Where does the Israeli army derive its brutality from? Fact and facts

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Afrasianet - Hassan Lafi  - Criminality, brutality, racism, fascism and inhumanity are not an individual characteristic of a soldier here or a military battalion there, but an inherent characteristic of a predominantly Israeli society that has moved unrestrained towards terrorism and extremism.

The case of the killing of the three Israeli prisoners in the Shujaiya neighborhood in Gaza City was opened by the Israeli army forces after they were shot directly, although they took all the measures that could make it clear that they do not pose a threat to its forces, according to the initial report of the Israeli army, which showed that they were raising their hands and removing their upper clothes in order to assure the soldiers that they were unarmed and did not carry any explosive belts, in addition to one of them raising a white flag to confirm their surrender, not to mention their full commitment On the orders of the commander of the military battalion that shot them, and their request for help in Hebrew from the Israeli army forces.

But despite all this, they were killed by Israeli soldiers, who were supposed to protect them and do everything they could to free them, Israeli soldiers believed that they were dealing with Palestinian resistance fighters or Palestinian citizens raising the white flag in surrender, which highlights the intelligence and military failure, the high tension suffered by the Israeli forces penetrating into the Gaza Strip, and the failure of the "army." The Israeli twice, the first when he could not prevent the resistance from carrying out the capture operation on the seventh of October, which was the most used phrase among the settlers of the Gaza envelope that day (where is the army), and the second when he killed them in cold blood despite his mission to release them.

However, this complex military and intelligence failure is not important in order to highlight the nature of the Israeli army's "ethics", which was clearly revealed by the killing of Israeli prisoners by its soldiers in Gaza, which raises the question of what are the real causes of the racism, fascism, brutality and inhumanity of the Israeli army? What are the moral values and principles on which his soldiers are raised?

The significance of this incident is not only that it reveals the truth about the "moral" lies of the Israeli army, whose spokesmen and commanders continue to fill television screens with talk about the extent of their commitment to international law and the code of moral conduct during battle and fighting, and that they are doing everything in their power to spare Palestinian civilians from bombing and killing.

Fifty thousand injured Palestinians, more than 20 thousand martyrs and more than 7 thousand missing under the rubble, all this number of Palestinian victims, which represents the proportion of children, women and the elderly more than 70% of their number, all of these did not prove the criminality of the Israeli "army" and did not make the international community take a humanitarian position to stop the Israeli killing machine for more than 75 days on the Gaza Strip, even the US administration, which every time repeats its vulgar phrase that "Israel" should avoid targeting civilians, and forgets that it was the one who gave Israel 29,000 bombs dropped by the Israeli army on the Gaza Strip, which extends over only 360  square kilometers, at a rate of approximately 80 bombs per square kilometer.

This was also confirmed by an assessment by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which was quoted by CNN, which  confirmed that 40%-45% of those bombs dropped by Israel were stupid bombs in the sense that they kill unrelated civilians without a doubt, which undermines the Israeli claim that it is trying to minimize civilian casualties as stated in the assessment.

Any follower of the debate of internal Israeli society is amazed by the extent of the brutality and fascist propositions put forward by the general public and its own, without fear or any slightest shame or moral conscience, and publicly on their media outlets, in their radio conversations and on social networks, the least of which is the killing of the entire population of the Gaza Strip, under the slogan that there is no person in Gaza who is not a "terrorist", which was expressed by the Minister of Heritage in the Israeli government, "Amichai Eliyahu" of the Religious Zionist Party, when he called for the destruction of Although it was met with a huge wave of criticism, but this popular Israeli criticism was for one and only reason, that there are 231 Israeli prisoners in Gaza, and if there were no such Israeli prisoners, no one inside the Israeli street would have cared about the lives of two million and two hundred thousand Palestinians in Gaza.

If we search for the common denominator between the killing of Israeli prisoners in Gaza and the killing of settler Yuval Doron Castleman, we realize that the ideas that were circulating in the mentality of the soldiers who shot at the prisoners in Gaza are the same that dominated the mind of the soldier who shot at Castleman, who although he attacked the perpetrators of the commando attack in Jerusalem, the mere belief of an Israeli soldier found at the scene that he was one of the Palestinian attackers, immediately and without thinking opened fire. On him, although Castleman threw his weapon away and knelt down, opened his jacket to show that he was not wearing an explosive vest, and raised his hands in surrender.

The soldier shooter considered himself a Zionist "hero"  at the moment of the shooting because he was killing a Palestinian, even when he posed no threat to his life, as described by far-right MP Zvi Sokkot on his social media accounts, who later quickly deleted the post after it became clear that the person who was shot was not a Palestinian, but an Israeli.

Had it not been for the fact that Castleman is an Israeli Zionist Jew and the protest of his family, who considered what happened to her son as an execution, no one in Israel would have turned to kill a Palestinian who raises his hands in surrender and does not pose any danger to the shooter, such as the hundreds of field executions of Palestinian young men and women carried out by the Israeli police and army at Palestinian death checkpoints in the West Bank and Jerusalem in application of the policy of "rapid pull the trigger."

It is worth noting that the soldier belongs to the school of "Zionist religious nationalism", and that he was on vacation from the ongoing fighting in the Gaza Strip, and therefore when he killed Castleman, who was lying on the ground with his hands raised in surrender, he considered himself carrying out the orders of his extremist rabbis who raised him with a racist fascist Zionist education mixed with Talmudic ideas of ISIS, Jewish, making killing and disrespecting any human being unless he is a Zionist Jew (the other) a natural human behavior and the basis of belonging to "Israel" and the Zionist idea, as well as The principles of the writings of the Torah of Hamelech – The King's Method, which calls for never hesitation to kill "others" without regret and calls for not hesitating to kill a Palestinian even if he is wounded or surrendered, call for all these fascist, racist and terrorist values on which the majority of Israeli army soldiers are raised in the schools and centers of religious Zionist preparation (Yeshivat Hasdair) before they are recruited to the "army."

The instinct of revenge murder in the Zionist community is not an individual case or limited to a specific political or social sector, but rather a case deeply rooted in Zionist ideology, reinforced by  a "military" society that built its mental image of itself as God's chosen people, as Ilan Babiyeh, one of Israel's new historians, says: "Israel's image of itself as a moral society is something that has not been seen anywhere in the world, the idea that we are God's chosen people, and that our army is I think it is difficult for the Israelis to accept that they have committed war crimes, and basically the Zionist project has a problem, the Jews fled Europe in search of a safe place, but you cannot create a safe place for yourself by catastrophe for another people."

Pappe's words are not a comment on the Israeli massacres carried out by Israeli army soldiers now in Gaza, nor on the field executions of Palestinians in the West Bank, but rather a comment on the film "The Massacre of Tantura", by Israeli director Alon Schwarz, who revealed this documentary through evidence, testimonies and documents that the soldiers of the Alexandretta Brigade in June 1948, killed more than 250 civilian men, exterminated the village and deported those who remained to Jordan, as one of the massacres. on which the "state" of occupation has been established since 1948.

Therefore, criminality, brutality, racism, fascism and inhumanity are not an individual characteristic of a soldier here or a military battalion there, but rather an inherent characteristic of an Israeli society whose vast majority has shifted unrestrained towards terrorism, extremism, Daeshism, the religious right, secular settler-fascist, so we find the Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, of religious Zionism, calling for the execution of a Palestinian prisoner who participated in the Al-Aqsa flood every day, publicly mocking the importance of Israel having human values, and demanding a ban on the entry of foodstuffs. Fuel and any other necessities of human life for the people of Gaza.

Former Israeli National Security Council official Giora Eiland of secular Zionism calls on the Israeli government and the army to intensify the policy of mass starvation against all the inhabitants of Gaza without any mercy or even dealing with any international humanitarian pressures, so there is no difference between Ben Gvir, the right-wing religious Zionist, and the secular Zionist Giora Eland, on the ladder of moral decadence and inhuman brutality.

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