The largest increase in Coronavirus cases in the world was recorded since January 17th

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Afrasianet -  The World Health Organization announced, yesterday, Saturday, that it has recorded more than 662,000 new cases of the Coronavirus, which causes the "Covid-19" infection in the world, which represents the highest level for this indicator since January 17, 2021.

And the World Health Organization stated, in a new statistic, that it had recorded 662,690 cases of Coronavirus during the past 24 hours, compared to 659,917 in Friday's data, bringing the general outcome to the level of 129902402 cases.

The organization also stated that it detected 11,306 new deaths from the disease, compared with 11,626 Friday, while the number of pandemic victims worldwide reached 28,318,815.

The largest share of injuries comes from Europe, which recorded 251,110 cases, and the Americas region ranks second with 241084 injuries, while 101,977 cases were monitored in Southeast Asia.


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