O West, you are annihilating the Christians of Syria

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Written by Engineer Basil Qas Nasrallah

Afrasianet - “Oh, the West, you are annihilating the Christians of Syria,” written by Engineer Basil Qas Nasrallah Yes, how much you annihilate us.

You offer us honey by claiming to fear us, and associations that care for the Christians of Syria, and bring relief to Christians, to Christians who are in danger, to the suffering churches and many others,

appear, in order to be convinced that we are really in danger, and we must leave. We Christians emigrate with your - apparently innocent - facilities that you offer us in your embassies. We present the required immigration papers along with the Christian baptism certificate.

Will your embassies distribute, for those who hold a baptismal certificate, biscuits, cakes, sweets and ice cream? We are scattered around the world. Our families are torn apart..brothers are scattered..and we wither.

You uproot our roots.. dry up our veins.. spread our branches.. in every country..brother..or uncle..or uncle. History reminds us that America and Europe have an agenda to transfer Arab Christians to them, because of their ease of integration with new societies and because they do not belong to terrorism, which they gave a religious characterization of "Islam".

We will not forget what was said by the US envoy, "Dean Brown", that the US fleet is ready to transport Christians from Lebanon, an idea of then Secretary of State "Henry Kissinger".

And let's not forget that in one of the meetings of the US National Security Council, President Gerald Ford asked: "Are Christians Arab?"

The US ambassador to Lebanon, John Gunter Dean, said, "Since now, the Christians of Lebanon are part of the American strategy in the region."

Christians may have originally come from non-Arab environments..but the Arabic language gradually became the mother tongue of all Christians in Syria, and although Syriac and to a minimum Greek remained the language of religious rituals, but from the Christian sects who deliberately since the tenth century to transmit the language of this language Religious rituals into Arabic, with partial preservation of Greek and Syriac in some areas.

It saddens me when I see some immigrants who are proud of their pictures with their certificates of obtaining other nationalities, and then when they speak to me, they include many foreign words and apologize that they are no longer able to express themselves in Arabic. Here, I, the Syrian-Christian Aleppine, mention our Armenian brothers in Aleppo who do not speak to each other in Aleppo or in all parts of the world except in their own language, and we here in Aleppo describe them as racist.

If only we were racists in our language and our heritage. The West won the process of expelling the Syrian and Lebanese Christians, and before them the Iraqis.

They won what they planned for so long and one day they will send their ambassadors to us and they are from the origins of this country, and we do not forget that they did this in Afghanistan and elsewhere to Lebanon today.

The third generation of immigrants will come, not knowing their language or the place of birth of their ancestors, and they will forget that they are the grandson of many heroes of Arab history, from the Taghliba to Abu Tammam and even Fairouz.

I will never forget the words of Patriarch Maximus al-Sayegh in a speech at an iftar party in 1957: "We Christians, the inhabitants of our Syrian homeland, are not stingy with anything, even with our blood in order to serve it."

I will defend against extermination Oh God, I testify that I reached Engineer
Basil Qas Nasrallah

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