The US government cartel is using Ukraine as a puppet in its game with Russia.

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America the first policeman in the world is warming up the Donbass front.

Afrasianet - Written by: Lawyer Muhammad Ahmad Al-Rousan; The Eurasian trio, Russia, China and India, is a factor of regional and international stability, and Washington and the West fail to sow the seeds of discord between them.

I still think and believe, that the future of the world is decided within two doctrines: either relations of confrontation and hegemony, or cooperation and development in light of the imposition of a multipolar world, due to the Russian and Chinese action, and most of the BRICS countries, led by India, and through the Syrian fault line and the paths of oil and gas pipelines.

If the American Democratic Party is a reflection of the soft behavior of the deep state in the joints of the United States of America, which is certainly the most dangerous, then the Republican Party is a reflection of the chaotic, chaotic behavior of the same state, and most of the above falls under an important title: the distribution of roles every four or eight years Between the Democrat and the Republican, to achieve deep American interests (American democracy, it is the democracy of the wealthy, the democracy of the 1% that controls the American economy, and it is a lame democracy).

Russia is aware that there are American, Western, Israeli and some illusory Arab attempts, all of which are seeking to booby-trapped Russia from within, and Moscow is also aware that Biden is being pressured by the hidden American forces, who pushed him as president and now they are running him as he acts as an official spokesman in its name, or that it saw these forces as unimaginable. Apparently, the winds ran in a way that their globalized ships did not desire.

While not denying Russia and neglecting the mythological power of the American empire, and this is a strong indication of the wisdom and realism of the Russian leadership and its solid core elite that works as one team, on the political and diplomatic side, on the economic and financial side, on the military and intelligence side, and on the cultural and intellectual side in strengthening the Russian national feeling .

The chasm is vast between the two countries, which is deeper than a cold war, and intelligence ferociousness between the intelligence community structures in both societies has accidental and vertical repercussions, and historical ideological mobilization processes with strategic and political tensions along the Washington-Moscow lines, which I believe can only be resolved by bilaterally programmed explosions, to reproduce other formulas.

To the rules of the international game and its ramifications, to put new blocks next to the existing ones towards a multipolar world, the latest of which will not be the US Department of Justice’s accusation of twelve Russian intelligence officers of hacking Emile Hillary Clinton for the year 2016.

These accusations come on the eve of heating up the Donbass front. Now it represents the efforts of the Russian Federation, with its different stances regarding what is happening on its doorstep in Ukraine, about the Syrian event, Iran and its peaceful nuclear program, and about the colorful Turkish role (the Ukrainian president in Turkey in light of the escalation between Kiev and Moscow), where the Turk is still within the American vision toward Moscow and most of the files of Russian-American differences, and indeed Turkey, are an outpost of NATO towards Moscow and the back gardens in Central Asia, the North Caucasus, the South Caucasus and all other files in the region, especially the Ukrainian and Syrian file.

The ruling cartel in the joints and joints of the Russian Federation, realizes by its escalating action and monitoring it through its antennae, to the Ukrainian intelligence service and those who have relations with it among the cadres of other intelligence services from the countries friendly to Kiev, that the regime in Kiev is seeking and pressing in all directions to re-cut off the territory of Crimea from the lands The Russian Federation, and its annexation to its geography and sovereignty (Crimea returned to the Russian Federation with a broad popular referendum, and it is originally a Russian territory with distinction), and from now on, Kiev, is working on the use of relations with Joe Biden, US President and Vice President Kalla Harris, to create tracks for that, knowing that Joe Biden has excellent relations. As a person with the deep state of Ukraine.

Kiev, in coordination with the deep state cartel in Washington, is pressuring many Western countries, especially the Arabs, to support this effort to Kiev again, without the slightest realization that this will lead to a state of instability in the territory of Crimea, freedom of navigation in the Black Sea, and will also lead to the destruction of The relations of Arab countries with Moscow, especially those countries that have distinguished relations with Russia and at the same time are allies of Washington.

Kiev is also seeking with the American deep state to impose more sanctions on Moscow in the event of its refusal and resistance to any action in this direction, for the purpose of keeping Europe as a reservoir of hostility to Moscow.

Russian intelligence is well aware that Washington is working to transform oil from a commodity into a weapon to fight Russia, Iran, Venezuela and most of the BRICS countries in the worst forms and manifestations of political malice. In a new form of old colonialism.

The political, intelligence and military establishment in the American capital, Washington, DC, especially in the next three years of the remaining tenure of Joe Biden and his deputy, Cala Harris, and by identifying, coherently and coordinating with the embryo of the UN government (Bulderberg), Wall Street and major oil companies, everyone seeks to destroy the Russian presence in the region,

This is the goal of the crisis that was created and best created by the malice of the American, British and French intelligence community in cooperation with the Pentagon intelligence and the diplomatic intelligence of the US State Department in Ukraine, as a result of the intractability in the Syrian issue and the coherence of the solid Russian, Chinese and Iranian positions.

The American continues to tamper with the Russian interior in depth this time, specifically in Moscow, and under different titles, to weaken the structures of President Vladimir Putin’s rule, so protests have emerged and deepened, and through the surrealization of the Ukrainian issue with its manifestations and repercussions, and the accusation of the Syrian strategic fault, with the international seismic rift.

I say: Nizar Qabbani says: (I read the book of femininity, letter by letter, and I still don't know what goes on in women's heads). This is what Nizar said, as for what I (the writer of these lines) said, that there are three secrets in the knowledge of humanity: God Almighty, then the woman, if she is a mother, wife, daughter, sister or friend, then no one knows how Damascus thinks. Damascus is one of the mysteries of mankind.

And I elaborated in my words in depth: Damascus is the Lady of Jasmine, impervious to those who try to untie her braids, her braids (trawled) on the forelocks of men who told her and told her their love, Lady Jasmine is not like any woman of water and mud,

Lady Jasmine is a woman of papyrus water, mud of Ghouta and island seeds, her braids of The ears of wheat, its strands are a fence of a people who knew the secrets of the universe and was the beginning of the formation, the lady of jasmine is a woman... Whoever knew her died in her love, and whoever did not know her died on the edges of her braid,

Damascus is the lady of jasmine... a woman not like the women of the earth, a woman in whom all the secrets of heaven's messages Whoever knows the sky knows its messages. The methodology of political analysis requires the necessity of dismantling the complex and reconstructing the disjointed, rather the dismantling of the international, regional and local scene into parts, and studying each part separately, for the purpose of understanding it with the required depth, before re-installing the picture again, based on what the parts give of connections, intersections, and divergences of direction general scene.

Diplomacy in depth means: it is the art of telling others to go to hell in a way that makes them ask you for directions before and during their entry into Hell, and so is the Russian and Syrian diplomacy.

Oh God, except in specific paths that are not in the interest of the state, by the action of the Washington Tel Aviv party, which is rooted in the joints and joints of the state, and the decision-maker does not do anything towards it, but the diplomacy of some other Kamikaze Arabs made them walk in the directions of hell without guidance by the pragmatic American action Being an ally of Washington is more dangerous than being its enemy, although hostility to it has a basket of risks, but being an ally of it is more dangerous than the second, especially if you do not play with the margins granted to you by the American himself, meaning that you are receptive without the slightest Thinking or without trying to work the mind only, so the diplomacy of the Syrian bladders intelligence has become an international necessity for the various structures and regimes in the world.

All the facts refused to say: - That the roadmap for changing the Middle Eastern and therefore international strategic balances necessarily begins in Damascus, and necessarily ends in Damascus as well, and this led and leads to the existence of a joint Russian project with the BRICS countries called a multipolar world, in the face of an American project.

And other countries named it arrogance and American hegemony, through a Russian shoe raised in the American face, that because of the Syrian issue, and that because of the Ukrainian issue, and that because of the blatant and sharp American bias towards the Zionist entity in the face of the Palestinians and Arabs, and the serious, active and interactive American work to write off the current Jordanian political system, creating An alternative regime with a new head and a new geography and demography (some form with the remainder of the occupied West Bank) through the so-called Deal of the Century, which was fully implemented politically on the ground, with the launch of indicators of the economic aspect through the Shame Workshop projects in Manama in June 2019 and these projects began , this year 2021 AD, which is nearing its end, looks up its head in a blatant manner without fear, as the beginning of the water-for-electricity agreement - the Jordanian-Zionist-Emirati agreement under American auspices: Palestinian state in exchange for bread, water and money.

Syria, with its political geography dictatorship, its human resource, its political coordination and the essence of its “combination” of political rule, is for the West, including the United States of America and through the NATO military alliance, the strategic entry point for controlling and with superiority over the new international military system formed by the Syrian issue, and to contain the exacerbating rise of Russian international influence, He seeks a multi-polar world through the action and effects of the Damascene event, and the solidity of the institutions of the nucleus of the Russian federal state in the face of the conflict taking place in the Levant, in and around it, and around it.

And the American capital, Washington DC, and under the guidance of the American Balderberg and through the American Military Industrial Complex, builds great hopes with its horizontal and vertical (credits) on its eastern European ally (Ukraine) with its military and economic powers and cartels, and its great role in threatening the existence and existence of the Russian Federation and impeding its calm, steady and continuous rise, By spreading the various American military capabilities and the capabilities of its allies in NATO, and employing and synthesizing them in the igniters of the colored revolutions again, and in the manner of what was called the Arab Spring in order to make the Ukrainian geography and through its rulers the clones of the American capoese, as a major barrier in separating the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe, the old continent

After the annexation of Crimea to Russia through a democratic and honest referendum, after Washington and NATO lost the advantages of using the Ukrainian coasts to control and influence the Black Sea region, due to the repercussions of the Russian annexation of Crimea through a deep populist referendum, and does anyone hate annexation, readers?! We are not naked when we ask the following question here, and through this thought-stimulating saying for the accuracy of the description: It is known to all that a (whore), i.e. a whore, does not announce her repentance until after life pronounces her in its various expressions, and through old age and aging towards another girl who is younger and more beautiful than her, And more feminine and exciting, but reeks of femininity, with masculine and sometimes feminine saliva,

if the prostitute is a lesbian. Only at this historical moment does she declare her repentance. So has (the whore) Robert Ford not yet announced his repentance, despite his bloodiness and his professor John Negroponte in making death squads in El Salvador,

Iraq and Syria, and now he presents new credentials to the embryo of the international government (Bulderberg) through his recent statements, to be summoned to establish death squads inside Ukraine and again And with deeper versions than the previous one, the fact that the ruling cartels in America decided to warm up with Russia, from the contracts of using the extreme right in the Ukrainian West and those who acquired fighting skills inside Syria from some Chechens, some Circassians, some Tatars and some Arabs, through the global jihad systems against the Russian Federation? And we have in the prostitute of northern Syria (the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces “Qasd” which is neither Syrian, nor democratic nor military, but rather a proxy militia like the Lahd militia in the former south of Lebanon) is a good example of globalized labor and betrayal, as it began dismantling its fortifications in its places of control in the north-east Syria and the north itself, and under the supervision of the American military in favor of the so-called safe zone, which the Turkish seeks to establish in cooperation with the Americans, although the Americans are hesitant, knowing that any safe zone will strengthen Erdogan’s influence inside Turkey against his opponents, and this is what he does not want within his strategic calculations. Has the American capital, Washington DC, and through the nucleus of its deep police state (the Balderberg, the embryo of the internationalist government), begun to re-manufacture its own political refrigerators and ice cubes again, for the purpose of launching the paths of its new, old cold war with Russia, after the actions, interactions and effects of the Russian military weaving for most of the Syrian geography?

Have the tracks of its intelligence productions begun to create and create ruling mummies for many third world countries after the so-called Arab Spring, and the stage of creating and synthesising the new statistic by Russian action on most of the regional and international scene through the Syrian issue and its consequences? The main title of this stage is the strategic disengagement from the region and the region, which is represented in the restructuring of the American presence in Afghanistan and not the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, after the re-(re)re-engineering of the American presence in Iraq, which is returning again through what is happening in Anbar and under the title The fight against terrorism and through the upcoming battle of Mosul, from here comes the importance of confusing the Middle East region as an American need to get out of its deep maze, by repositioning it and listing its priorities and concessions here and there, to reach understandings with the other international bloc, whose address is Moscow. In any political and military approaches to the developments of the Syrian file, you must be deeply aware that there are no complete turns by any of the parties to the conspiracy against Syria, as it is the approximation of the impossible in the Syrian scene until the present moment, and you cannot stop easily like this, as going back is not an easy act,

It is true, in reality and logically, that there are detours here and there, which may be established into halves or thirds of detours by the third party in the Syrian event and its suicidal kamikaze followers from some Arabs and some Muslims.

The strategic engineering of the terrorists now in Syria, and after the liberation of northern Hama and Khan Sheikhoun and the restoration of Morek, and the visit of Mohammed bin Zayed to Ankara, is based on expanding the fighting fronts for the work of the forces and sectors of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in the field and its details, in an attempt (I think it is miserable) to distract it, and these are bets. The third party in the Syrian event, which would impede the completion of the political settlement of the Syrian issue, whose strategic repercussions reached the entire planet on which we live and in, and turned into fire and strife, and it will determine the future of West Asia for the next tens of years where the conflict over it, and the key to the solution in this The crisis is the key to Syria

The American axis in the region and the world is hysterically insisting on forming military groups, which may prolong the conflict with the entered, manufactured and supported terrorism in Syria, Iraq, Libya and the Egyptian Sinai (Sinai Desert) and in the region as a whole, instead of shortening it, fighting it and containing it, where the goals are positioned to drain the state.

Syrian patriotism and its allies, in preparation for the collapse of the regime and the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad - through the studied and recently attacked openness, the exhaustion and exhaustion of the Russians inside Syria, and the change of the social engineering of the Middle East.

That is why we note that there are Caesarean births from the loin of new military militia groups, under the title of fighting terrorism and fighting Gog and Magog of the age, the Nazis of the twenty-first century, ISIS of the American Balderberg, that in Syria, and that in Iraq, and that in Libya, and that in the Sinai desert, and that in Any other arena, whether weak or strong in the region, after being prepared and prepared through the strategies of lone wolves for the purposes of heating, and searching for a tool basket, and if it is not found, it can be created or created.

And between the jurisprudence of the desert and the jurisprudence of the coast, distances and deep gaps by our actions, and there is a deep infernal complicity between the outdated regimes and obsolete ideologies as well, regimes dating back to the Middle Ages, which turned the jurisprudence of the desert into machines to circumcise our brains and wash them so that we become like programmed zombies that praise the American cowboy, and seek to transmit infection deeply to The Ukrainian East is now, according to information and readings of the data surrounding NATO's expansions in Eastern Europe.

The corridors of decision-making in the American capital, Washington, DC, seek to win the wars of the United States of America, whether in Syria or Ukraine, and in its conflicts with China and Russia, in Venezuela, most of Asia, Cuba and even in Taiwan, through plans to engineer the involvement of its allies and tools, by creating Engineering new types of wars and invasions waged by others (tools), on its behalf and on behalf of the military industrial complex and Bilderberg in the American interior, while the United States of America is sitting around the fire of its wars, picking chestnuts and fresh partridge eggs from among what has been lit by the hands of its allies, tools and agents, under the direction and instigation From the nucleus of its administration (the embryo of the Gentile government), and when the flowers are with chestnuts and roast eggs, you drink old wine so that you do not die with their flowers.

Ukraine and the interactions and effects of its current crisis, in terms of the vertical and the transverse, and the role of the external factor in its articulations and transformations, made it (crushed and crushed) the bones of the products of Russian-American rams in more than one file in the Middle East, and the Americans made concessions in the Iranian, Syrian, Hezbollah and Iraqi files And the Lebanese file, and he needed coverage for most of what he gave up so as not to injure his pride, so he went to open the Ukrainian file to sabotage the Russian arena, and stir up another smoke to cover his concessions in the Middle East, despite his need for a statico in the latter to devote himself to his next enemy Russia and China, and the latter is deepening Economically and the American economy is now dependent on the Chinese economy, Beijing has built a modern and advanced army, the Russian army has remained strong and coherent, and the Russian national feeling has grown and grown through Putin and his policies, and the Russian intelligence community has expanded in its geopolitical field and has become its soft tools, which would lead to exciting changes in the Maps of its vital field, and as is the case with the change in the sociological and strategic structures of Europe, if the latter persisted in its alignment with Washington, in its targeting of the interior The Russian Federation and the Russian Foreign Ministry, in its vital areas of the most important part of Russian national security. The American capital, Washington DC, and in the course of its support for the Kiev authorities, which is fraught with dangers for the stability of the old European continent, is legitimizing all kinds of confrontations of these authorities with opponents in eastern and southeastern Ukraine.

The American cowboy is known historically for extremism and flexibility in policies and their implementation, as there is in the joints of the American state a team that seeks more escalation with the Russian, in imposing more severe sanctions and providing military aid to the new Kiev authorities (the Fascist Nazis), and this team is the American heavy stick team, Because of them, America has become the first policeman in the world, and another team shows some wisdom and political and field realism, and may be the most capable of understanding the changes of time, striving with difficulty as a result of conflict and disagreement with the other team, to make the door open with a very easy way to reach rapprochements and then understandings, to reach The diplomatic solution to this crisis with the Russian.

This American team, the diplomatic firefighting team of the fire that Washington lit through its allies and tools inside the Ukrainian interior, can be described as the moderate current, or it shows moderation and calls for patience and cooling the heat of the atmosphere, and declares that it is not wise to cram Russia into a corner and raise the ceilings of tension with it, and in the presence of common files Important along and deep lines of US-Russian relations. Washington needs Moscow a lot and more than the second needs it in the Syrian file, the Afghan file, the Pakistani file, the Iranian file, the North Korean file, the Arab “Israeli” conflict file, and the Taiwan file. Limited in other files even in Taiwan.

According to the readings of the Russian intelligence and intelligence community, in light of the international alignments due to the Syrian crisis and its natural outcome, the Ukrainian crisis, Washington and its allies and the State of the Zionist entity, the monstrosity "Israel", are seeking to heat up the conflict between Russia and Japan over the disputed Kuril Islands between Tokyo and Moscow, and the latter coordinates with Beijing about it.

The Russian Federation is also aware that the diplomatic firefighting team of the American fire in Kiev does not mean or imply that America acknowledges the existence of a Russian partner for it, and that there is another rising power that has reproduced itself again, so it rose strongly and steadily, and the ascent was a step by step and not a missile ascent, since the equation Universalism says: that whoever rises with a rapid missile will fall in the same way as he ascended, and this applies to states, groups, and individuals (political and economic elites) in societies and states.

Any military conflict in Ukraine with the Russians by NATO and the Americans will change the security structures of the European continent and lead to instability in all of Europe, especially since the information says about a military presence of NATO at this time in the regions of Eastern Europe, and this was monitored and confirmed by an unprecedented statement by the leader NATO forces in Eastern Europe, who had previously visited the neighboring countries of Syria since the beginning of the Syrian event, and in more than one announced and unannounced visit.

And Russia is adopting the tactic of long self, and this is the same Crimea scenario that Moscow has pursued, where the Russian army is entrenched behind the borders and left the arena for the allies in the Crimean interior (Crimea), with political, material, moral, military and media support, and the same scenario will be with the regions of eastern and southern Ukraine, and in the event Things have worsened in the Ukrainian east and south, as we will be facing another Crimea organized for the Russian Federation, and the impact on Europe and the world will be severe, as separatist movements are encouraged and demand secession, which leads to a state of instability and stability of countries and their geographical borders, and in the end the Ukrainian East will be another Crimean It is the curse of the province of Kosovo, where the latter was stripped from the former Yugoslavia and made as a state with the help of the Americans, and there are heating ups for the geography and demography of Kosovo as a product of terrorism again to direct it against Russia and Turkey, see our previous analysis through search engines: Balkan mail messages and the Syrian bottom will swallow everyone.

Where the United States of America is now working frankly and clearly in cooperation with “Israel” in Ukraine after the annexation of Crimea, the manifestations of its military, intelligence, political and diplomatic work are represented by a secret visit to the head of the CIA, William Burns, before to Kiev and after his recent visit to Moscow, accompanied by officers from the Israeli Mossad and from Russian and Ukrainian origins, and experts from the Israeli Military Intelligence Division, in a provocative move against Moscow and the hotbeds of Russian influence in the hot Ukrainian interior.

The escalation appeared in the regions of eastern Ukraine with extensions of this escalation to the southeast of Ukraine, and through the uses of some sectors of the Ukrainian army allied with economic and security cartels attached to Washington In Kiev against pro-Russian civilians in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine. Israel, the Zionist entity, is now playing a dangerous role in Ukraine, which is the same as its role in the Georgian-Russian event in 2008 AD.

In the recent Georgian event, this emergency country on geography and history in the Middle East and the world played the role of an American proxy that transmitted and transferred support and aid. At the time, a military-security cooperation agreement was signed between Tel Aviv and Tbilisi, according to which Georgia allocated two military airports in southern Georgia for the use of Israeli forces, and also signed more contracts with the concerned Israeli parties in terms of securing access to More weapons, equipment, military and security training. Now, as we mentioned, "Israel" plays the same role in the Ukrainian event, so Israeli military agreements were signed with the Kiev authorities, under the supervision of the Pentagon, and in coordination with CIA Director William Burns, and in the presence of Israeli experts and Mossad officers accompanying him, and the Kiev leaders prepared a list of needs The Ukrainian army of weapons and military equipment, with the pro-Western Ukrainian far-right groups in the Ukrainian west at the disposal and orders of the Israeli Mossad station inside Ukraine, and the information says that the American and Israeli intelligence communities are working to re-create and re-create groups of the terrorist (Al-Qaeda) organization, its pillar Al-Fakari are fighters from the Caucasus from Chechnya, Tatars and some Circassians, who fought in Syria for years and acquired combat skills, and we all heard Robert Ford’s recent statements, the maker of death squads in Iraq and Syria when he said with all political insolence: Russia should be ready to deal with Chechnya and some Their peers are Tatars and Circassians, when they return to their original areas of living, where they have acquired great and important skills in fighting.

The nucleus of the Russian nationalist and patriotic state realizes that the option of escalation in Ukraine is a purely American-Israeli option and not a European par excellence, so Moscow is building bridges with Europe and sending several messages, while we find America pushing Europe to escalate with Russia through the Ukrainian file, so that the European continent remains under The circle of American influence and Russia’s distance from it, and the only European country that is trying to dig an independent channel away from its European sisters with the Russian Federation is: Germany is the strongest of the European economies with economic relations (Germany depends entirely on Russian gas) and intelligence with Moscow, where joint and consistent intelligence cooperation In more than one international, regional and Middle East file, and how Putin was able, due to his depth of experience with Germany and its intelligence community, to make the Russian-German security coordination lines a wide highway where the common and multiple intelligence denominators are, and a good example of this: the Russian-German intelligence alliance versus Turkey and its roles in Central Asia and the East Middle and European interior.

The West and America are using Ukraine as a puppet in the geopolitical play with Russia, as they push the Kiev authorities to wage a proxy war on their behalf against Russia and its national security, just as they did and are doing in the Syrian event by pushing the Turks, some kingdoms of Gulf anxiety, and some Arabs and their terrorist zombies to destroy the Syrian national state.

And Russia considers Ukraine-Kiev, with its new authorities and other eastern European countries, as the advanced American-Israeli base in targeting Moscow on the one hand, and this American-Israeli base secures and preserves Washington’s control over the oil resources located in the Caspian Sea and Central Asia, is it a closed sea or a lake?

The fact that defining this description shows the maritime legal basis for sharing wealth and according to the requirements of international maritime law and agreements between countries, in order to eventually divide the rich natural resources in its depth. Gulf in the Arab region.

What worries the American capital, Washington, D.C., is Russia's great ability and capabilities to provide alternative strategic options for all sectors of the international community and sectors of Arab societies and their problems with the other. Others, as I think and believe, weaken and reduce the dictatorial pastoral role that is wrapped in the envelope of democracy, freedom, human rights and good governance, for Washington over the world and its heart is the Middle East, and the latter overturns Syria with its political system and the dictatorship of its geography.

This escalating Russian fate would also, from the American angle, push many countries and arenas, especially in the Arab world, to strong and solid relations with Moscow, and on the basis of diversification in balanced international relations, and here Washington is working to support, create and synthesize Russian protests in the congested Russian interior. , to distract Moscow and work to weaken Putin's rule in the Russian interior.

What worries the Americans as well is any German-Russian alliance. Washington, as we mentioned, seeks to distance Europe together from Russia and vice versa in any way, and this American position has complex strategic dimensions.

The crazy American push, its invention and digging of an independent channel with Moscow away from its European sisters. Which raises the fears of the United States of the Russian Federation, Moscow’s translations of its global rise again through Russia’s formation of a global bloc with Beijing, India and Brazil in 2009 AD through the establishment of the BRICS group, and then the accession of the State of South Africa to it later in 2010 AD, and this international gathering and bloc showed its effectiveness Through the use of the Chinese-Russian double veto on the Syrian issue more than once, and the Russian veto more than once alone, which is the largest crisis that occurs after the end of the Cold War and now the Ukrainian crisis with its various consequences.

Yes, Moscow, in alliance with Iran, China and the rest of the BRICS countries, prevented the US-European-Turkish-Gulf axis and some Arabs from achieving its agendas through the Syrian conflict. And accidental in the Syrian issue.

A rising Russia with a rising nationalist feeling, led by leader Vladimir Putin, is receiving absolute support from a broad Russian social base, where Russian nationalists, communists and the Orthodox Church are in one supportive and supportive bloc and as a populist, religious and political incubator, where Russian President Poti was able to rebuild the Russian nationalism supported and supported And the armored vehicle with a Slavic tendency encouraged and supported by the Orthodox religious church, as Putin opened up to the latter and summoned him to the Russian national spirit in the face of American arrogance, and confronting this confused madness as a result of the labyrinths of the American capital, Washington DC.

The Russians became more eager and eager to seek to establish the building blocks of a new multipolar world order, born from the womb of crises through what was provided and provided by the Syrian event and the Ukrainian event, and the latter, as we mentioned and recall, is a natural product of the severe situation of the Russian-American rams in Syria, but the shape of the modern world began to be formed It is formed by Syria, and the Ukrainian crisis is just another supporter on the multi-polar path.

The agency failed miserably, in terms of providing the necessary, sufficient, credible and accurate information in a timely manner and supporting the decisions of the US administration, especially the decisions of the US National Security Council, the US State Department, and the Pentagon, and supporting the estimates and estimates of the US intelligence complex. The results were disappointing. And very bad.

The intelligence security breaches of the agency’s own corridors and facilities by the Israeli intelligence network are continuing and are in full swing now, the Mossad, Shin Bet and Aman, as these agencies used to provide erroneous security and political estimates and estimates, in order to shade the American intelligence and the centers of the American political decision, in terms of the course of the situation in Palestine.

The Middle East, and we knew and explained, and in more than one analysis of our noses, how Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman and Dennis Ross, the active and interactive with his current work as an undeclared advisor to the Studies Division of the Israeli Mossad, were fabricating how they (Ross and Feltman) were fabricating their reports to the head of the American intelligence complex - As he was little interested in it and did not pay attention to its details - through the US State Department’s Intelligence and Research Office, regarding the Iranian file, the Syrian file, the Lebanese file-Hezbollah, and the Palestinian situation and its consequences.

Allied and friendly countries, in terms of US foreign policy orientations, so the hostility to America took root, increased and aggravated, and the administration of former President Barack Obama was unable to Bama, up to this moment, has drawn up a strategy to confront transformations and fluctuations, to the moods of the political leaders of countries and the moods of their peoples, including the current administration. The transformations of Turkish foreign policy, at the tactical and strategic level, have confounded all US foreign policy calculations related to the files of the Middle East, the Near East, the Balkans, and the North and South Caucasus alike.

Member of the Political Bureau of the Jordanian Popular Movement*

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