An American officer reveals Washington's involvement in coups against governments that refuse to obey them

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Afrasianet - A former American officer reveals the tactic used by the United States of America in recruiting forces to support military coups and revolutions against governments that refuse to obey Washington.

Scott Bennett, an expert in the field of combating terrorism, revealed that the United States has a long history of supporting military coups and "color revolutions" against foreign governments that refuse to submit to Washington, and that it may invade them if all other means fail.

Bennett, a former officer in the US Army's Psychological Operations Command, said in statements to "Sputnik" that the United States is using proxy forces to destabilize these countries, pointing out that this matter is not new. Bennett added that the special forces he has participated in are "well-trained" in multiple weapons systems and combat tactics, fluent in foreign languages, and able to operate in a variety of terrains, political arenas and social environments.

"They are often trained in psychological warfare, color revolutions, political coups, cyber operations, and other forms of irregular warfare," he added.

The former psychological operations agent explained that one of their main missions is to "identify, recruit, train and support local fighters in other countries in order to cause social, political and economic disruption with the aim of destabilizing the government of this country."

He pointed out that these black operations are often planned by the CIA and carry out its tasks through the US embassies in these countries, "regardless of how bloody, criminal or unconstitutional the mission is."

Bennett emphasized that "the Special Forces are famous for their use to train militants, rebels, mercenaries, and contractors that Washington used to bring about color revolutions, civil wars, and other uprisings that seek to overthrow or change governments."

He pointed out that the goal was "to turn them into dependent and docile colonies of the United States, using the illusions of democracy, human rights, freedom and other hypnotic slogans for political misinformation."

"The CIA uses murderers, torturers, criminals, drug addicts and child killers to become mercenaries in various American irregular warfare operations and government revolutions," he said.

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