Gaza war. Drawing a new global history

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Afrasianet - Jamil Yousef Al , Shaboul - The  sit-ins in the United States of America, the capitals of European countries, Canada and Australia condemning the positions of their countries regarding the crimes against humans, animals, trees and stones, the brutal bombing of Gaza children in the world, and the media broadcast pictures of the remains of Gaza's children and women and their pursuit even inside the incubators of prematurity establishes a new world led by people of conscience who believe in human humanity and that there is no place in this world for liars and criminals.

The American citizen can no longer tolerate these shameful statements made by the United States of America, the latest of which was what was issued by President Biden that "Israel has the right to defend itself and it must do so in a way that minimizes civilian casualties" and this statement was on the 39th day of the war and 11,000 martyrs and about 40,000 between martyrs and wounded, as if the conscience of the president does not move until after more than this huge number of martyrs and destruction that came. On half of the buildings of the Gaza Strip .

As for the statement of the 40th day of the war, it was regarding the Shifa Hospital and the presence of tunnels inside this hospital, and this American statement was a green light for the Zionist enemy forces to storm it, and this is what actually happened and ugly face America and Israel in front of their peoples and in front of the whole world.

On the first day of the war, the American president adopted a narrative presented to him by Netanyahu to Jewish children whose heads were cut off by Hamas, and it seemed that the president was affected by this scene, only to discover that he was deceived and that these pictures were not real, but rather a picture of a dog treated by an electronic design system, but the president, who monitors daily what is happening to the children of Gaza from killing, cutting limbs and cutting off electricity from the incubators of premature babies without batting an eyelid or elevating his feelings towards the dog that turned into Jewish Children's Group.

There is a new world taking shape led by people of conscience, honest thought leaders around the world, led by American, European and Jewish intellectuals, and there is a popular and official Western shift in attitudes after the image became clear in front of them and the world and the distortion that has been done to them over the past seventy years.

There is an Arab intellectual rise that began to make its way in isolation from the Arab regime, which chose dependency on the one hand and resistance to any free thought born within society on the other hand, through tampering with curricula and mosques, depriving the world of ascending the pulpit and ascending another shackled with words delivered and lost in the area separating the mouth of the mulki and the ear of the recipient.

If the leaders of the Arab and Islamic regimes do not realize the external and internal transformations taking place around them and what they are doing to their people, the consequences will be dire for them and for the Arab and Islamic nations.

The door of Gaza is open, either entering history through the door of supporting the children of Gaza, caring for them and snatching their rights from the claws of a criminal enemy, or waiting at the threshold of those who are good at eating meat and leaving bones, and many examples and pens refuse to write names.

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