The West and Double Standards

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Afrasianet - How can Washington condemn Russia's special military operation in Ukraine when it funds Israel's military machine?

How can human rights in Iran and China be criticized and ignored the rights of the Palestinian people?

With these words, US Senator Bernie Sanders addresses his government and the House of Congress, which does not pay attention to these words and they are lost in the echo of lies and slander against peoples by claiming that America is the guardian and guardian of human rights.

How can we explain the Western duality in the official discourse between the duality of triumphing for human values of freedom, justice and equality, obeying the narrative of the Zionist occupation, for example, and rejecting charges related to genocide, as Germany did? Does the West really fear that the image of the occupation as a war criminal will unfold, or does it fear the repercussions of this image in the collective imagination of humanity, so that the oasis of democracy and scientific progress in the backward East will return to its reality as a criminal Zionist project? And a functional tool in the region?

How can we condemn Russia, which is confronting the Atlantic conspiracy and defending its national security while the Atlantic West is pumping money and weapons into Ukraine, which is mired in corruption and represented through its stupidity of the Western system in all its manifestations?

Although  the battle of public opinion, even in Western countries, has been decided in favor of the Palestinian resistance, or almost... The fall of the Israeli narrative and the exposure of the nakedness of Western media discourse one week after the battle of the Al-Aqsa flood, which came as a logical result of the development of popular and official media tools of the axis of resistance, and in response to the state of visual dumping practiced by activists throughout the geography of social media, which documented with audio and video the targeting of civilians and the destruction of infrastructure, United Nations facilities, hospitals and schools.

The demonstrated ability to showcase, reproduce and intensify the images of genocide shocked Western public opinion, but on the other hand, the image of the resistance in civilian clothes and its ability to withstand and achieve military achievements was an additional and decisive factor in stabilizing the image of the historical struggles of the owners of the land, and helped to evoke the Palestinian cause at the level of Western public opinion after decades of abandonment and absence, and paved the way for the rise of many structural contradictions in Western human discourse, both at the level of questioning the reasons The exceptionality of the occupation entity historically or through the magnitude of hypocrisy, hypocrisy and duality in the media and political discourses.

The most pressing question in Western public opinion has become: How can we understand what the Palestinian resistance has done outside the context of the Zionist narrative, and outside the ready-made templates of the Western media?

The official West, which has mastered the production of an international order of its size and says that it has surrounded it with international laws and human values, felt for the first time that all these functional tools of control, superiority and hegemony fell by the final blow, after it was revealed from the inability of its political leaders to market Israeli war crimes, and that the magnitude of the pain in the throes of extracting freedom in Palestine may push more Europeans to split the stick of obedience, disputed by some humanitarian carriers... And a lot of existential concern for the ideas of European liberalism and respect for freedom and the rule of law, and therefore it was necessary to restructure Western political discourse and temporarily submit to changes in public opinion, but with thoughtful hypocrisy that does not exceed the quality of media words?

So, does the official West stand forced outside its moral determinants, which it has always paid lip service to, to defend an existence that is in the wind and fear the manifestation of the reverse migration of dual nationals in the occupation entity, or to restore some of the validity of its corrupt product announced on May 14, 1948, and as a preemptive step for further changes of public opinion, or is humanity in the tradition of this West subject to dual superiority, a term that d

oes not go beyond the borders of the old continent?

A few days ago, Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie paid a two-day visit to Ukraine, during which she discussed with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about forming an international anti-Russian coalition, aimed at forcing it to return Ukrainian children abducted in violation of public international law, according to the Canadian official.  

The ICC prosecutor has previously issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin on charges of kidnapping Ukrainian children from their families and attaching them to Russian families in Russia for adoption, a charge that  is baseless and categorically rejected by Moscow.

If the objectives of this new campaign by the West are only aimed at demonizing Russia in front of international public opinion and portraying it as a war criminal, at the same time it reveals the hypocrisy of the West and the double standards in dealing with the humanitarian issues of the Islamic and Arab world, especially in the face of the systematic killing of children in the Gaza Strip by the Zionist criminal "army", despite the fact that public international law and other laws such as international humanitarian law criminalize these atrocities.

The rules and branches of public international law, like any other law, are general and abstract, and cannot be contravened and must be complied with and acted upon, in the sense that they apply to all without distinction as to race, colour, sex or religion.

In this regard, international humanitarian law has devoted many provisions related to the protection of children during armed conflict, under which they are guaranteed many rights as non-participants in hostilities, through the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, especially in its articles 24, 32, 77 and 137, as well as for the two Additional Protocols of 1977, without forgetting UN Resolution 1882, adopted unanimously by the UN Security Council in 2009.

However, the West insists on flouting and ignoring these international conventions, identifying with the Zionist crimes against Palestinian children and adopting the Israeli occupation narrative by denying the violations committed by the latter, and often blessing them under the pretext of self-defense, despite the receipt of many international reports such as the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, which pointed out that the occupation soldiers kidnapped Palestinian children from hospitals in the Gaza Strip, and forcibly transferred them to the Zionist entity by claiming that they are prisoners detained by the resistance. Palestinians, perhaps in a desperate attempt to trade them for their prisoners held by Hamas, not to mention the killing of premature babies in hospitals that are considered civilian objects and therefore prohibited under international humanitarian law, crimes punishable under international criminal law.

As for the number of Palestinian children who have been martyred by the Israeli occupation forces since the outbreak of the blessed Al-Aqsa flood on October 7, it has reached 11,500 martyrs between the ages of less than one and 17, according to an article published in the Zionist newspaper Haaretz by Israeli writer Gideon Levy. 

The most pressing question is why the International Criminal Court did not obtain a decision to arrest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and all those who participated in these crimes against Gazan children?

The Western world, which has always raised its slogans related to universal human values, justice, human rights, freedom and equality, has accustomed us that it itself violates them, and employs them in a way that serves its interests only, and looks at them from two different perspectives whenever it comes to the crimes of the Zionist entity, and this indicates the degree of moral and humanitarian decadence that it has reached in dealing with the issues of the Islamic and Arab world, and we remember how the world watched the statements of its officials and media about Ukrainian refugees after the outbreak of the Russian military operation in Ukraine compared to their predecessors from Syrian and Iraqi refugees. In an approach that reflects abhorrent racism and hypocrisy that makes the white race superior to the rest of the other races.

No matter how much the West tries to cover up Zionist crimes and protect their perpetrators from international accountability, history will remain a curse and witness to the hypocrisy of the West and the atrocities of the Zionists against Palestinian children.

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