Attitude towards Putin cracks Biden's front

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Afrasianet -  Mounir Shafiq - More than a month after the war in Ukraine, three facts were confirmed: The first is that the military initiative is still in Russia's hands in terms of the course of the military confrontation.

This is in contrast to what was reported by the Western media about the military failure of the Russian campaign.

It is true that the Ukrainian side of the army and militias possessed highly advanced weapons in resisting aircraft and tanks.

They had trained, for eight years, since 2014, on this confrontation, and wanted it to be a street war in cities, or a war against occupation, while the Russian military plan turned to depriving them of this equation in the clash.

This led to a tactic characterized by besieging, cutting off supplies, and continuous bombardment that drains the defense, with the least possible zero engagement.

Thus, the Russian army became the one who determines the rules of engagement and the course of the war. And that regardless of its longevity.

The negotiations that took place in its third or fourth round in Turkey revealed that the Ukrainian negotiator accepted the principle of Ukraine's neutrality, for which the war broke out. As for the rest of Russia's other conditions, it needs a longer period of war until an agreement can be reached.

Note that an agreement to stop the war cannot happen with American approval. It was the Biden administration that was behind the policies of the Ukrainian president, Zelensky, in arming, threatening Russian national security, going to war, not accepting neutrality, and not arming against Russia, while maintaining the friendship of both the West and Russia, including joining the European Union, away from NATO.

Biden and his administration are still determined to use this war as a strategy to defeat Russia until the overthrow of Vladimir Putin.

The second fact is that the results of the war so far, along with the negotiations to agree on Ukraine's neutrality, require Volodymyr Zelensky to bear the responsibility for going to war, and for the woes that it has caused, and for the loss of life and material, and for the future of Ukraine.

He was the one who was offered, from the beginning, to end the Russian buildup, not to reach the outbreak of war in exchange for Ukraine's neutrality, not to arm it against Russia, and to find an understanding on eastern Ukraine.

The third fact is that US President Joe Biden's goal against Russian President Putin, accusing him of a butcher and war criminal, has caused a rift in the political situation between America and Europe, especially France, Germany and Italy. Even British Prime Minister Johnson has declared that he does not embrace the goal of overthrowing Putin.

There are indications by Blinken, the US Secretary of State, to soften Biden's statements, as well as by the Pentagon.

This indicates severe confusion in the management of the ongoing war between America and Russia.

The war on the borders of Ukraine between Russia and the Ukrainian government, and its effects on the international situation and relations between the West and Russia, remain within the borders of the regional-quasi-international war.

But the war waged by the Biden administration against Russia, represented in taking the war in Ukraine to the last extent - to a decisive action against Putin, as represented in the maximum sanctions against Russia and its continuation until after the end of the war in Ukraine, is considered a global war in every sense of the word, whether if it continues Under the ceiling of the Ukrainian military engagement, or after the end of the war. Because the sanctions imposed on Russia and its expulsion from the "Swift" region are considered war.

This is what Putin expressed frankly. This means that the world is now facing two major wars, a war in Ukraine, Russia-Ukraine, and its European and Chinese political and economic extension. As for the second war, it is the US-Russian war that is going to estrangement and extreme hostility, if the matter is left to the Biden administration.

It has set its goal of overthrowing Putin. That is, to bring the Russian Federation to what is, weaker and more fractured, than the Yeltsin era.

When this second war continues, especially after the end of the Russian-Ukrainian war, China will become a direct party to it, and Europe will find itself facing a difficult test in which it will be difficult for it to match America to the level of absolute hostility against Putin.

And then closing every door to extricating the world from facing a global division, economically and politically, and then militarily, between two major blocs on the one hand, and in front of a multipolar world that stands at some distance from the major global countries, especially Japan and India, economically.

And Iran, Turkey, Brazil and South Africa, politically, technically and culturally. There is a dimension that must be considered, which may have a significant impact on American politics, which is the American midterm elections, which go by most estimates, to expect a Republican majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate (Congress).

Which would make the Biden administration like a lame duck, they say, or make it paralyzed, perhaps beyond paralysis.

Of course, this factor pressing on the Biden administration's policy, if it falls into this taboo, will have a greater impact on America's position in the global balance of power than it does in the internal conflict between the Democratic and Republican parties.

This is because the international conflict that America is waging in the post-Ukrainian war may affect the sovereignty of the dollar and its control over the global financial institution.

This is as important to Republicans as it is to Democrats, because it is a battle to maintain, or not to, maintain American global dominance.

In a word, the problem that will confront America if the Republicans win the presidency of the two chambers - or say a majority in both chambers - will collide with the existence of the weak and contradictory Biden administration within it, as well as in the balance of power and an international equation, whose winds are blowing against its interests.

In other words, it is a world mired in chaos, confusion and turmoil among adults. It is best for the resistance, the steadfast, the oppressed and the weak

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