The Russian-Ukrainian War: Causes, motives, and outcomes..!

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Afrasianet - by Dr. Abdul Rahim Jamous - Is wrong who thinks that wars throughout history are absurd wars, any war that may take place, occur, or will occur, must have and behind it causes, motives, and ends, and have specific goals, as it must result in the formulation of new situations and specific results, the effects of which may not be limited necessarily on its immediate parties only, but it may affect many other parties. Wars vary with the diversity of their goals and purposes for which they are waged.

There are defensive and aggressive wars. Wars are usually fought in order to protect and achieve national and national interests, or to extend hegemony, control and influence, and the struggle for power between groups, groups and states, and take different and multiple forms and images.

In order to find out the causes, motives, goals and outcomes of the war in Ukraine today, we must go back to the twentieth century and the two devastating world wars that the world witnessed in it, and the resulting geographic changes and political agreements, alliances, centers of power, poles, systems, rules, laws and international organizations .!

The First World War from 1914 to 1918 was motivated by colonial expansion between the various parties and the struggle for power, domination and influence, both inside and outside Europe in Africa and Asia, which resulted in the defeat of Germany and the Ottoman Empire, and the signing of peace agreements between the parties where the victors imposed their conditions Humiliating and unfair to the defeated parties..

This resulted in the division of spheres of influence and the sharing of the Ottoman Empire’s territories among the victorious countries.

It resulted in the League of Nations system that perpetuated the hegemony of its victors. What led and paved the way for the emergence of the Nazi and fascist movement, as a logical result of the harsh conditions imposed on the defeated parties, and the deep wound to the national authority of those countries, especially Germany and Italy.

And the emergence of the Nazi and fascist movements in them as a reaction to the deep wound that afflicted them in their national and national authority, as a result of those agreements that did not take into account their national and national interests and feelings.

The result of which was the defeat of Nazism and fascism, and the victory of the Soviet Union and the democratic capitalist western world led by the United States. One of the most important results of this Second World War was the establishment of the United Nations that exists today as an expression of a new international order after World War II, in order to achieve security, peace and international cooperation Among its members, it achieves and protects the interests of the victors of World War II.

One of the most important results of World War II was the division of the world into two camps, eastern and western..

The first was under the auspices and leadership of the Soviet Union and the second was a western capitalist sponsored and led by the United States of America.

The world became under bipolarity, resulting in military, political and economic alliances that took an ideological character, most notably the alliance And anchored under the leadership of the Soviet Union and NATO led by the United States, the two allies entered into an unlimited arms race and a cold war between the two parties or the two poles, and this did not prevent the occurrence of limited military conflicts by agents, and this situation also enabled the fueling of wars of national liberation in Asia and Africa and work to The liquidation of Western military colonialism and the national liberation movements received the support of the eastern camp in the face of Western colonial countries...

It was expected and had to end the policy of military and economic alliances after the break-up of the socialist eastern bloc and the transformation of its countries, including the Russian Federation towards a market economy, its entry into the World Trade Organization, the decline of Marxist ideology, the disappearance of justifications for conflict and the Cold War that lasted nearly forty-five years, to lead To disband NATO as well.

But what happened after that is the continuation and expansion of NATO, including a number of Eastern European countries that were members of the dissolved Warsaw Pact, and those countries became members of the Organization of the European Common Market, and the collapse of the Soviet Union was also accompanied by the collapse and disintegration of the Yugoslav Union, And turning it into mini-states revolving in the orbit of the United States of America. Accordingly,

Western capitalism and its liberal, individualistic philosophical doctrine, led by the United States, have won a crushing victory over the eastern camp and its socialist, Marxist and communist ideology, and the world is facing a new international system characterized by American unipolarity.

The American unilateralist showed tyranny and brutality in waging many political, economic and military wars during the past three decades without deterrence, without restrictions and without respect for the simplest rules of international law, and continued to tighten the noose around the Russian Federation and besiege it, in a way that threatens its security and future, after losing its role, its allies and its geopolitical field. .. Which inflicted severe damage on him and a deep wound that touched his national authority.

Rather, it threatens and pressures towards the dismantling of the Russian Federation itself into a number of independent countries and entities to confirm its end as a superpower, in order for the United States to guarantee its dominance over the world throughout the twenty-first century, as was drawn by the planners of America’s strategy, led by President Nixon in his book Victory Without War for the Twenty-first Century. , as well as the neo-liberal theorists from Fukuyama and others, and to reach the stage of the dominant mega-imperialism led by the United States without a rival or competitor..!

The Russian leadership has realized the total number of challenges that the United States is now facing and imposing upon it, which has exaggerated its political, economic and military challenge to Russia, and to the whole world, including even to its traditional allies in Europe and to our Arab world, which sought to ignite internal and inter-war wars in it, and worked to weaken its states and entities, striking and destroying Its national fabric through the escalation of the forces of terrorism and Islamic forces that crumbled in its backs, and worked to bring about major changes in the balance of power in it in favor of the Zionist entity and its integration and domination over it.

In the face of the security, military and economic challenges imposed by the aforementioned variables, the Russian Federation worked to rebuild its economy, and reorganize its security and military institutions in order to protect its interests and ensure its security in the face of the challenge of NATO and its allies..

It worked to restore its vital geopolitical and historical field, and also worked to establish A network of international, economic, and security relations to curb the intransigence and extremism of the United States of America.

Ukraine's quest to join NATO and its accession to the Western capitalist system militarily, security and economically represented the most prominent and most dangerous challenge to the Russian Federation. Ukraine is a direct security, military and economic threat to the Russian Federation, targeting Russia and its role as a superpower, and a parallel pole to the United States at the international level.

The Ukrainian leadership has committed a folly and a grave mistake in its political calculations and its new Western alliances... and its aspirations to be a member of NATO, without an accurate account of the natural reaction to that from the Russian Federation, because this represents a blatant security and military challenge to it, which cannot be tolerated. Especially since Putin’s Russia today is not the Russia of Yeltsin or Gorbachev in the former era..., after it was able to build itself militarily and economically, just as America and NATO are unable to provide it with sufficient guarantee to follow such an approach and openly challenge Putin’s Russia..!

For all these combined reasons, the Ukrainian leadership exposed its country to this intervention and to this war by Russia..!

It would have been more useful for the Ukrainian leadership to maintain a distinguished relationship with the Russian Federation and its good neighborliness, through which it guarantees the preservation of its unity, security, independence and sovereignty ... instead of deceiving it and turning its country into a battlefield and war between its sister Russia and the mega-imperialist powers represented by the capitalist West led by the United States American..!

Russia, through its carefully calculated and calculated behavior, presents a clear message to NATO and the United States that it will not allow it to continue its contempt and threat to its security and unity, particularly in its geo-strategic sphere, and that it is able to protect its security and deter any threat that threatens it and threatens its unity and security, and that it will not tolerate this under any circumstances. credit..!

Through this direct intervention and this war, Russia confirms that it is a major player in international politics on an equal footing with the United States, and that it is not a third world country controlled by America or others, and thus Russia puts an end to this policy of the American century and NATO, which has profaned many countries and worked On spreading wars during the past three decades from Yugoslavia to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and the Horn of Africa...etc.

Putin's Russia today is an equal pole with America and NATO in shaping international policies.

The Russian message has reached all countries of the world, and no one wants to continue or expand the war, because everyone in it will be defeated and cannot bear its costs and results. Diplomatic action and negotiations must lead to an end to the state of war and the state of crisis that affects all countries without exception. !

Resorting to the policy of imposing sanctions against Russia will not succeed in ending the state of crisis and will not address the Ukrainian crisis. Rather, it will complicate the crisis and lead to more provocation that would threaten international peace and security as a whole.

The world must end this state of crisis by removing the causes that led to it, and this is in the hands of the Ukrainian leadership and in the hands of NATO and the West, which deceived it, led by the United States of America.

The United States must acknowledge that it is no longer the only pole in the world, and it must recognize the return of bipolarity, without flooding the world with destructive wars, and that everyone should respect everyone’s interests, and work to strengthen and activate international legitimacy and respect for human rights anywhere, and respect for international law And activating its rules in the face of everyone on the basis of justice and equality, and refraining from the policy of double standards, and not activating international law on the basis of temperament and interest that is farthest from achieving the purpose of justice and ensuring security and peace for all, for all means for all, and solving all existing and chronic issues, foremost of which is the issue Palestine to ensure the achievement of international peace and security for all countries and peoples.

Dr.. Abdul Rahim Jamous
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