating a practical plan that was not included in the agenda since the Cold War era, through the stationing of the military and the deployment of lines of communication and maritime communications in coordination and consultation with NATO, where the differences began with Democratic President Joseph Biden from Now it appears on the surface - it is with a republican agenda, as NATO leaders and cadres declared that the military options of the alliance are collective and not unilateral, in addition to opening a table that sat brainstorming and discussing the provision of military aid to the Kiev-Ukraine authorities extensively?

In light of the belief of the American deep state, the basis of NATO's existence as an alliance is to achieve stability and suppress the current Russian Federation (Soviet aggression)?

It is true, facts and data, and information, that Joseph Biden’s project may be positioned in exporting America’s internal contradictions with wars abroad, looting and killing other nations, for the benefit of financial and investment cartels in the Wall Street system, contrasted by the project of former President Donald Trump, to deepen America’s internal problems at the expense of non-whites And at the expense of the marginalized, women and others, and playing the role of Blackwater as a protection company for the fragile, dependent and savage entities, then some European regimes that are the reason for the presence of the Israeli-Zionist in our region, and declare that Europe is concerned about the thinking and behavior of the active and effective ruling cartel, in the joints and details of the American state from Continuity of support for NATO and its idea. It is this Europe, who manufactures Russian hostility, as is Riyadh and manufactures Iranian hostility.

Europe is hypocritical, arrogant, and arrogant. It is the one who destroyed Libya and is trying to expel Syria from history by erasing it, especially since the war on Syria and its political coordination began a British-French secret war, then the American came. and his subordinates in the region (this is known to everyone, individuals and groups precisely, and we claim that it is known to us as a follower, observer and researcher).

A creative and extremely realistic idea, which is one of the innovations of the American ruling cartel, which is to replace the occupation of certain countries with the protection of satellites, and in both cases there is a great profit for American capitalism. Instead of fighting Iran from the angle of the Arabs of Rotana, he will ask them to the Arab oil rulers to pay higher sums in exchange for protection.

America (threatening dangers through it and manufacturing it, then offering protection to them, it is a modern method of colonialism), it is the policies of manufacturing the Iranian enemy as a justification for emulsification, and it is a sad and funny irony that we say: Perhaps Iran has the right to demand a share of what America gains, in exchange for using it as a scarecrow against the Gulf and the Arabs of Rotana. A question on the sidelines of this clash: Has Washington succeeded in making the Ukrainian crisis a stab in the Russian side, despite the independence of Crimea through an honest populist referendum and its return to the Russian Federation again, with the possibility that eastern Ukraine will become another Crimea?

Why was the American and Western madness complex and multiple after the return of Crimea to Russia, with the escalation of the Donbass issue? Can not officially designating Kiev a member of the Western European Union be an unbroken madness, and the European Union is the soft civilian face of NATO? Britain left the European Union through the famous referendum, and it was playing the role of the American and Israeli Trojan horse inside the European Union.

Are we in front of a sterile wind that blew to bring with it flashes of a cold war that would freeze all understandings and solutions in many arenas? Is it not possible to consider the rising Syria, hot Iraq, bleeding Gaza, Yemen the deed and the actor, which liberates its land and steadily defeats aggression, unstable Ukraine, and the struggle over the wealth of Central Asia, as the deadly quintet and will be the focus of all the cold story? Who will win in the end, Siberian ice or Alaska snow?

How can we adapt the belief of the American Bilderberg in the goal for which NATO was established, as a declaration of hostility to the nucleus of the Russian Federation?

What are the extents of the American not allowing the Russian to expand in many arenas? Will Washington, its Bilderberg and its intelligence community, in cooperation with the Western and Israeli intelligence communities and some Arab intelligence mummies communities under the Biden administration, invest in exploiting the Islamic republics or where Muslims are present to stir up unrest and problems around Russia? In the end, the United States of America and most of its allies from some of the West and some of the mummies of Arab rule, with Israeli backing, will resort to extensive and multiple support to Kiev militarily, politically, logistically, economically, diplomatically and in the media.

The US and within the US military-industrial complex, as any slowdown here or reluctance there would mean and indicate a Russian advance and move forward, especially in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine, and if you like the Arab-Israeli conflict now to some extent and later in depth. The question here is: Will Washington DC, under the shadow of Democrat Joseph Biden, continue to see the development of the Sardar oil and gas field, located between the Turkmen borders and the Azerbaijani regions, to some extent, an important gas source for Europe and an alternative to a temporary tactical degree?

Will America's Biden continue to sponsor and create tracks of preparations for building Saudi-Israeli partnerships to invest in the oil of Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan?

And what are the secrets of the relations between the Saudi Petroleum Company, which is owned by Prince Turki bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, and the Merhav Group, which is run by former Mossad official Youssef Mayaman?

And to what extent was this Mossad pawn Yusuf Mayaman, during his time in Central Asia and his work with others from some Arabs, in strengthening the Israeli presence there, by intensifying the security and intelligence presence in that energy-rich region in the Caspian Sea basin and or the Caspian Sea (according to the Iranian name) Which constitutes the economic center of the five former republics of the Soviet Union at the time?

Yusuf Mayman, the pioneer of oil and gas projects in Central Europe, was described by the international press, especially the European, and the activities of his company for more than twenty years in Turkmenistan. Yosef Mayaman, the Mossad official and the promoter of the Israeli presence in Central Asia, in cooperation with others, including Arabs. Who does not remember Mr. Reuven Daynaya, the first Israeli ambassador to Turkmenistan? As a researcher,

I devoted a special analysis that was published in all media outlets and more than nineteen years ago, about this former Mossad agent Ruffin, as he is a Mossad pawn like others and was managing Moscow operations and before 1996 AD, where Youssef Mayaman was able to appoint Ruffin as an ambassador there in coordination with and with the Minister The former Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense, in one of the governments of Benjamin Netanyahu, and the extremist Avigdor Lieberman, who left after the failure of the penultimate aggression on Gaza, after the arrest of members of the Shin Bet cell by Al-Qassam?

A clear and deep involvement of the US administration's address, the superficial address of Joseph Biden, by overseeing a war against Russia in eastern Ukraine and through international economic sanctions administered by the US Department of the Treasury and its intelligence service, this President Roch announced that he would send US military advisors to support Ukraine's military operations against the pro-Russian rebels In the separatist republics in eastern Ukraine, although this American rogue knows that they are there and operate according to the political and operational manual of the new international defense operations, and if the American military and intelligence community conducts operations in the right way, there are paramilitary teams from the elements of the CIA and operations Special forces are closely watching what is happening in Russia.

Yes, the United States of America has the right to get angry and go crazy with complete madness, because the Russian Federation led by the international leader Vladimir Putin and the Russian intelligence community regained the Crimea and through an honest populist referendum and without firing a single shot, before Washington and the American Alderberg could lay hands on it and disrupt Russia and China’s plans It aims to connect the economies of Asia and Europe by railways, gas lines, ports and highways. Member of the Political Bureau of the Jordanian Popular Movement

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