The awakening of NATO and the Western world to human rights

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Afrasianet - Shafeeq Obeidat - It is strange, the awakening of NATO and the Western world, which condemns Russia for violating human rights after its entry into Ukraine with the aim of protecting its rights, as officials say in Russia ... and because I am against wars wherever and whenever they occur, and I am in favor of solving problems and crises by peaceful means in any conflict that occurs in the world , because wars bring disasters to humanity and humans , resulting in dead and wounded people and the destruction of infrastructure in countries exposed to war .

As an observer, in my capacity as a professional journalist, I listened to a huge flow of information about what is happening in Ukraine, and that the Western world and NATO woke up from their deep sleep that human beings have rights on the globe, and we Arabs were surprised by this awakening of the colonial countries that wreaked havoc in our Arab region and practiced all kinds of oppression and abuse Citizens in the Arab countries that they colonized for decades.

There has never been such an awakening for NATO and the colonial countries of the West when Israel occupied the land of Palestine from 1948 until this day, and the Palestinian people are subjected to all kinds of oppression and abuse by the gangs of the Zionist entity, which is wreaking havoc on the Palestinian land, stealing Palestinian land and water, killing, displacing and arresting thousands of Palestinians who defend About their land, their civilization and their history, which confirms that they are the owners of the land and that this Zionist occupier is an intruder on this Palestinian homeland,... and that these Zionist practices are increasing day by day by demolishing Palestinian homes on the heads of their owners, especially in the neighborhoods of Jerusalem and in particular its oppressive and colonial practices in the area Sheikh Jarrah, despite the fact that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan sent documents to this enemy confirming that the residents of Sheikh Jarrah are the owners of the land and the settlers flock attack the residents of this neighborhood daily, day and night.

Where were the advocates of human rights defenders from the practices of this enemy, which rejected and turned its back on the Security Council and United Nations resolutions that emphasized that Israel must withdraw from the occupied territories in 1967 and clearly and especially Resolution No. 242 that those in NATO and Western countries did not hear an opposing voice Among them is the Zionist enemy who committed the most heinous practices against a defenseless people who defend their land and homeland.

And where were the advocates of defenders these days, and accused the awakening after Russia defended its rights in Ukraine, and in the past they were in a deep sleep for tens of years when NATO and America invaded and occupied Iraq in (2003) and we did not hear a word from them defending Iraqi human rights Who lost about a million and a half citizens who were killed by NATO and America, and they practiced all kinds of oppression and abuse of this people and elaborated a new constitution for the Iraqi state, which was supervised by the American (Paul Brammer), who was ruling Iraq during the period of the American occupation of Iraq.

Where were the advocates of human rights defenders when NATO, America and some other countries brought terrorists into Syria from about (81) countries, to destroy the Syrian state, and they wreaked corruption, killing and destruction that caused the death of thousands of Syrians and displaced and displaced millions of the Syrian people to the corners of the earth.. and still America occupies areas in northeastern Syria so far.

Where were the advocates of human rights defenders when other Arab countries were destroyed, including Libya, and the situation in Libya is still unsafe because of the battles taking place between the Libyan army and terrorist mercenaries, and it is no secret to anyone in our world that for the West and America, the Arab person is allowed to be killed and bloodshed Displacement and usurpation of his land does not apply to him the human rights legislated by the United Nations and approved by the Security Council because the West and America use double standards and refuse to implement human rights in our Arab region.

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