Europe that failed to solve the Ukrainian problem

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Afrasianet - The United States brought Europe into the cage of hostility to Russia, and this was a victory for it, and if there were great leaders in Europe who were not like the British Johnson and the French Macron, they would not have made that mistake.

The interest of NATO, that is, the interest of the United States, is to be on the Russian border.

It is a war project from the start that contradicts Europe's interest in peace. Stupidly and with a tormented sense of dependency, Europe failed to prevent the Ukrainian catastrophe from occurring.

That failure was planned. Europe rushed in such a way that it could not avoid falling into the American trap. With falling into that trap, failure was inevitable. But wouldn't Europe have followed another way to deal with the Ukrainian issue that would prevent the catastrophe and end the misunderstanding in a positive way?

Perhaps the Europeans believed that the American method of putting pressure on Russia would spare Ukraine from Russian punishment.

And when they were shocked that this was not true, they bowed their heads and cut off contact with Russia.

They did not deal with the Ukrainian issue as part of European security, and there is no threat to the United States of its repercussions.

The United States has put the whole of Europe in the cage of hostility to Russia.

It was a victory for her, not over Russia, but over Europe.

If there were great leaders in Europe who were not like the British Boris Johnson and the French Emmanuel Macron, they would not have made that mistake and would have distinguished between NATO’s interests in defensive power and its interests in peace and common life, which does not exclude Russia from its benefits.

Russia is the direct European neighbor, with which understanding and coexistence requires a lot of convergence of views regarding European security.

Because the United States is geographically far from the repercussions of the Ukrainian disaster, the Europeans should have put a distance between their decision and the American decision.

But everything happened as if Europe was hypnotized and down a path of no will.

It is the path that the United States created to restore the days of the Cold War, which everyone thought there would be no return to it after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the liberation of Eastern European countries from communism.

Indeed, a number of those countries moved to the American orbit through their affiliation to NATO and before that to Europe through their affiliation to the European Union.

The Cold War was not Russia's choice, but Russia chose to deal prudently and cautiously with the American idea of singling out the world, based on the principle of unipolarity that is superior to others, in order to devote the theory of victory over them.

Europe has contributed to the complication of the Ukrainian issue, but today it finds itself facing the entitlements of the disaster while the United States stands by while watching the scene from afar.

If we have to go back to the recent past, we can say that the American side won the Cold War without firing a single shot, but Russia was not the losing party. Russia did not inherit all the problems of the Soviet Union.

She cared about her and did not want to be closed in on herself, so she was more qualified than others to belong to the European Union, and if that happened, Europe would have another matter.

So the United States violently entered the Ukrainian question and incited the Ukrainian leader to continue his teenage riot.

This was the unfortunate event, the dimensions of which Europe did not realize.

As I see it, Europe fell into a coma when it succumbed to the Americans' treatment of the Ukrainian question.

Had it not been so, the war would not have occurred, and Europe would have been the moderate party seeking to defuse the crisis.

When the war occurred, Europe was the first to lose.

The United States has lost nothing. The war changed everything in Europe.

The Europeans did not believe that war could take place within their own continent.

They are accustomed to the war taking place in a remote place that they recognize by its ruin.

As for the destruction of a European country, this is an event that brings them back to the war that has been closed.

The Europeans discovered that their fate is being manipulated by the Ukrainian crisis, which is a European crisis, although the United States has taken it as a reason for war against Russia.

Europe did not need that war.

It is a war that it does not serve as much as it serves the United States as it seeks to return to the climates of the Cold War.

These are climates that Europe has liberated and forgotten.

Europe has contributed to the complication of the Ukrainian issue, but today it finds itself facing the entitlements of the catastrophe, while the United States stands by while watching the scene from afar.

It is not important what is happening in Europe.

Rather, it is important to put Russia in the place that the Soviet Union was occupying as an enemy.

Sacrificing the people of Ukraine would be a way to reach that goal.

Europe, which erred in resolving the Ukrainian crisis, betrayed itself when it placed its security in the US military operations room.

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