Blinken : The interests of the Zionist entity first!

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Afrasianet - US Secretary of State Antony Blinken did not come on his fourth visit to the region to discuss with its leaders and ministers what should be done to stop the ongoing war of extermination that the Zionist-American alliance has been waging against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip for more than three months, and whose number of Palestinian civilian casualties increased between the minister's third visit two months ago and this visit; from 30,000 dead and wounded to about 100,000 dead and wounded, mostly women and children, in which the Gaza Strip has turned. into a mass of destruction, unfit for life, smelling of the dead, pain and suffering, nestling in the ghosts of terror and the fantasies of the murdered.

Blinken did not come to announce to the displaced Palestinians haunted by the war of genocide from house to house, street to street, shelter to

shelter, that the US administration would end this genocide and declare a ceasefire.

Blinken came once again to retell lies, to remind the countries of the region of the Jewish blood shed by the Palestinian resistance in the "Al-Aqsa Flood", and to announce once again that the genocidal war will continue in the Gaza Strip until it achieves its goals.

Blinken came strutting over the ropes of death that envelop the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip to retell lies, to remind the countries of the region of the (holy) Jewish blood shed by the Palestinian resistance in the "Al-Aqsa flood" on the seventh of last October, and to declare once again, against everyone's will, that the war of genocide continues until it achieves its goals, both visible and inward.

I don't know where Secretary Blinken is coming! It represents the State directly responsible for this humanitarian catastrophe, which sleeps and wakes up daily to the corpses of its dead, its body parts, its screams and its howlings, and it represents the State that claims to lead the world, protect humanitarian values, laws and charters, defend the oppressed, the weak and the oppressed, and work to spread peace and promote stability and the development of humanity.

Secretary Blinken comes coldly and dullly, as if he does not see daily the details of the tragedy that hangs over the Gaza Strip, wrapped in arrogance, arrogance, power and might.

I do not know what he is doing in the region after his country flouted all the world's appeals to stop the war, and deafened its ears to hear all the justifications, decisions and legal and humanitarian referrals that were made to convince them to cease fire!

What right comes to talk and negotiate at a time when his state continues its barbaric war with the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, whose crimes have extended to the dead in their graves, without batting an eyelid or satisfying an eye!

It was incumbent upon peoples and civil institutions to come out and shout overwhelmingly at Blinken to express their indignation, denunciation and rejection of the American position in absolute support of the Zionist entity, and to raise their voice loudly in his face demanding an immediate ceasefire, as it makes no sense to talk about humanitarian aid, while the Zionist-American war of genocide continues its crimes against humanity.

The American administration rose up and did not sit down, along with all Western administrations against Russia, which defends its national security in the face of Atlantic aggression, but it did not act, because the  eye of injustice is blind, and its ear is deaf, it only sees and hears what it wants and in the way it wants.  

Secretary Blinken carried with him on his tour only assurances that had been repeated on many occasions and forms, so are there other issues that he came to discuss with regional officials other than those that were announced to the media?

Blinken, who visited the region  from January 4-11 and met with leaders and officials of eight countries (Turkey, Greece, Jordan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the Zionist entity, Egypt, in addition to the West Bank), did not carry with him anything that observers in the region are looking forward to hearing from him, regarding the ceasefire, as the minister carried with him only assurances that have been repeated on many occasions and forms. Announced to the media?

As for the assurances made by Secretary Blinken: the most important of which are the following:

1.    Affirming that the Zionist-American alliance will continue its war of extermination on the Gaza Strip, and refusing to stop it before eliminating Hamas' political authority and military capabilities, and ensuring that it does not pose any threat to the Zionist entity in the future. This means intensifying the battle, diversifying its combat tactics, and fabricating many political and security events that weaken people's rallying around Hamas and the resistance, and contribute to tightening the noose on it.

2.    Emphasizing the rejection of the forced displacement of the residents of the Gaza Strip, because it is a violation of international and humanitarian law, and this assertion is just a political banner to prove the US administration's keenness on international and humanitarian law, which contradicts its emphasis on the continued bombing, destruction, killing and prosecution of civilians to force them to flee towards the border with Egypt, under the banner of voluntary displacement, where the borders will be opened for them, so that donor countries that prepared to receive refugees from the Gaza Strip can receive them.

3.    The emphasis on expanding humanitarian assistance and mitigating civilian casualties makes no sense as the war continues, and they are just other political banners with which the Biden administration is trying to embellish its criminal face.

4.    Finally, the greatest illusion should be emphasized, which is the establishment of a Palestinian civil administration in Gaza that is not governed by Hamas and guarantees the security of the Zionist entity, thus enhancing the possibility of establishing a Palestinian state in the future, which is completely contrary to the reality that the Gaza Strip will be, which has been completely destroyed and emptied of its inhabitants, and has become part of the geography of the Zionist entity.

As for what Blinken is talking about the commitment of the United States that the Gaza Strip is part of the Palestinian territories, the current American administration will not be in place until it is asked about its commitment, and this commitment will be exceeded by imposing the Zionist fait accompli policy, and the door of the United Nations is wide open to those who want to protest this policy, including Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims.

Blinken left the area two days later, not in a hurry, and may return after another two months, as he returned this time, to check on the high rate of achievement of the goals, indifferent to the high rate of deaths and injuries among the residents of the Gaza Strip, who have become homeless, no longer have a homeland to return to and have become just names in the new exile books.

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