A comprehensive research document: Between the Ukrainian Bucha and Occupied Palestine: This is how the occupation army exterminated entire Palestinian families, including their women, children, young men and women, in its wars on Gaza....!!

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Afrasianet - Nawaf Al-Zarro -  In every corner and every corner of Gaza there are a thousand stories and stories of the crimes of genocide against entire Palestinian families at the hands of the occupation forces.

The absent international justice and the International Criminal Court must move to punish the war and criminal generals in "Israel".

It is natural for Kyiv to accuse Moscow of committing crimes of “genocide” in the city of Bucha, northwest of Kyiv, as part of the raging psychological media war between them, but it is never natural, and rather it is considered the ultimate immorality and deception, for the criminal generals in “Israel” to confront Russia, accusing it of committing war crimes.

In Bucha, the Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, denounces Tuesday 05/04/2022 of the alleged "Bucha massacre", saying: "We were shocked by the harsh scenes; we condemn them strongly, as the Israeli Foreign Minister, Yair Lapid, later condemned Today, Russia's alleged "war crimes" in Ukraine, in an escalation of Israeli criticism of Russia since the start of the war, Lapid said in a statement, "The images and testimonies received from Ukraine are shocking.

Russian forces committed war crimes against the defenseless civilian population.

I strongly condemn these war crimes, "noting that the mayor of Kyiv himself admitted - for example - that 89 Ukrainian civilians were killed in Kyiv during the forty days of war, so where are the massacres and genocide as they claim...!".

Imagine when the criminal accused the latter of committing war crimes...! This criminal has a long, bloody criminal record.

He committed massacres and mass massacres against Palestinian women and children over the years of the occupation.

The most dangerous and heinous of those massacres and massacres were those that affected entire Palestinian families, their women, children, elders and young men, and the occupation authorities launched four criminal wars against our Palestinian people.

In Gaza, for example, it resulted in the death and injury of thousands of Palestinians.

Here are the details: The first war - 2008-2009 The first aggressive war launched by the occupation forces on Gaza on the 27th of December 2008 resulted in thousands of martyrs and wounded.

The following are the most important data published as of Tuesday morning/21/1/2009: 1417 martyrs 5500 wounded, half of them children and women/1,755 children and 178 women. 437 children martyrs.

122 Palestinian martyrs 123 martyrs of the elderly.

16 paramedics martyrs.

5 martyrs of journalists and media professionals. 5 foreigners.

- About 400 are in a very serious condition.

Dr. Muawiya Hassanein, Director General of Ambulance and Emergency, announced that the medical teams had pulled dozens of bodies, most of them women, children and the elderly, from under the rubble.

“The medical teams found bodies whose owners were trapped in their homes or left bleeding in the streets and corroded after being attacked by stray dogs.

Especially in the areas of Jabal al-Kashef, Jabal al-Rayes, east of Jabalia, Qurum, Ezbet Abd Rabbo, al-Atatra, al-Salatin and al-Fokhari in the north and northwest of the Gaza Strip. In addition, "51 medical personnel were sniped and wounded, in addition to the bombing of 11 ambulances, all under the kinetic name of eliminating the military headquarters and infrastructure of Hamas."

In the details (from Anatolia Agency): On December 27, 2008, "Israel" launched a war on the Gaza Strip, which it called "Cast Lead", while the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) called it "The Furqan War."

That "war" was the first launched by Israel on the Gaza Strip, and it lasted for "23 days" (it ended on January 18, 2009).

On the first day of the war, about 80 Israeli warplanes launched a series of raids on dozens of Palestinian security and government headquarters (which were controlled by Hamas), at the same time, killing 200 Palestinians in the first air attack, most of them policemen.

Eight days after the intensive Israeli army bombardment, the Israeli government took a decision to launch a ground military operation on the Gaza Strip, with the participation of artillery, infantry soldiers and tanks.

Israel used unconventional weapons against defenseless Palestinians, most notably white phosphorous bombs and diluted uranium, which appeared on the bodies of some of the dead, according to reports issued by experts, human rights centers and European institutions.

The Israeli Prime Minister at the time, Ehud Olmert, announced a unilateral ceasefire, without withdrawing from the Gaza Strip, 23 days after the start of Operation Cast Lead, followed the next day by the Palestinian factions' announcement of a week-long truce, as a deadline for the Israeli army's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip sector.

International reports said that in the first war, the Israeli army dropped nearly "one million" kilograms of explosives on the Gaza Strip.

According to the (governmental) "Tawtheeq" organization, in that war, Israel demolished more than (4,100) homes completely, and (17,000) partially.

According to the statistics of the Fact Documentation Committee of the Palestinian government (the former Hamas government) and the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (governmental); Operation Cast Lead resulted in the killing of more than 1,436 Palestinians, including about 410 children, 104 women and about 100 elderly people, and the injury of more than 5,400 others, half of them children.

* This is how the occupation army annihilated entire Palestinian families in its wars on Gaza!! Gr] The occupation army escalated its aggression on all areas of the Gaza Strip, since the hours of Sunday morning and early Monday, so the occupation warplanes carried out a crazy massacre by bombing a house for the "Al-Dalu" family in Gaza, in which eleven citizens of the family were killed, including four children, brothers and three women.

The martyrs are: Sulafa Al-Dalou (50 years old), Samah Al-Dalu (25 years), Tahani Al-Dalou (46 years), Abdullah Al-Muzner (23 years), Amina Matar Al-Muzner (83 years), and Suhaila Al-Dalu, in addition to four siblings, Sarah.

Youssef, Jamal, Ibrahim (one year old) and their father, Muhammad Al-Dalou, and 18 others were injured, four of whom are in critical condition.

This horrific massacre was not the first in the Palestinian scene.

The record of Zionist massacres is long, in which entire Palestinian families were exterminated.

The reality of the Palestinian scene on the land of the Gaza Strip is that the occupation’s generals, in their massacres and crimes, exceeded the limits and ceilings of those massacres and crimes, and they began to commit what we could call them What comes after the crime, or the “open Holocaust”, even though this Holocaust is open in an unprecedented manner against all the sons of the Palestinian Arab people, it is open in a more severe, eloquent and more criminal manner against the children of Palestine, as they are now targeting them with premeditation and stalking, and they have become “They cover the massacre with a most horrific massacre, and they match the bravery of the fighters with more extermination of the innocent, and death has become a surplus that exceeds the endurance and cohesion of those who watch from afar.

The crime now doesn't know when to stop."

The incendiary scene is wide open, as long as the conflict continues.

According to Palestinian reports, the first Zionist Holocaust of 2008-2009 in the Gaza Strip, for example, intensified from day to day and over the weeks of the aggression, and was characterized by “the slaughter of children, women and entire families.”

According to testimonies and pen photos, “the smell of death was wafting.”

From all over Gaza, even the graves have become difficult to reach.”

In addition, “the children of Gaza become caught between the bombing and the horror of nightmares,” and “they suffer psychological trauma as a result of the continuous bombardment ... so that symptoms of involuntary urination and fear of the dark began to appear.”

“The children of Gaza are crumpling alive next to the corpses of their mothers,” as the International Committee of the Red Cross said that it “found a large number of corpses, and children sitting next to the bodies of their mothers who were martyred,” and perhaps the farthest danger is criminal in the whole scene “that the occupying power is Entire families are wiped out."

For example, the occupation forces targeted the al-Samuni family, and about fifty of its members were killed, including a child, a woman, an old man and a young man.

Dozens of our al-Samuni families lived in one house, an area of 180 square meters, and then bombed us for ten minutes, until we all fell between a wounded and a martyr,” adding: “After the occupation forces rained down on us with this number of missiles, the house turned into a pool of blood.”

Some of us died on the spot, and some of us were wounded and struggled with death until they died hours later.”

The massacre scenes throughout the besieged strip tell us a thousand stories and stories of genocide against entire Palestinian families at the hands of the occupation forces.

We document below some stories of a Palestinian family who were completely exterminated with their children.

The extermination of the Balousha family In the aggressive war on Gaza 2008, the residents of the Gaza Strip woke up to great destruction and horrific massacres as a result of the Israeli raids.

This Israeli operation was not the first, but it is the largest, as about 320 martyrs and a thousand wounded in less than 48 hours, and dozens of security sites, homes, mosques, universities, and centers were destroyed.


The night of Sunday/Monday was considered the most heavily bombarded night, through concentrated bombardment with “F-16” planes and helicopters, and the participation of warships, and it was a bloody night, recorded in the history of the Gazans, which is filled with many bloody nights.

The family of Anwar Balousha from Jabalia camp was on a date with the tragedy, where the wife and her four daughters were exterminated, by a one-ton missile, mixing the bodies with the rubble of the house, and this family was not the only one that died under these raids.

Their remains were blown away when their house in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, was bombed.

The Al-Absi and Balousha family preceded the Kishko family, when their house in Al-Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza collapsed completely, and God’s providence saved them. , intensively and focused, targeting homes, mosques and security sites, as the features of Gaza changed their intensity after hundreds of tons of explosives were dropped on the Strip during these few hours.

*Five sisters-three brothers-and a girl A human rights center monitored that the Israeli warplanes bombed nine children in the Gaza Strip while they were sleeping in their homes.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights said, "The Israeli military occupation authorities continue their open war on the Gaza Strip, as these forces continue to shed the blood of children, women and the elderly without caring about the lives of these people.

civilians, disregarding all humanitarian appeals, international law, and international humanitarian law.”

And the center continued in a statement issued by it that "in one of the most horrific humanitarian scenes, during the night of Sunday/ at dawn on Monday 22 Palestinian children were killed or wounded while they were inside their homes," adding that "five sisters of children were killed in Jabalia camp in the northern Gaza Strip while they were sleeping inside. their house, while three children were killed in Rafah camp while they were sleeping inside their house, and a ninth girl from Gaza City, also while she was inside her house.”

According to PCHR's investigations, Israeli warplanes bombed the three-storey Imad Aqel Mosque in Block 4 in Jabalia Camp, which has the highest population density in the world.

This resulted in the complete destruction of the mosque, and the destruction of a neighboring house belonging to the citizen Anwar Khalil Balousha, which was roofed with asbestos, and its collapse on the heads of its residents, causing the death of five of his children, the youngest of whom was four years old, while he, his wife and three of his other children were injured, and she was the only survivor.

A two-week-old baby girl.

The victims were pulled out of the rubble after half an hour of continuous screaming for those who survived.

The dead are Jawaher (4 years), Donia (8 years), Samar (12 years), Ikram (14 years). Editing (17 years old).

Also, 17 other civilians were injured, including five children, residents of nearby houses that were badly damaged.

* Corpses without heads and limbs... According to the testimonies, as soon as you set foot in Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza City, you see death camped on the sides of the place and in every corner of it.

The smell of death fills the noses and the severed corpses lying on the ground due to the crowding of death refrigerators and their inability to accommodate more of them, it makes you feel that the wheel of time I stopped at these corpses and their families and loved ones who had slept on the ground next to them crying and hitting the ground with their hands from the horror of what had befallen them...

Here is a man carrying his martyred child, who did not exceed seven years old, in a piece of cardboard after the hospital had run out of covers to take him home. He is ready to bury him, and there is another man who has gone insane from the shock of the shock that his son Muhammad, who rose as a martyr in the passport office during a graduation ceremony for the officers, and there is a father who sat near the headless body of his son and started screaming and hitting his head on the ground.

They give her a drink of water to wake her up from a disturbing nightmare, to restore to her the pleasure of her liver, so we were stunned by what our eyes saw, to bring back to memory the scene of the Sabra and Shatila massacre in 82 in Lebanon when the bodies of the martyrs were lying in dozens on the ground.

And according to a pen photo of Ma’an Agency, despite the difficulty of talking to the people attending the Martyrs’ Complex who were busy identifying the bodies of their relatives and searching their pockets, perhaps they would know who the owner of this corpse is after their heads were cut off and their limbs flew off.

dispersed from the Gaza Strip.

Martyrdom of a mother and her four children Five citizens of one family were also martyred in the Al-Tuffah neighborhood, east of Gaza City, and medical sources said, "All the martyrs belong to the Bakr family, which resides in the Al-Tuffah neighborhood, and among the martyrs are a child in the first year of life, and a girl at the age of two, and they all arrived at the hospital in pieces.

Palestinian medical sources at Shifa Hospital in Gaza confirmed that “seven members of the Abu Eisha family arrived in pieces from the Mashtal area north of Al-Shati refugee camp, west of Gaza City.”

The war on the house destroyed large parts of it."

Al-Fakhoura school massacre As for the most terrifying scene, it was in the UNRWA Al-Fakhoura School, where about forty Palestinians, most of them children, were martyred, and where the scattered body parts..and the blood..the bodies were cut and charred..and the walls were destroyed..the sounds of screaming..

This is how the scene looked inside and around a school Al-Fakhoura in Jabalia camp in the northern Gaza Strip, after it was mercilessly bombed by Israeli warplanes with several missiles..!.

With difficulty, a number of paramedics and Palestinians managed to reach the targeted place with their eyes in the sky watching the movement of planes preparing to launch more missiles, and one of the ambulance officers shivered from the horror of the scene, and said, "For more than ten days we have been transporting wounded and injured...

I followed the killing of entire families.

But I have never seen such scenes in my life," he added, "and there was blood everywhere and body parts as well...

The screams of children and women were heart-breaking (UPI)."

The Samouni family massacre Zeinat al-Samuni said that her son continued to bleed to death under the rubble, while her husband and four of her sons died, in addition to about 25 members of her family in the bombing.

He bleds for two days, and we appealed to the Red Cross, the Red Crescent, and the UNRWA, but in vain until those in the house were martyred.”

Zainat was left with nothing but her baby girl who was born 20 days ago and her seriously injured daughter who was brought by paramedics to the hospital on a cart pulled by a donkey, in addition to her son. Faraj.

From the rubble of her house, Ibtisam al-Samuni uttered, and the shocking horror still required her to say chilling words, describing moments of the massacre that the family was subjected to during the Israeli war on Gaza, during which 29 members of that rural family died, and Ibtisam, 32, describes the night of the fourth Sunday.

From January, “Night of Death,” which carried the coffins of twenty-nine members of her family, most of whom were children and women, and narrates the tragedy of a family that has come to the fore on international television screens, without anyone who glorifies freedom and human rights ever thinking about investigating the circumstances of that massacre, saying: “Since the beginning of The ground operation Sunday, January 4, the Israeli army surrounded our house and we were unable to get out and move to safe places, and we stayed until Monday morning, when a number of soldiers broke into the homes of our family next to each other in the Al-Samuni neighborhood in Al-Zaytoun and took us all to a nearby house and our number exceeded 100 people.

She adds, wrestling with her tears: "They left us until six o'clock in a house that they destroyed from the inside, and it lacked the most basic necessities of life.

A number of us, and moments later a second shell fell, and a number of family members were martyred, and at the same moment a third shell fell, and a number of others were martyred, and a number of others were wounded.”

(12 years old), and her daughter, Rizqa Al-Samuni (14 years).

Ibtisam indicated that those who survived from the family tried to get out of the house under the bombardment and carried a number of wounded with them, only to find another shell in their reception.

The Abu Aisha family Palestinian medical sources at Shifa Hospital in Gaza confirmed that seven members of the Abu Eisha family arrived in pieces from the Mashtal area, north of Al-Shati refugee camp, west of Gaza City.

The house was destroyed, and large parts of it were destroyed.

In Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, south of Gaza City, the Israeli occupation army opened fire towards the residents’ homes. A five-year-old girl from the Al-Helou family was martyred, and her grandfather was martyred, while her mother was seriously injured. They were all transferred to Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

* Extermination of the midwife family On a night that was completely different from all the nights that preceded it for the Al-Daya family living in the Zeitoun neighborhood in the southeast of Gaza City, and within moments, before dawn broke on Tuesday, men, women and children were exterminated by Israeli bombing, and the fate of this family was the same as that faced by other Palestinian families.

The head of the family, Haj Fayez Misbah al-Daya, 65 years old, was afraid that the family would be subjected to a possible massacre, as the neighborhood was subjected to intense Israeli bombardment from the air and land, and his fear prompted him to gather his wife, children and grandchildren on the first floor of their four-storey house, and only moments until The land swallowed the first half of the Al-Hajj Misbah Al-Daya building.

The residents were devastated on Tuesday morning by the scene, as if an earthquake had struck the house of the Daya family, which consisted of 25 people, turning it into a pile of stones.

The entire family was buried under the rubble of the apartment building, which was hit by an Israeli warplane with a missile or a heavy bomb, and turned it into an afterthought.

This family consists of Hajj Fayez and his sixty-year-old wife Khitam, and his sixty-year-old sons, wives, daughters and grandchildren, the youngest of whom is a six-month-old baby. The means are primitive and the area is threatened by successive Israeli attacks.

The Athamna family Majdi al-Athamneh, 75, was standing on the ruins of his family's house, waving an unexploded landmine at members of a television camera crew, but they urged him to put it on the ground because they were worried, and shouted before finally bowing to them and descending from the pile of rubble that remained after the Holocaust In the Gaza Strip, he said, "Don't worry.

If I die, I will not be more expensive than what has already been destroyed."

He says that the mine is one of many that Israeli soldiers planted to demolish the apartment building in which dozens of his extended family lived.

He added in a quavering voice, "I kept this son of mine for fifty years and everything was gone in the blink of an eye."

Al-Athamna as well as three neighboring buildings owned by his sons and all other real estate on a one kilometer stretch in Izbat Abd Rabbo on the outskirts of Gaza City.

*The Second War of Aggression 2012 On November 14, 2012, Israel launched a second war on the Gaza Strip, which it called the "pillar of clouds", while Hamas called it "shale stones", and it lasted for 8 days, and the war began after Israel's assassination of Ahmed al-Jabari, commander of the Izz al-Din Brigades. Al-Qassam, the military wing of Hamas, on the same day, in implementation of the decision of the Ministerial Cabinet for Israeli Security Affairs (Cabinet), which it had secretly taken on the morning of the previous day, despite the fact that a draft truce agreement was reached with the resistance mediated by Egypt at the time.

While the Israeli side did not announce the total number of victims of the Palestinian factions' attacks on Israeli cities, in this war, the Israeli media reported 6 deaths (2 soldiers, 4 civilians), as well as 240 wounded.

That military operation, which the Palestinian resistance called the “Stones of Shale” battle, resulted in the death of 162 Palestinians, including 42 children and 11 women, and the wounding of about 1,300 others, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, while 20 Israelis were killed and 625 others were wounded, most of them with “panic,” according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Israeli media.

During this operation, Israel completely demolished 200 homes, and partially destroyed 1,500 homes, in addition to damaging dozens of mosques, a number of cemeteries, schools, universities, buildings, institutions, and press offices.

*The Third War of Aggression 2014 On the seventh of July 2014, "Israel" launched its third war on the Gaza Strip, which it called "Protective Edge", while the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) called it "the eaten storm". That "war" was the third launched by Israel on the Gaza Strip, and it lasted "51" days (it ended on August 26, 2014).

Over the course of "51 days", the Gaza Strip, which is known to be the most densely populated area in the world, (1.9 million Palestinians) was subjected to Israeli military air and ground aggression, which caused the death of 2,322 Palestinians, including 578 children (aged from one month to 16 years), and 489 women.

(20-40), and 102 elderly (50-80), according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

About 11,000 others were wounded, (10,870), according to statistics issued by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Israel committed massacres against 144 families, three or more members of each family were killed, according to the report.

According to statistics prepared by the Ministry of Works and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the number of completely destroyed housing units reached 12,000, while the number of partially destroyed reached 160,000, of which 6,600 are uninhabitable.

According to UNRWA, the explosive remnants of war still pose a major and continuing threat to civilians and the reconstruction process in Gaza.

The war of extermination of families in Gaza: 2014 The occupation forces committed a series of crimes against defenseless civilians in the Gaza Strip, which resulted in the extermination of entire families.

According to a report issued by the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, these crimes of the occupation affected a total of 53 families and resulted in the death of a total of 285 members of these families, some of which were completely exterminated.

None of its members survived.

The report shows that the most severe massacre was committed against the Abu Jameh family, in which a total of 26 members were martyred, the al-Batsh family massacre in which 17 of its members were martyred, the al-Astal family massacre in which 15 of its members were martyred, and the al-Najjar family massacre in which 13 of its members were martyred.

The following is a list of the names of the 53 families that were affected by these massacres, namely - Al-Quds.com - 27 July 2014 -: 1. Hamad family in Beit Hanoun, the number of martyrs was 6.

2.The Kaware’ family in Khan Yunis, where the number of martyrs reached 8.

3. Al-Manasra in the middle, and the number of martyrs reached 4.

4. The massacre of the Hajj family in Khan Yunis, the number of martyrs reached 8.

5. The massacre of the Abu Jameh family in Khan Yunis, the number of martyrs reached 2.

6. The family of Abdul Ghafour in Khan Yunis, the number of martyrs is 2.

7. The Ghannam family in Rafah, the number of martyrs reached 4. The war of extermination of families in Gaza The war of extermination of families in Gaza

8. Al-Arja family in Rafah, the number of martyrs was 2.

9. Al-Astal family in Khan Yunis. The number of martyrs reached 15.

10. Al-Sawali family in Khan Yunis, the number of martyrs was 2.

11. Al-Batsh family in Gaza, the number of martyrs reached 17.

12. The family of Sheikh Eid in Rafah, the number of martyrs reached 3.

13. The Abu Daqqa family in Khan Yunis, the number of martyrs 3.

14. The Bakr family in Gaza, and the number of martyrs was 4 children.

15. The Zorob family in Khan Yunis. The number of martyrs is 3, including a child.

16. The Shuhaiber family in Al-Sabra, Gaza. The number of martyrs is 3 children.

17. The Abu Sunina family and the number of martyrs 3.

18. Abu Jarad family in northern Gaza, the number of martyrs is 8.

19. Sha'at family in Khan Yunis, 4 children killed.

20. The Natiz family in Gaza. The number of martyrs is 3, including 2 children.

21. The Radwan family in Khan Yunis, the number of martyrs 4.

22. Abu Muslim family in northern Gaza, the number of martyrs is 3 children

23. Al-Zuwaidi family in Beit Hanoun, the number of martyrs is 5.

24. The Zaabout family in Al-Zaytoun and the number of martyrs 2.

25. The Salhia family in Khan Yunis, the number of martyrs 4.

26. The massacre of the Rahal family in Beit Lahia, the number of martyrs 2.

27. Abu Muammar family in Khan Yunis and Rafah, the number of martyrs is 6.

28. The Hamouda family in Beit Lahia, the number of martyrs 2.

29. The Aslam family in Shejaiya, the number of martyrs 4.

30. The poet's family in Khan Yunis, the number of martyrs 4.

31. Al-Hayya family in Shejaiya and the number of martyrs 4.

32. Ziada's family in Al-Bureij and the number of martyrs 3.

33. Ayad family in Shejaia, the number of martyrs is 10.

34. The Radwan family in Khan Yunis, the number of martyrs is 4

35. The Siam family in Rafah, the number of martyrs is 11.

36. The Abu Jameh family and the number of martyrs 26.

37. The Barim family in Deir al-Balah, the number of martyrs is 3

38. The Yazigi family in the north and the number of martyrs 5

39. The Hallaq family in Gaza, the number of martyrs is 7

40. Hamdiya family in Gaza and the number of martyrs 4.

41. The Al-Kilani family from Gaza, the number of martyrs is 7.

42. The family of Hajjaj in Gaza, the number of martyrs is 4

43. The infant's family in the north, the number of martyrs is 3

44. The family of the district in the middle and the number of martyrs 2.

45. The Al-Skafi family in Al-Shuja’iya and the number of martyrs 4.

46. Al-Shanbari family in Beit Hanoun, the number of martyrs is 7.

47. The Abd al-Nabi family in the north and the number of martyrs 3.

48. Abu Aita family in the north, the number of martyrs is 4

49. The Abu Jazar family in Khan Yunis, the number of martyrs is 3

50. Abu Hassanein family in Rafah, the number of martyrs 4.

51. The Al-Helou family in Shejaiya, the number of martyrs is 11

52. Abu Shahla family in Khan Yunis, the number of martyrs is 4.

53. The Najjar family in Khan Yunis, the number of martyrs is 13.

The Fourth War of Aggression on Gaza / 2021 Once again, the course of events and developments in the Palestinian scene revealed to us that we are facing a terrorist entity par excellence.

All these massacres committed by the occupation army in Gaza and the West Bank, in which children, women and the elderly fall in cold blood, are the height of terrorism, and this is the major truth in the Palestinian and regional scene since before.

The Nakba, for “Israel” is the state in which thieves of history and homelands are teeming, and it is the state of armed robbery, terrorism and crime in broad daylight, and it is the state that contains and protects the largest number of generals and leaders of terrorism and criminality in the world, all with data, confessions and documented testimonies even on their tongues.

It is from their mouths that we condemn them, and the most important thing is for the Arabs to rush out such confessions and testimonies if they have “a hundred Arab faces left.”

The world and the United Nations must condemn them as well.

Indeed, their confessions call for bringing them to the International Criminal Court...!

Perhaps the testimony of the former pilot in the Israeli Air Force, Yonatan Shapira, is of great importance if one day it is taken internationally.

He says: “The Israeli army is a “terrorist organization and its leaders are war criminals,” and confirms: “The Israeli army is a terrorist organization and its leaders are War criminals .. and the Israeli government is a racist Jewish government and is dragging the entire region into a disaster.

"I believe in this and there are many who believe in that, but everyone does not want to say it."

This is a fact that I must say-: 05/16/2021 -". Moving from theory to the field, we document the data and facts of the Zionist massacres against children, women and the elderly in the last aggression/2021 on the Gaza Strip: The extermination of 15 Palestinian families: According to what was announced by the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, at noon Friday - Friday, May 21, 2021 | the number of crimes committed by the Zionist occupation during its aggression on the Strip, which lasted for 11 consecutive days, amounted to 243 martyrs, including 66 children, 39 women and 17 elderly people, in addition to 1910 injuries. with various injuries.

The Hebrew newspaper, Haaretz, Thursday, May 20, 2021, said in an analysis published that the numerous incidents of killing entire families in the Israeli bombing of Gaza testify that these “were not mistakes,” as the raids came in the wake of higher decisions, backed by the approval of military lawyers.

And the newspaper continued, saying, "Five Palestinian families have lost at least three of their members, in the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip, which has continued since May 10."

They collapsed," noting that no prior warning was given to evacuate the targeted homes.

Among them, 65 children, 39 women and 17 elderly people.

*Unity Massacre: The occupation warplanes launched more than 155 raids in one day, destroying many residential buildings above the heads of their residents, and the largest massacres occurred in the early hours of dawn - 5-16-2021: where the warplanes launched the heaviest raids that focused on several houses in Al Wahda Street west In the city, the Ministry of Health announced the death of 33 martyrs, including 16 martyrs from one family.

The ministry said, "16 martyrs of the Al-Kolak family, most of them children and women, died during the bombing that targeted a residential complex in Al-Wehda Street, west of Gaza City."

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Ashraf al-Qidra, said, "Among the martyrs are 12 women and 8 children.

The bombing left 50 different injuries, most of them children."

* The massacre of the children of the Al-Masry family bleeds hearts In another massacre, the Israeli occupation’s missiles kidnapped the lives of children from the Al-Masry family in a quick moment, after targeting them in front of their home in the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, leaving great pain to bleed in the hearts and hearts of their wounded families, as a result of this massacre against “humanity.”

Like a thunderbolt, the sister of the two martyrs, Marawan and Ibrahim Al-Masry, transferred it to her mother immediately after the unjustified targeting, so that the mother initially started a large lake, leaving doubt around the news.

The mother rushed hysterically to Beit Hanoun Hospital, and it was the moment she did not wish to get to know the pleasure of her two livers, which are corpses with disfigured faces lying on the medical bed in the care room, after which a journey of suffering full of sadness began.

The mother of the children completely lost her nerve and collapsed in heavy tears to be thrown to the ground inside the hospital, where those present sprayed water on her face and relieve the pain of loss, with religious words and phrases, in an attempt to discourage her deep wound.

Al-Amour family massacre: They went out for a haircut to celebrate Eid, and were torn apart by aircraft missiles After targeting a child in the Al-Amour neighborhood, and a boy in the Khuza’a area, the occupation warplanes directly targeted four children from the Al-Amour family who were close to their house, causing the death of two of them on the spot, and the injury of others seriously, and the four children went out on their way to a barber, To decorate and shave their heads to celebrate the coming of Eid, and when they all finished, they returned joyfully to their home, and before they reached the house tens of meters, there was a big explosion, and shrapnel flew, and the tongues of smoke rose, and the children's parents came out of the house in a hurry, and the shock was, when they saw their children turned.

The bodies of some of them are cut to pieces, while others suffer severe injuries: Days 13-5-2021. * Hamza Nassar, the icon of the children of Gaza, dies of a smiling fasting person Fasting and smiling, the child Hamza died as a martyr in an “Israeli” raid on Gaza, to kidnap his image while he was in his shroud.

Hamza, 12, remained an “unidentified” martyr for several hours in Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, before his father recognized him, who went to the hospital in search of him after he waited for a long time and did not return home.

Gaza City, 3 hours before the penultimate iftar time of Ramadan, to buy some vegetables for his family from the neighborhood market, which is about one kilometer from the house, when an Israeli warplane launched a raid near the "Abu al-Kas Cemetery" that damaged Hamza's tender body and threw him on the Meters away - Gaza - Palestinian Information Center - Thursday 13/May/2021.

* Abu Dayer family exodus from fear to death The 17-year-old boy, Kamel Abu Dayer, did not realize that his insistence on his father to search for a safer place than their apartment next to the home of the Abu Al-Awf family, against whom the Zionist warplanes committed an imminent massacre, would make his father on the list of martyrs of the ongoing aggression. Kamel is the only son of his parents, who decided to leave their apartment in Al-Da’our Tower in the middle of Al-Wahda Street, adjacent to the residential square that was destroyed by the Zionist warplanes and killed more than 44 people, including children, women and the elderly, to his uncle’s house near the headquarters of the Ministry of Health, and adjacent to the headquarters of the Qatari Red Crescent.

Which is more than 200 meters from their place of residence.

Escape to death Kamel and his parents believed that their uncle's house was safer after the massacre, but they did not realize that the bombing and death was waiting for his father in his uncle's house.

The Qur’an is waiting for the call to prayer of Maghrib as he fasts the six days of Shawwal, when he met his Lord fasting.

At the moment when Kamel’s cousins were about to eat the first bite of their lunch, the Zionist fighters targeted the building adjacent to their house with a number of heavy war missiles, which led to the destruction of a large part of the building, as a result of which a large part of it fell on his uncle’s house, who were absent from the scene due to the heavy dust that Caused by the bombing and destruction.

Kamel did not realize who was martyred or injured from his uncle’s house, until ambulances and relief vehicles came to take them all to the hospital, only to discover later that his father had risen to his Lord as a martyr while he was fasting at the moment of his recitation of the Qur’an, while in the same bombing, his cousin, the innocent child Rafif Abu Dayer ( 11 years old) - Gaza - Palestinian Information Center = Wednesday 19/May/2021.

The beach massacre Seven civilians, most of them children, were killed in Zionist shelling of a house over the heads of its residents in Al-Shati refugee camp, west of Gaza City.

Sources said that the occupation warplanes targeted a house belonging to the Abu Hatab family in the neighborhood, without any prior warning, which led to the death of seven martyrs and more than twenty injuries as a result of targeting 5-15-2021.

In addition to all these massacres, tales and stories, there is another countless number of possible previous and subsequent massacres.

When such confessions and documents are collected, they are added to a long list of testimonies and documents, including the testimonies of other officers in the Israeli army in interviews with them, who revealed Regarding the massacres carried out against Egyptian soldiers in 1956 and 1967, it remains practical only for international justice (which has been absent until today) and the effective International Criminal Court to move on fronts other than the Israeli front...!.

Between the alleged massacre of Bucha and the Zionist massacres in Palestine there is a distance of time that is more than seventy-four years of massacres.

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