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Afrasianet - Europe, which foolishly rushed with American policy, did not study well what the deterioration of its relationship with Russia might lead to, let alone its responsibility for the disaster that afflicted a European country that became a bait for a war that is not its own. Was Ukraine's NATO membership just an American joke that the Ukrainian people paid for?

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan says Ukraine's efforts to join NATO must take place at a different time.

It is not time, then, after a devastating war that the whole world paid for. Russia was besieged, madly sanctioned, and its relationship with Europe collapsed instead of improving.

For its part, Russia was not helpless when it launched an economic war on Europe, which is said to have caused the deterioration of the living conditions of many European groups.

A war that was in fact not a Ukrainian issue and President Volodymyr Zelensky's calculations were not correct and were not based on any national interest.

That was the West's war against Russia, which found itself compelled to defend its conditions of safe living, without the threats of NATO missiles on lands that were, not long ago, part of the system that Russia was leading within the political geography of the Soviet Union.

Until recently, there was talk about Russian defeats on various fronts, but one word from Putin put an end to all that liquid talk. If the West, led by the United States, had expressed its willingness to open the borders to the crowds of Ukrainian refugees and to provide material and military aid to the Ukrainian government, it was not ready to engage in a war with Russia that might mistake its way to a nuclear weapon.

This is what Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened when he indicated that his hand was close to the nuclear button. Europe committed a great foolishness when it followed the United States in a childish manner and took stupid political positions from the dialogue with Russia, which could have spared Ukraine from certain ruin and made it a victim in a test, which later turned out that the United States was not ready to take it to the end. The Russian test was not easy.

The price was high, although the United States did not contribute to paying part of that price. Europe, which foolishly rammed into American policy, did not study well what the deterioration of its relationship with Russia might lead to. Not to mention its responsibility for the catastrophe that afflicted a European country that has become a bait for a war that is not its own.

A crime committed by all parties. Russia is not the only party responsible for this disaster. Now that Europe's reluctance to accept Ukraine as a member of the European Union, and that the United States has declared that it is not yet time for Ukraine to belong to NATO, what can Zelensky say to his people?

For this tormented people, it is not without treachery. It is a betrayal that will be paid for by President Zelensky alone. He will not be able to talk about the United States, which betrayed him, abandoned him, and evaded its promises.

The people will hold him fully responsible. He sold his country for illusions. But what would the leaders of France, Germany, Italy, and Sweden, who encouraged him to go on with his empty defiance, knowing that the rope would be cut off and the clown's corpse be a testament to their political stupidity, have to say?

Sure, the Ukrainians dreamed of a large European space and American protectionism, but that dream will not be fulfilled by challenging Russia. That is a sure suicide.

Zelensky had to realize before he embarked on his adventure that there is a tangled historical-geographical destiny between that dream and reality. Before Zelensky was active in promoting racial discrimination, Russia had not thought of annexing the Russian parts of Ukraine to its territory, although it had previously annexed the Crimea, and the United States was not serious about embracing Ukraine before Zelensky waved his hostility to Russia, which is the backbone of his political program .

And because of Zelensky's foolishness and his insistence that the negotiations with Russia would not succeed and that his country would be destroyed by its descent into the American trap. The war will end, but with his personal defeat. Ukraine will get rid of it as a symbol of a dirty war.

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