Britain insists on its crimes and repeats its mistakes

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Afrasianet -  by Dr. Mustafa Youssef El Lidawi - It seems that Britain, which embraced the Jewish dream in the past, issued the ominous Balfour Declaration, supervised the establishment of the Zionist entity, nurtured its existence and ensured its strength, trained its gangs and qualified its forces, provided it with technology, weapons, science and knowledge, worked to excel it, safeguarded its identity, and fought alongside it, She reassured those who succeeded her in the responsibility and carried the “honesty” after her, and the entity pledged the same and more, and proceeded with its approach and preserved its policy towards him and better, so the eye’s reporter slept reassured, not worried about her outcast bastard, and not afraid of her outrageous act, as she is in safe hands and with care. Sturdy strong.

It seems that it and its successive governments are insistent on its heinous crime, and continue to repeat its grave mistakes and destructive bets, and is keen on its inherited stances and successive policies, and does not regret what all of its previous governments have done and done, which repeat themselves and do not review themselves, do not hold their leaders accountable, and do not recognize their crimes.

It does not attempt to correct its mistakes and reversal of its evils, as if it had not committed a crime against an entire people, nor declared war on an entire nation, nor caused the displacement of millions and their diaspora, the occupation of their land and the loss of their rights. for the situation of the Palestinians in general, and it bears full responsibility for what happened and is happening in terms of wars, destruction and aggression in the entire region.

No sooner had Mrs. Liz assumed the presidency of the British government and moved to her new office, until she announced her intention to move the headquarters of the British Embassy in the Zionist entity to the occupied city of Jerusalem, a step that her predecessor, Boris Johnson, wished to implement, similar to his friend, former US President Donald Trump, but he did not He managed, so his successor came to announce its intentions, which do not differ much from its previous positions that are biased towards the Zionist entity, support its policies, oppose the Palestinian people and oppose their legitimate rights in their land and homeland.

Mrs. Liz Truss, when she was the British Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, described the resistance of the Palestinian people as terrorism, and denounced the killing of Israeli civilians, and expressed her understanding of Israel's right to defend itself, and declared its support for the entity's army operations in the West Bank and its wars on the Gaza Strip, and considered that What he is doing is a form of fighting terrorism, eradicating its roots and eliminating its leaders and symbols.

It is the same that declared war on the BDS movement, and described its actions as hateful racism, anti-Semitic, and harmful to the Jewish people. , legalizing their accountability and banning their movement and travel.

Liz Terrace does not hide her racist websites biased towards the Zionist entity, as she had previously "purified" the British Foreign Office of opponents to "Israel", those who do not believe in its rights and its defenders, and its arbitrary measures transcended the human rights principles based on freedom of expression and belief, freedom of behavior and disposition of thought And loyalty, and it certainly does not accept those who support the Palestinian right and call for the support of the Palestinians and their fairness.

In its strangest position, in addition to its support for the Israelis' right to settlement and the natural expansion of their "state", and its vote against any international resolution condemning it or denouncing the settlement and extremist settlers' attacks on the Palestinians, their land and property, it accused the United Nations of anti-Semitism, and considered its resolutions in support of the Palestinian people,

Although they are formal decisions that lack the force of implementation, contradict “rights and justice,” are biased towards the Palestinians and are unfair to “the people of Israel,” and they promote a hostile anti-Semitic agenda.

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