Western democracy: lies, deception and service to special interests

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Afrasianet - There is no room for the West to brag about democracy, for it has become clear beyond any doubt that the democracy of the entire West is nothing but media antennas and protocol festivities, which can no longer be believed. Protests, repression and deterioration in the level of human rights and lies to the masses.

The Russian-Ukrainian war has revealed the deep Western hatred against everyone who does not follow the orbit of subordination to the West, as the slogan of democracy was a vulgar slogan used for special interests and self-interested agendas.

Even tyrants seek to use the slogan of democracy to mislead their citizens, knowing that countries that claim democracy support them according to their interests.

One assertion of democratic illegitimacy stresses the role of the European Commission in setting legislation. He criticized this criticism in turn, employing comparisons to the situation in national governments where few bills of Parliament are debated and "less than 15% are ever successfully adopted", while government proposals are "usually decided without substantive amendments that they make." Legislature."

The committee is reconstituted every five years. National governments nominate the members of the new Commission, and the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament approve (or not) the proposed Commission jointly and individually.

So the European Commission is a copy of the same officials of the member countries of the Union. Interests struggle within the corridors of the European Union, and there was no complete consensus on any project. Even in the case of Ukraine, there is no consensus, as European officials are trying to market.

Now there is a rush to join the European Union, and there is an acceleration in decision-making for countries that are eager to join the union, such as Ukraine, Finland and Sweden, even though this contradicts the laws of joining the European Union.

The European Union is a sick structure with dependency and corruption, as its officials admit. Just a week ago, one of the officials said that our priorities are to fight corruption within the European Union, meaning in the structure of institutions and not in the countries themselves.

The media, funded by the European Union, showed great happiness over the project of Ukraine's accession to the Union, knowing that there is complete corruption in Ukraine. (Ukraine ranks 118 out of 180 in terms of corruption. That is, all levels of government are related to corruption);

Of course, this corruption may increase through the behavior of the Ukrainian mafia, which controls state institutions A few days ago, one of the reliable economic magazines reported that the wealthy of Ukraine increased by forty percent.

These gains came due to the war, and this is to be expected. Western weapons are sold on the black market and through social media openly.

The money is transferred to unknown entities, but they are certainly mutually agreed upon. Western countries know exactly what is happening, especially the United States of America, which is specialized in marketing the slogan of democracy through its successive governments or through organizations that bear nothing of democracy but the name.

Among the organizations specialized in promoting democracy, USAID: * This agency carries out its activities under development, charitable and humanitarian fronts in most Arab countries, and its most dangerous work is the financing of the so-called “citizenship schools,” which are clubs in which elite students are sent to Western countries, and statistics say that 95% of the students stay in Europe or America and do not return. What is more dangerous is that the choice falls on the Christian students and not others.

Why, for example, are Muslim countries, especially from the Middle East, not allowed to join the European Union? Racism is the most prominent feature of the policies of the European Union, and it is clear religious and ethnic racism. For example, under the slogan of democracy, America and its allies were able to exterminate the Christians of Indonesia, the Muslim state, to establish for them the state of “East Timor” that has only several neighborhoods with a population of no more than ten thousand people, as it did in South Sujan, and it seeks to displace the Christians of the Middle East after it expelled the Christians of Iraq, In the name of democracy, America invades countries that do not follow its orbit, and the examples are many.

Let's wonder. Why did you not accept Turkey's membership in the European Union, even though Turkey has been seeking to do so for more than three decades?

The European Union disappointed the Turkish people and their government, which led to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attacking the West as "double standards", and demanding that it stop "advising Turkey wrapped in a pseudo-democracy, which no longer needs such advice." Erdogan's statements were met with media and official statements attacking him saying that Turkey's accession process to the European Union has been going on for a long time, and this indicates that the Turks' belief that they will gain full membership in the European Union as a reward for them to protect their democracy, is nothing but a pipe dream that is very far from being realized at the time. current at least.

A witness from the people of the European House testified about the reasons that prevented the July 15 coup attempt from turning into an opportunity for Turkey's accession to the European Union instead of being a new key to the European attack on it, by saying that the European Union would not accept Turkey's full accession even if it became one of the most famous Typical examples in the democratic process.

The witness is German Deputy Prime Minister Sigmar Gabriel, who also stated that the European Union is not at the level that can bear the burdens of Turkey's accession to it.

Gabriel indicated, in his press statements on August 28, 2016, that he does not see any indication of the possibility of joining Turkey to the European Union in the near future, wondering how the European Union, which is thinking day and night about questioning the reorganization of its entity after Britain's secession, can leave this matter and give a chance to Turkey with a large population burden to join the European Union?

Gabriel's statements convey the negative view of the European Union towards Turkey, which did not change after the coup attempt, but rather increased negatively and made the opportunity for Turkey's accession impossible again.

For its part, the Turkish Bayna news website indicated that the European Union had revealed its unwillingness to Turkey to join the European Union since 1987, when the then Prime Minister of Turkey, "Turgut Ozal" submitted a full membership application, but it was met with procrastination, and in his report, "German Media and July 15." The website stated that the factors behind the European Union's refusal to give Turkey the opportunity to join, which it deserves due to its strong democracy, are the most important:

Turkish citizens are Muslims.

The European Union is a Christian club par excellence. Why did the European Union not move when America was invading and destroying its countries?

On the contrary, it was participating in that, and the example here is what happened in Iraq, even Ukraine itself participated in the invasion of Iraq.

In any case, the slogan of democracy when promoted from the West no longer means nothing but deception and lies.

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