America is the source of chaos and terrorism in the world

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Afrasianet - It is ironic that states sponsoring terrorism is a designation given by the US State Department to countries that the ministry claims have "repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism."

The countries on the list are subject to severe unilateral sanctions. As for the tangible reality in front of the world, the United States of America is the largest source of chaos and terrorism in the world.

America is the one who ignites these wars for the sake of control, domination, influence and laying hands on the resources and wealth of the world, as is the case in the existing wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and what preceded it in various parts of the world. For example, but not limited to the countries of Latin America, Panama, Vietnam and others, America is the one that ignited them and worked on kindle it.

In the case, the departure of a president and the advent of a new American president will not change the essence of the conflict. America was historically based on shedding the blood of the indigenous peoples of the continent in the largest massacre known in history, then followed by the Zionist entity, which is still shedding Palestinian blood.

The American and Israeli allies belong to the same school, which has been cultured by crime and terrorism. America is itself the arrogant state that sponsors terrorism in the world, the protector, rather, the sponsor of the Zionist entity, and the criminal against the peoples, which disintegrate our region, destroy their countries and kill their people, and the results of the elections in it and its new president, whoever it is, will not make it a different and different country, and will not change it for us, nor will it change our view of it.

The United States of America will remain in our eyes and in the eyes of the peoples, the murderous, destructive terrorist state, and no one, no matter how hard they try, will be able to shine its ugly image, especially among the peoples of this region.” With arrogance and insolence, according to a CNN report on April 18, the US State Department is looking for all ways to hold Russia accountable for the Ukraine crisis, which may include listing Russia on the list of so-called "state sponsors of terrorism", and taking relevant decisions.

This work shows once again that the United States is adopting double standards and manipulating the definition of "terrorism". Followers of CGTN Arabia said that there is an indisputable fact that America is the source of chaos and terrorism in the world. Quoting some American commentators, they said the countries on the list were "countries the United States does not like." CNBC described the list as "America's diplomatic weapon". In fact, the United States has consistently promoted "anti-terror" around the world according to its own standards, forced the change of other countries' regimes using the so-called "anti-terror", and used the "anti-terror" operation as a tool to eliminate dissidents. Followers of CGTN Arabia said: "The United States does not fight terrorism, but rather it manufactures, protects and spreads it in the countries of the world to control its agendas and uses it as an alternative weapon to control and pressure countries."

From Afghanistan and Iraq, to Ukraine, the United States has defined the scope of terrorism based on its own interest, and the Americans have come for “democracy” and “human rights,” but it has turned the Middle East and other regions in a “sea of blood.” "For the people of Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries, if there was no foreign intervention like the United States, there would be no terrorism," said one CGTN Arabic follower in Iraq.

Military intervention in the name of combating terrorism and a flagrant violation of national sovereignty and territorial integrity will create massive disasters and civilian casualties, and provide fertile ground for the growth and development of terrorists. America is the source of regional chaos When US President Joe Biden visited the Middle East, he said the visit was aimed at strengthening US influence in the region, as he claims to improve relations between Israel and Arab countries.

But everyone knows that the United States is trying to create long-term turmoil in the Middle East by interfering in regional situations, in order to benefit from them. America's pursuit of hegemony brings more wars and chaos in the world The United States of America's pursuit of hegemony and the unilateral international order is conducive to creating chaos and instability around the world, as the United States has repeatedly acted outside the framework of the United Nations Charter.

The United States of America, in its quest to maintain its hegemony over the world, has deliberately created crises and wars, especially in countries that oppose its policies. It has become clear that the United States is adopting a strategy to cause internal divisions and conflicts in the countries that oppose its policies to occupy these countries with their internal affairs and to force them later to accept American dictates, and that “the United States of America’s quest to maintain its hegemony and the form of the unilateral international system will push itself towards creating more crises.”

And the wars are in an effort to drown the emerging countries or those opposed to American policies towards these crises and wars.” The United States has repeatedly acted without observing international laws and the Charter of the United Nations, i.e. “The United States of America does not respect the Charter of the United Nations and does not respect international organizations. It uses these organizations as a means or as a Trojan horse to interfere in the internal affairs of countries and it goes outside the framework of the Charter of the United Nations.” the United States when its interests require it.

Moreover, the US foreign policy is “the most destroyer of the international system.” The United States “talked about rules, mechanisms or models related to human rights and related to combating terrorism and other such bright terms, while we found that it was using these terms to achieve its own interests and the interests of its expansion over the level of the international system, to expand their military bases, or even to interfere in the internal affairs of states.

If US policies remain unrestricted, the world will witness more wars and crises around the world. When there are no controls for such American behavior, this means that wars will break out constantly, and the negative results that come after wars will constantly increase. The United States has been the most violating party to the Charter of the United Nations since the establishment of this international organization.

The United States of America is the country that has the most military intervention, invasions, orchestration of military coups, and interference in the internal affairs of other countries. of the founding principles of the United Nations Charter. As soon as any crisis occurs anywhere in the world, we will find that the first person to give himself the right to intervene is the United States, and the first to set himself up as a custodian of democracy and human rights in the world without being asked to do so and without the support of international legitimacy is also the United States of America. Whenever there is a crisis between two countries, we find that the United States of America is the party that is most quick to send forces, to issue political judgments, or to intervene as a force that favors one party over another according to its own interests.

The United States plays the primary role in destroying the international legal system and disrespecting United Nations resolutions. It spares no means to achieve its interests, even if that is at the expense of the stability and prosperity of other countries. On coercive diplomacy, the American economic arm plays a role in its coercive policy and in its coercive diplomacy no less than the coercive role played by the American fleets and military intervention and the threat of military intervention. The United States uses its economic arm when its military arm is not able to operate freely or does not accept American public opinion For the subject of military intervention in a country very far from its territory.

The general security situation in the Middle East has not been optimistic in recent years, and years of wars have caused economic and humanitarian crises in many Middle Eastern countries. That the United States is the culprit behind the wars and turmoil in the Middle East, and that the United States is also a "war maker" under the banner of so-called "democracy and human rights." Over the past twenty years, the United States has waged war in Afghanistan and Iraq, respectively, displacing millions of refugees and destroying their homes.

In Syria, the United States has openly reinforced opposition forces and supported extremist organizations in an attempt to sabotage the Syrian regime, and the United States is the biggest factor driving chaos in the Middle East. Looking at recent history, it is not difficult to find that behind almost all wars, the United States and the United States stand as a relentless "war maker". The United States has become "addicted to war" and is often crazy and aggressive. Many cases can prove this.

They can brutally kill civilians in order to achieve their goals. If we look at the history of the last decade, we can find that the Americans themselves admitted that they influenced many wars, America could have prevented the war, but they never did. The United States promotes hegemony as Western, and its purpose is to put pressure on other countries."

Under US leadership, eastern Syria and western Iraq today are in ruins of war, and the US has even seized the opportunity to build large-scale military bases there. Not all actions taken by the United States have been approved by the governments of these countries and the United Nations.

The primary goal of the United States is to disrupt and divide regional powers to take advantage of chaos.

America's primary goal is to tear these countries apart, the map has been developed into pieces and redrawn. These small areas can get caught up in border disputes, energy disputes, and so on. So they fight each other. The United States can use these means to impose orders and enforce the rules of American hegemony. US allies can easily control these areas as well. This easiest method of administration is the method used in the United States."

In addition to using military means, the United States will use illegal sanctions, false propaganda and other means to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. The United States had previously proposed the "Greater Middle East Plan" in an attempt to interfere in Middle East affairs under the guise of "democracy and freedom", and both the Obama and Trump administrations have expressed the slogan "America First" that proves this. American Hegemony:

The rhetoric and all the facts clearly show that the so-called “human rights” and “American democracy” are just a way for the US government to pursue its own gain and bully other countries. Others aren't theirs, so they don't deserve to be cared for. This is the deep conception of Western countries, especially the United States, towards humanity.

They want other countries to obey them like all other instruments... They want to rule the world. So they never care about human rights, laws and democracy. For them, business, money, the economy, energy and crude oil are more important than human rights." The unprecedented changes in the world in a hundred years and the pandemic of the century provide us with a distinct "mirror" for pursuing international relations, and it reveals the true faces of the United States and other Western countries on issues of international order, democracy, human rights, etc.

The United States and some other Western countries are turning back in the wheel of history repeatedly, trying to replace the international system based on international law with the rules of "narrow circles", adorning Western values of democracy and human rights with "universal values" and forcing the world to accept them unconditionally. It seeks to preserve its selfish interests through its hegemonic behavior, provoking conflicts and disputes in all parts of the world, and it is detrimental to peace and development and has become a source of strife in the world.

The United States and some other Western countries are considered the greatest destroyer of the international system. The international system was established after the Second World War on the basis of a profound review of the history of the world war against fascism, and the international system with the United Nations at its center and the international system based on international law succeeded in maintaining peace in the world in general for nearly 80 years.

Now, the United States and some other Western countries claim that the international system is "rules-based", the nature of which is to distort, distort and weaken the international system after World War II, replacing the widely accepted rules of international law with the "narrow-circle rules" of individual countries.

The methods that these countries are accustomed to using are making "strategic enemies", forming "narrow circles" and "small blocs" targeting specific countries, and complicity in inflaming the situation and imposing pressure. The best evidence is the recent actions of the United States and other Western countries regarding the Taiwan issue. .

However, whatever the US attempts to deceive and circumvent the visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, it will not change the fact that the United States is violating the principle of one China, which is an important component of the international system after World War II. In response to China's legitimate countermeasures, the United States turned the truth upside down as a thief yelling "Catch the thief," and some Western countries sided with him, claiming that China was overreacting.

In fact, the international community is well aware that the United States and Western countries are the greatest destroyers of the international system. Democracy is a common value for all mankind, and at the local level it means that the people are the master of the country, but at the international level, it means the democratization of international relations, which includes equality of sovereignty and the treatment of international issues through consultation among the countries of the world on an equal footing, and this is a prevalent aspiration to the international community.

From the wars in Syria, Iraq and Libya, to the “Arab Spring” and the “color revolutions” that caused waves of refugees and unrest in the region, the United States and some other Western countries arbitrarily exercise “hegemony” under the guise of “democracy” and impose their standards on “democracy.”

On other countries in a way that is incompatible with democracy. The ridiculous “democracy” plays that Western countries produce are by nature practicing the politics of blocs and provoking confrontation between the camps under the guise of democracy, and they contradict the aspirations of the peoples and the prevailing trend of democratizing international relations. In 2021, the United States held the so-called "Summit for Democracy", it is ironic that only some countries which the United States recognizes as democracies were invited to attend this "anti-democracy summit".

In the "riot over proposed amendments to the extradition law" in Hong Kong, the United States and some other Western countries accused China of maintaining the so-called "democracy and the rule of law", and Nancy Pelosi described the riots in the streets of Hong Kong as a "beautiful sight", As for the riots on Capitol Hill, the US described it as a "failed coup attempt," which clearly reveals its nature of political manipulation using "double standards." Nancy Pelosi recently visited China's Taiwan region under the guise of "democracy." Regardless of advice and opposition from China and most countries, these piracy actions of fake democracy and real hegemony constitute a serious violation of democratic principles in international relations.

The United States and some other Western countries are the world's biggest violator of human rights. The United States has always considered itself a "beacon of human rights", imposing dictates and attacking and demonizing human rights in other countries, but human rights within these countries are constantly deteriorating.

The United States, as "the largest failed country in the fight against the pandemic", has exceeded the number of deaths resulting from the emerging corona virus, which has exceeded one million people, which reflects the extent of its disregard for the life and health of the people, which are considered among the basic human rights.

In the two years since the murder of George Floyd, the "virus" of racism is still spreading in the United States constantly, and the rate of crimes related to racial discrimination remains high. After the Roe v. Wade ruling was overturned, the American woman's right to abortion was not constitutionally protected, which is a serious disregard for women's rights.

The United States and some other Western countries are interfering in the internal affairs of other countries under the guise of human rights and provoking unrest and chaos in the international arena.

The Chinese Society for Human Rights recently released a report entitled "The United States Commits Grave Crimes of Violating Human Rights in the Middle East and Other Regions", which reveals in depth that American crimes lead to frequent wars in the Middle East, and endanger the people's rights to life, development and other human rights. Basic to serious damage. History and reality have repeatedly demonstrated that wherever the United States implements a system based on Western “rules of the game” and imposes so-called “universal values” including so-called democracy and human rights, these regions will fall into chaos and turmoil with endless negative repercussions.

History has never ended, and the era is advancing unceasingly. If Western countries overlook the facts and do not abandon their selfish interests, and even continue to sow discord throughout the world under the guise of the so-called order, democracy and human rights, they will inflict damage on themselves and will inevitably burn themselves.

In this regard, we advise the United States and some other Western countries to seriously self-review, abandon pride and prejudice, reject hegemony and the mentality of the Cold War, maintain a fair and reasonable international order, and advance the cause of democracy and real human rights.


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