The European political mind as a teenager

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Afrasianet - Europe promised Ukraine that it would give it a month and a half billion dollars to help it face the costs of the war. If that war had not occurred, would Europe have offered that huge sum to a country that did not pose a threat to Russia to help it face the costs of peace?

The Europeans paid attention to Ukraine when its president, Volodymyr Zelensky, provoked Russia and threatened it with NATO missiles. In the past, Ukrainians were not welcome on the territory of the European Union.

The day they turned into refugees, they became light-hearted, and Europe opened its treasuries to a country devastated by a war, which could have been avoided if it had exerted a little effort in playing the role of mediator.

The European problem is not admitting failure. Taxpayer money has always been raised against immigrants. And that's a big lie. European money is pouring in in order to cover up a lie. The world cried for Ukraine.

They are begging for money on the streets for Ukraine. Banks are asking their customers to donate for Ukraine. All this in order not to be recognized that the populist political mind that rules Europe failed to solve a problem that the United States wanted not to be solved.

Europe has abandoned its interests in favor of a distant third party that will not be harmed by the war, the United States. Unfortunately, the European political mind did not wake up to the shock of the absurd war Because Ukraine is located in the center of Europe, Europe cannot turn its back on it.

And because the Europeans bowed in an unprecedented way before the American decision, they had to wait for the next solution from the White House.

Which means that Europe is now unable to solve its problems.

This is an unfortunate situation for the people of the eurozone who no longer trust their currency. As for whether Ukraine trusts Europe or not, this is a question that may not be important in return for what Zelensky was waiting for from a global war that would wipe Russia off the map.

The man is still humorous and a constant presence in the Ukrainian kitchen for housewives.

The Ukrainian suffering will only be part of that daily amusement that the president will make sure to continue in light of European media disinformation, through which the Americans laugh at the world and Europe itself, whose weaknesses have been revealed by the experience.

It is said that Putin got involved in a war, from which he does not know how to get out. This is evidence of political adolescence and lack of military knowledge.

This could be true, even if the data confirm that Putin did not resort to the option of war unless he was forced to. Europe has withdrawn from the table as a neutral mediator who has an interest in not having a war on its soil.

Europe has abandoned its interests to a distant third party that will not be harmed by the war, the United States.

Unfortunately, the European political mind did not wake up to the shock of the absurd war that damaged the economy of the vital and creative part of the world and made major countries such as Britain, France and Germany choose their populations between bread and cold next winter because of the energy and grain crises and the accompanying inflation that Europe has never witnessed decades ago.

This means that Europe misunderstood its needs and played absurdly in a region that should have been careful to play with its elements. Russia, which is not now communist, is closer than the United States to Europe. Russia is, in fact, a European country with a historical peculiarity.

Therefore, Russia's containment of Europe was much better than dragging it into a new Cold War, which would be a new American electronic game.

As for continuing to pump money into Ukraine in order to mobilize it militarily without thinking about opening the doors of dialogue with the two parties, Russia and Ukraine, to reach a just end to this absurd war, it is pure madness.

It is crazy Europe that is floundering in its crises without its shallow political mind helping it that the solution lies in political disengagement from the United States.

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