Ukraine and export crises abroad

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Afrasianet - During the thirtieth anniversary of its independence on August 23, the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, hosted events that took the form of a "summit", dubbed the "Crimea Platform", and was attended by high-level officials from the European Union countries, as well as the presidents of Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Slovakia. and Latvia.

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg traveled to Ukraine in August on behalf of President Joe Biden. Where he "represented the United States at the Crimean Platform summit held in Kiev on August 23", citing Ukrainian MP Mustafa Dzhemilev. "I met (former US special representative for Ukraine negotiations) Kurt Volker, and he said that for a number of reasons Biden will not come," Dzimilev said. And besides, Biden has a definite relationship with Ukraine because of the Trump campaign, and for this reason, most likely, he will not come. And he added, according to the site, that even if he really wanted to, his entourage would try to dissuade him.

Ukraine became the subject of the 2020 presidential election when it was revealed that Biden's son, Hunter Biden, will sit on the board of energy company Burisma, despite his lack of knowledge or experience in the industry.

During the Democratic primaries, Buttigieg alleged that Biden's involvement created "the appearance of conflict" by "pressing for anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine while his son was on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company," CNBC reported.

Analyzing this event and examining its details raise many questions and doubts, especially with the large number of contradictions that hover around this meeting itself.

The most prominent of these contradictions was in the doubts that were raised about the sincerity of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's intentions regarding the diplomatic initiative itself, especially since this initiative "smells of the geopolitical interests of Western countries in a very clear and repulsive manner," according to what Western moves reveal.

In addition, Ukraine appears to be still "trying to use the Crimean Tatars", as well as its "strong relations with Turkey", in order to work again "to restore the territory of the Crimean peninsula and to bring the Crimean lands under its authority and sovereignty." One of the most prominent initiators of promoting this "platform" is the leader of the Crimean Tatars, deputy in the Verkhovna Rada Mustafa Abdul-Jamil Qurumoglu, whose "activities throughout his life allow him to be attributed more to the Turks than to his affiliation with his original people", that is, the Crimean Tatars, as Many of Quramoglu's actions "are put in the category of dissent from his original affiliation in favor of the Turks", especially during the period when Crimea was part of Ukraine, as well as what is considered "the repressive attitude of the Ukrainian authorities towards its people", especially the "retaliatory measures taken Kiev". The strategy adopted by Ukraine in this file is summed up in the popular saying:

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” as this saying was manifested in the form of the last summit, as well as “hardly brought to the Crimean Tatars a glimmer of hope in a bright future in the event that Crimea actually returns to Ukraine.” ".

Ukraine included the "aggression against the Crimean Tatars" in the summit's topic, among the popular media campaign undertaken by the West to "demonize" Russia, and to "draw the attention of the international community to its retaliatory goals". in the world press. Kiev sees this as beneficial to it and its ally the United States of America, because it may achieve two goals for both parties: the first is that Washington can thus "continue its interference in the countries of the Crimea", and the second is "Ukraine conceals war crimes in the Donbass."

Likewise, the participation of pro-Turkish MPs: Qurumoglu and Elmi Amirov in the Tatar summit, and in connection with the available information about "Ankara's attempts to recruit fighters to participate in the war in Donbass", the proposition of the adopted charter "Crimea is Ukraine" acquires a national character more than it is Regionally, it raises more questions about the recent events in Ukraine, especially those related to the uncontrolled growth of nationalist sentiments, which contribute to the destruction of ethnic interests in it, those interests promoted in the "Crimea platform".

This past international event was more "semi-theatrical" than a "necessary political need", and clearly shows the "interest of the West" more than the interest of Ukraine, which "seems to be non-existent".

In fact, Kiev has many unresolved internal problems, and delays in resolving them will “further exacerbate and destabilize the country increasingly.” As for the reason for this, he attributed it to the "regression in the implementation of reforms" related to "isolating the ruling oligarchy" and "fighting corruption", in addition to "the neglect he shows of the Ukrainian president and his narrow circle", not to mention the protracted military conflict in the Donbass. , which Ukraine does not seem eager to resolve peacefully.

Corruption is very rampant in Ukrainian society.

Transparency International's Corruption Index ranks Ukraine 120 out of 180 countries. Ernst & Young ranks Ukraine among the three most corrupt countries in the world, along with Colombia and Brazil.

The Guardian described Ukraine as "the most corrupt country in Europe". Ukraine is the ninth most corrupt country in the world, according to a 2017 Ernst & Young survey.

Ukraine has a track record of failing to implement reforms, as it suffers from endemic state corruption, something Zelensky promised to address when he took office in 2019.

The claims of the current reforms are nothing but justification by allowing tycoons and influencers to control large swathes of the economy. There is concern among Ukrainians that the land will become an easy target for the wealthy, and later for foreigners, given the government's plans to open this market to foreigners from 2024.

“If land is sold to the rich in the name of helping the poor, it will be counterproductive in the long run,” says Tim Benton, director of research in the Emerging Risk Division at Chatham House.

The fight against corruption was the focus of the demonstrations that toppled the Ukrainian government, but this phenomenon remains a source of great concern to the population.

A request by the International Monetary Fund and the European Union for deputies and senior state officials to declare their properties online and disclose their financial assets revealed a big difference between the value of the salaries they receive and the lifestyle they live, hence the shock. In summary, what is happening now in the programmed media exaggeration about a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine is nothing but a common game between the West, specifically between the United States of America and Ukraine.

An entry point for incitement against Russia, while Ukraine sees it as an outlet for it to export its crises abroad and blackmail the West, even though it is not a member of NATO or even an ally.

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