The American eye neither sees nor reads: "Israel" is a state of terror and applies absolute brutality...!

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Afrasianet -  Nawaf Al-Zarro - It is strange that US President Biden called the Russian response to the "Crimea Bridge bombings" the term "absolute brutality (10/10/2022)" ignoring that the real absolute brutality is there in occupied Palestine, and it seems that the American eye crosses administrations and presidents You do not see the absolute brutality of Zionism, where the occupation army forces with all their special units and the most dangerous of them are the criminal undercover unit in cooperation with the colonies, colonizers and bulldozers, all together in one integrated scene.

Women and elders, but rather to all the Palestinian people, young and old, women and men, because it is - as it was called by a number of writers and researchers - the modern Zionist barbarism is meeting and integrating recently throughout the West Bank. The American Eye did not read the Amnesty document, for example, and before it many documents and testimonies, all of which confirm that

“Israel” is an apartheid state - racial discrimination - with distinction and superiority, but according to countless other documents and testimonies, “Israel” is a terrorist and criminal state and commits all forms of war crimes against It is a terrorist organization, for example, according to the testimony of former Israeli Air Force pilot Yonatan Shapira during a press interview, the Israeli army is a “terrorist organization led by war criminals.” Shapira asserted:

The Israeli army is a terrorist organization and its leaders are war criminals. And the Israeli government is a racist Jewish government and is dragging the whole region into a catastrophe.”

The former leader of the left-wing Meretz party, Zahava Galon, described the IDF as a "gang-on Ha'aretz, 8/24/2021". Accordingly, today we are in the spaces of a document - the International Amnesty Study, which considers the state of "Israel" an apartheid state - apartheid - let us document and place this document in the hands of international organizations and bodies.

Israel is a criminal apartheid state, and the Israeli army is a terrorist organization.

That is why we document and confirm: the great truth in the Palestinian and regional scene since before the Nakba, during and after it, up to the current conflict in Palestine, that “Israel” is the state in which the thieves of history, homelands and rights are teeming, and it is the state of terrorism, armed robbery, massacres and crime in broad daylight first, and then it is Second, the state of apartheid and racial discrimination, and it is the state that contains and protects the largest number of generals and leaders of terrorism and criminality in the world, all with data, confessions and testimonies documented even on their tongues. The face of Arabism”, and the world and the United Nations should condemn them as well, and their confessions call for bringing them to the International Criminal Court.

Is there someone who rings the bell and carries a huge number of documents, confessions and testimonies to the pulpits and international courts...?! This is a big and strategic battle, and no one underestimates this talk, as we are facing the largest and most dangerous country that has violated all international laws and legislation.

Today, we have qualitative additions documenting this great fact, and we have documented confessions about the largest armed robbery in history.

The Zionist gangs practiced ethnic cleansing, massacres, mass displacement and armed robbery over all the property of the Palestinian people as a whole, from the homeland, land, cities, towns, villages, farms, and various family and personal possessions. .

Palestine needs a radical new media discourse, the essence of which is: “Israel” is a state of terrorism, armed robbery, massacres and crime, then it is the state of apartheid - racial discrimination - with distinction and international testimonies.

And once again, third and fourth, I suggest to all writers, researchers, historians, intellectuals and media professionals that they adopt this essence and this title in their speeches, writings and works... Palestine also needs, at this dangerous stage, at the forefront of what it needs to reconsider the comprehensive struggle in the face of the Zionist project.

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