Latin America in the face of "Nazi Israel". Al-Aqsa Flood as a Global Reform Movement

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Afrasiant - In theory, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva did not come up with anything new in comparing the practices of the occupation entity to Nazism, as the analogy has existed and circulated strongly in the Arab narrative since the establishment of the entity, but what is new and dangerous is in the identity of the party that launched it, as this detail has an impact that goes beyond Palestine to the whole world.. This is only one of the many blessings of the "Al-Aqsa Flood" epic.

 Voices of opposition to the occupation entity's genocide against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have spread to the map of the whole world, but the blatant positions of Brazilian President Lula da Silva in recent days have gone beyond being a mere stop in the context of protesting a crime that can no longer be tolerated, to the extent that it may be considered "the beginning of world reform".

It is a snowball that began to grow with the first statement of Lula da Silva, and the Israeli reaction to him as persona non grata, and then Brazil withdrew its ambassador to the occupation entity, and summoned the ambassador of the occupation to reprimand him, leading to the solidarity of the former President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, with him, stressing that this Israeli classification is "an advantage because it comes from a genocidal government that slaughters children", and represented by Cuban President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, who said that Lula da Silva "will always be in The right side of history."

The latest episode in this process was  the recent statement by Lula da Silva, who stressed that his position was not the result of a passing personal emotion, as he reaffirmed that what the occupation is doing in Gaza is not war, but genocide.

These positions, and others, can be placed within the framework of the awakening of the real global left from Latin America, an awakening that began years ago and continued through the ballot boxes that showed the successive exit of Latin countries from the American orbit, but this does not eliminate the great role of the epic "flood of Al-Aqsa".

So how does the "Al-Aqsa Flood" saga contribute to shaping the new global landscape? What role does it have in turning the "Nazism" of the occupation into an axiom that almost everyone can see, after it was a definite reason for accusations of anti-Semitism?

The moral fall of the West.. from the blessings of the "Al-Aqsa flood"

One of the most prominent pretexts used by the West to impose Israel as its forward base in our country is its intention to gather Jews into a "national home" that protects them from "persecution." This humanitarian argument was the first thing that the "Al-Aqsa flood" overturned, with persecution turning into a daily behavior practiced by the occupation without gloves this time.

For the first time, after the seventh of October 2023, the occupation was forced to choose between achieving a field achievement and hiding its criminality as much as possible, and with its first choice, the similarities with Nazism became too clear for anyone to ignore.

Since the beginning of the aggression, the number of martyrs in the Gaza Strip has approached thirty thousand, in addition to nearly seventy thousand wounded. The occupation targeted homes on the heads of their civilian inhabitants, schools, places of worship, hospitals, ambulance crews, civil defense, journalists and those gathered waiting for relief aid convoys, andused weapons that dissolve the skin, and detained the bodies of martyrs to steal organs from them, and did not leave a type of crime that can be attributed to the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler or others, unless he committed it.   

In the context of its campaign against Nazism during World War II, the West used Hitler's criminal practices and expansionist policies in order to turn public opinion against it, while political and economic interests were and still are the rulers in the behavior and policies of the West. Today, as Israel persists in its open criminality, the West must withdraw the rhetoric of criminalizing Nazism from circulation in order to avoid embarrassment, had it not been for the acceleration of Israel's acceleration of its open criminality. The events and their great impact did not leave the West, which took off its mask, an opportunity to think about embarrassment and work on its image.

If the Zionist and Nazi ideologies come from the same source and are similar in terms of their intellectual essence and criminal methods, Zionism can be considered one of the most dangerous in the world today, because it is linked beyond a nationality confined to a narrow geographical space compared to the area of the world.

In this sense, the rise of far-right ideology in more than one place around the world, including Ukraine, for example, was not far from the success of the Israeli model in surviving and continuing, albeit with open Western and American support, and with the shaking of the most prominent model and approaching its final fall, the neo-Nazis shake with it where they existed, and the appetite of their enemies to pounce on them increases, which can be clearly read in the course of events on the Russian-Ukrainian front.

Cultural confrontation. Beyond history and geography

Laith Maarouf, a Palestinian-Canadian researcher, media law specialist, and activist in the field of confronting Western racist cultures, who was recently accused by the Canadian authorities of being "anti-Semitic" for declaring solidarity with Palestine and rejecting the Israeli occupation, stressed that studying the historical and cultural context of the current battle not only reveals the reasons for Western racist policies against Palestinians, but also shows the magnitude of the Palestinian achievement after Operation "Al-Aqsa Flood" and the magnitude of the loss suffered by the West, not only Israel.".

Maarouf believes that Zionism exists in the European with or without the presence of the Zionist Jew, as a European he not only wants to take our land Palestine, but to control this region, which is the cradle of civilizations that he now claims to be the heir, and in this sense the identity of the West is currently threatened, and the existence of Israel is threatened, as well as the American empire its existence is threatened by the liberation of Palestine.

This approach gives the battle dimensions beyond its narrow geographical dimensions, and makes it closer to a cultural and civilizational conflict between the "neo-Nazis" with their various formations, and those who reject Nazism as an idea, in fact rather than with slogans, regardless of the name that can be called in a specific place or time.

Towards a world free of Nazism. Optimism Project

If it is logical optimism to consider  the "Al-Aqsa flood" as the beginning of the battle to liberate Palestine, there is a more optimistic assessment that in turn does not contradict logic and realism, going to the extent of considering it the beginning of the battle to reform the entire world, beyond the geographical dimension of the conflict between the occupation entity and the people of the land, and that the defeat of the occupation in this battle, which has become a fait accompli, will have the role of killing any similar racist project now and in the future, after alerting the liberation forces around the world and making them more alert to what is happening. around.

The importance of Latin positions as a starting point for this transformation is that they come from outside the circle of countries of the Arab and Islamic world concerned with the Palestinian cause for national and ideological reasons, which gives this conflict a broader human dimension, and makes hope for a world free of Nazism - in its broadest sense - more realistic.

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