New rules of confrontation in a changing world

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Lawyer Mohamed Ahmed Al-Rousan *
Member of the Political Bureau of the Jordanian Popular Movement

Afrasianet - New rules of confrontation in a changing world, and the Russian-Chinese partnership is a fundamental rule in the new world, after the Russian-Atlantic confrontation through Ukrainian geography.

And the ruling cartel in the United States of America has begun to abandon the policy of strategic ambiguity towards China. After Russia abandoned the concept of the strategic caution system with Washington DC, China is following it deeply and abandoning this strategic caution, and even liberating itself to some extent, from The approach of the policy of strategic patience coupled with strategic flexibility with America, Beijing begins its movements from its outer space as a vital area, beginning with the Solomon Islands, which the Chinese Foreign Minister visited, in a message of response and defiance, to the American provocations, as these islands constitute the focus of an aggravating and escalating Sino-American conflict.

There was another provocation led by Joe Biden from the gate of Japan, where he launched a feel-good battle with China.

The joint Russian-Chinese maneuver of giant strategic bombers, over the Sea of Japan and in the Taiwan Strait, and this extended to engineering the Russian green weapon, through the formula of wheat in exchange for the lifting of sanctions, in order to avoid Because of a global food crisis, caused by an American insistence on the continuation of the Atlantic confrontation with the Russians through Ukraine, those who starve the world are the Americans, not the Russians.

The American Yankee, through the administration of President Joe Biden, which is living in an advanced state of obsession with influence, is moving with all political and intelligence brazenness in the vital field of China, and President Vladimir Putin is putting him, his administration companions and his intelligence director on the black list.

It clearly appears that the tension in the east coincides with the Russian Atlantic entanglement in the west in Europe, where NATO is strengthening its tendency to militarize Eastern Europe in the face of Russia.

And if the Russian-Atlantic war threatens Europe and the world with energy now, any American-Chinese confrontation will end the world in its current form, as Moscow achieves real field victories inside Ukraine, and the Azovstal pocket liberates the nucleus of American biological viruses, in terms of supply chains of monkeypox virus to their laboratories in Nigeria, By liberating the Azovstal enclave, Moscow secures the land route with Crimea, and closes the Sea of Azov to Ukraine.

And because the Western American game has almost ended in Ukraine, after Russian intelligence exposed the biological research centers in Ukraine run by Hunter Biden and were destroyed, here is the father of the first Joe Biden, looking for new arenas and spaces for his biological warfare centers in his Asian tour, especially in Japan and South Korea, And Japan’s employment in confronting Russia and blackmailing South Korea and Tokyo financially, through the North Korean bogeyman and biological warfare: And President Joe Biden's Asian tour to Asian countries has just ended, where its dimensions and goals have raised a lot of speculation about its nature, dimensions and goals, as well as the parties targeted by it, especially in light of the economic threat China poses to American interests in the region, and what North Korea represents from A military and nuclear threat to these same interests, in addition to the ruling cartels and the structures of the joints and articulations of the powerfully emerging Russian Federation, which is rewriting the world map anew by drawing and demarcating a new Yalta 2, the basis for a multipolar system, after Yalta 1 ended World War II.

It is possible to read Joe Biden's visit, as it came to prepare for two directions: the first is the economic trend, which is controlled by international companies through the New Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the second trend is the political field, which appeared through political and propaganda ads related to competition with China, as well as a wave Terrorism, intimidation and intimidation, which is known as the North Korean threat, in which it is invested heavily to push South Korea and Japan towards this partnership, and the feeling that there is a permanent enemy lurking in them - for the purposes of American blackmail against Japan and South Korea, through the manufacture of North Korea's phobia (bogeyman) and its missile and nuclear program backed by Russia and China, hence the Russian-Chinese double veto against the US draft resolution in the UN Security Council recently, to tighten sanctions on North Korea, which led America to impose new sanctions on two Russian banks, which it falsely accuses of supporting the North Korean ballistic missile program and program its own nuclear power.

The United States has imposed new sanctions on North Korea and Russia, and may also be imposed on China later, in the wake of North Korean missile tests, which included two Russian banks accused of supporting the weapons of mass destruction program in North Korea, and according to Washington, these sanctions came after Russia and China used its veto Against a draft resolution to tighten sanctions in the UN Security Council.

The US Treasury said it was freezing any US assets and criminalizing transactions with the Far East Bank, Sputnik Bank, Russian institutions accused of working with North Korea, and the trading company associated with North Korean Airlines (Koreo), which is already subject to previous sanctions.

In a briefing, the Treasury Department said that North Korea launched three ballistic missiles, one of them an intercontinental, on May 24, after US President Joe Biden's visit to Asia, bringing to 23 the number of ballistic tests since the beginning of the current year 2022 AD (which violates the decisions of the Council of Ministers). international security).

Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Brian Nelson said that the United States will continue to implement and respect the sanctions, while urging North Korea to return to diplomacy and abandon the development of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles, and we say to him in turn: Apricots, sweet.

The fundamental question here is: What does the Russian-Chinese double veto, which was used to thwart a US draft resolution to impose more sanctions on North Korea, as mentioned above, mean? How did President Kim deliberately conduct intercontinental ballistic missile tests during Joe Biden's Asian tour, and why?

During President Joe Biden's visit to Asia, China conducted military exercises in the disputed South China Sea, coinciding with Biden's visit. In fact, China and the Russian Federation conducted a joint maneuver of strategic bombers over the Sea of Japan and over the South China Sea, while Joe Biden was in Japan. In order to stimulate the mind to think from outside the box, and to engage objectively in this vital issue, there is a basket of many questions such as the following:

What are the dimensions and objectives of the US President's tour to Asia? Why did the choice in this round fall on South Korea and Japan in particular, despite the presence of other allies of the United States in the region? And there are those who believe that the tour has a special and purely economic character, as Biden chose the Samsung factory as the first stop on his tour?

Some believe that the visit has other political implications, and preparations are underway for new and artificial crises, which we will witness in the coming period and in an accelerating manner.

What is the nature of these crises? There are those who believe that the United States and its allies are currently investing in biological and health crises, and that Washington is currently searching for a new biological center, after the collapse of its major centers in Ukraine?...

By the way, the Russian Ministry of Defense revealed through the Russian Intelligence Service - Biological Intelligence Department, that there are 4 Secret American biological laboratories in Nigeria, where monkeypox virus is believed to have emerged. As for the countries targeted for this visit, such as China: How do you receive messages from this American step?

There are those who believe that the relationship between the United States and China is based on competition, and has not developed into a state of confrontation. Can the visit prepare for the stage of a clash?

And what about China, which, as observers see, wants at the present time to maintain the partnership with the United States, and does not want to clash with it, because this clash may destroy all its achievements, and has benefited greatly from the experience of Huawei, which retreated to Western countries in the first place Faced with her last year?

So, how will the Chinese response to this provocative visit be? Will China, in its dealings with Taiwan, take a similar step to what Russia did with Ukraine? What about North Korea, which also senses danger from Biden's visit, and how will it face that? The insistence of Beijing and Moscow to veto a US draft resolution to tighten sanctions against North Korea after it tested intercontinental ballistic missiles, confirms the strength of the Russian-Chinese alliance, and the two countries' support for North Korea and its leader Kim Jong Un as the third leg of the triangle of this alliance .

The double veto instead of unilateralism, is a strong message to Washington, Western countries and NATO, that they stand in one trench, support North Korea's missile and nuclear tests, and provide protection for it in international forums.

The North Korean long-range ballistic missiles are now able to bomb the cities of the east coast of the United States, and they are on the way for Pyongyang to possess the technology to manufacture the supersonic type of these missiles and provide them with nuclear warheads, especially since Russia and China possess this technology and entered Russian service in the process.

The legitimate private property in Ukraine, and you will not be stingy in owning it now. America may retreat internationally, as it is not a paper tiger but a very old tiger, and it is rapidly losing its greatness and its leadership of the world, while the star of the new Russian-Chinese alliance is rising on all levels, militarily, economically and politically. Henry Kissinger, long-lived, warns America and the West against their continuous attempts to defeat the Russian forces in Ukraine, as this would lead to dire consequences for Europe's stability in the long run, and even change the security structures of the European continent, and advised Ukraine to give up some lands For Russia - he means the Ukrainian east - the Donbas region, which is historically part of Russia, especially since the Russians do not want the Ukrainian West, but that this geographical Ukrainian West be a neutral country.

The statements of General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States, reinforced what the fox of international politics said, as Mark Milley said: The confrontation between the United States on the one hand, and Russia and China on the other hand, may last for decades, and that Russia's victory means the end of all Achievements made since the Second World War.

Then followed by: MELEMAN BON, French Minister of State for European Affairs, who said that Ukraine's accession to the European Union will most likely take 15 to 20 years, and its accession to NATO may take longer, if not almost impossible. Kissinger, who was behind the largest American diplomatic achievement in the time of President Nixon, which was the containment of China, and its exclusion from the Soviet Union, warned President Joe Biden against any Russian-Chinese rapprochement, because of the dangers that this could pose to the United States and its dominance of world leadership, but the President Joe Biden did not take this advice, and he provoked and provoked the Russians in Ukraine and pushed them to enter it militarily under the pretext of occupying the necessity to defend Russian national security and the presence of Russia, and in addition to his simultaneous siege of China as well, he works to strengthen the relationship between the two superpowers and their rapprochement, and their involvement in a five-way alliance or Hexagon brings them together with emerging regional superpowers, such as India, Pakistan, Iran, Brazil and Venezuela.

The prolongation of the Ukrainian war by the action of the American Yankees, will lead to the destabilization and economic exhaustion of Europe and change its security structures, thus redrawing and demarcating it, in other words: partitioning it. and Russia. The new US temporary national security strategy with old flavours, which was announced by the Joseph Biden administration with its indicators and pillars, is clear evidence that the deep state is the one who rules in America through a democratic or republican and distributes roles. A globalized agent that everyone invests in, the security of the Zionist entity, and confronting China, Russia, Iran and North Korea as rising powers, using the crises they create as a method of managing conflicts.

And the deep state in America and through democracy through the new strategies for American national security, it wants to reach the deepest goals through diplomacy, dirty intelligence operations, moving the streets and squares, and not American withdrawals from the region as much as it is a repositioning and military deployment with strengthening diplomacy, and the new document is hostile and provocative.

Deeply toward Russia and China, and stresses America’s role in shaping, and indeed creating, the new world order, with a military focus in the Indian and Pacific region (the Okos recently appeared - the French submarine crisis and before the Russian-Atlantic confrontation on Ukrainian soil), Europe and the Middle East, although the state In the words of Joseph Biden, she did not talk about spreading democracy by military force. She wants to manage crises and conflicts by fabricating crises, and as we mentioned above, in other words employing crises as a method of managing conflicts.

An American military defense strategy, and continuous updates to its international joints and details, and its action on the international field, for its naval, air and missile nuclear triad, and in the background also the modernization of its intelligence communities and its dirty actions in most of the opponents and allies’ arenas alike, to stop the erosion of the comprehensive unilateral military power in front of the Russian Federation, China and Korea The North and Iran, a strategy of competition on the one hand, and a military, intelligence and cyber confrontation on the other, and in order to preserve the vitality of the American economy, which is an economy of wars. America accuses both Russia and China of undermining the power of NATO, so the American engineering of the Russian-Atlantic confrontation through Ukraine came to breathe new life into the body of NATO, and NATO protects Europe from Russia.

To Washington, and America appeared in the joints of its new military vision, that it is very concerned about the military and economic expansion of China, Russia and Iran in Africa and North Africa, and sees that military force is the only way to impose hegemony and decisions on the world, so it found its refuge and finally in taking off gloves and beating the drums of war To regain the influence it has lost in the world, where American intelligence is returning again in the US State Department, and to confront its conflicts under the table and with Britain as well, and described both Russia and China as reactionary powers, and it became clear to everyone and through the breaks and points of the American military discourse, that Washington did not fight One day, international terrorism, rather, it worked to sponsor, settle and settle it and invested in it, and with all of the above, America is no longer in the military dictionary and the al-Boot dictionary. The economic (considering the American economy is a war economy and based on it) tops the list, so its new defense strategy came as a kind of nostalgia for the past of unilateralism in light of a world that is moving towards pluralism and in order to preserve international security and peace, and here multipolarity exposed the American goal, and it became a dream and an illusion.

Moscow responded to Washington prudently, and in the words of Sergei Lavrov: Global stability depends on cooperation between Moscow and America, yet Washington poisons relations between Russia and America, and in secret, the Russian response has been for years on the ground in the global field, and in partnership with China and Iran in the economic, financial, cyber and military sense.

His recent endorsement in Syria and Iraq, and the work continues uninterruptedly, tirelessly, and the war in Ukraine came as a culmination of all of that. On the issue, foundations and foundations, and even in the (character) and nervousness of US-Israeli relations, there is a question that motivates us to think from outside the box, as it turns out the following: In the event of the outbreak of a limited military war and its spark may start, in the South China Sea, along the lines of Sino-American relations And its vital paths, as an endorsement and a product of the paths of biological wars that began in Corona, and which target the Chinese and Indian economy, and the aggravating Russian military and intelligence power in type and quality, and tampering with the maps of the world again to dismantle it by the United States, so that it began in the former Yugoslavia and succeeded, then tried in occupied Iraq, and succeeded in Demographically limited, and it is actively dismantling it geographically into three regions for the purposes of tampering with Iran (within Joseph Biden’s vision, which is the vision of the deep state, when he was Vice President of Barack Obama), where the Kurdistan region of Iraq became like a cat’s paw, and it began to turn into barracks and headquarters for the Zionist Mossad in partnership with the Americans and some The Arab and some Western forces in the American Harir base, and in the Dohuk region, and the recent striking of some military targets there through rallies is an indication of the aggravation of the upcoming intelligence operations.

The filth, especially after the statements of the new Iranian intelligence director, Mr. Muhammad Khatib, and his justified and legitimate threat to the American and Israeli parties and their Kurdish agent there, in destabilizing Iran's national security structures.

The goals of obtaining the dirty American Western intelligence operations, in the occupied Kurdistan region of Iraq, as a cat’s claw towards the Iranian depth, extending from helping the Kurds (globalized agent such as the Zionist Trotsk, five decades of forbidden love with Tel Aviv) to the Mossad in targeting and killing the Iranian scientist, Mosleh Zadeh, and they do not end Only, by investing in the Iranian middle class, employing and synthesizing it to eliminate the existing regime there in Iran, and trying again in Syria and Iran, cut and separated, before America disintegrates itself, after the decline of its strength and loss of prestige, and America is aware of the reality of its disintegration, and decided to dismantle the other before To meet the same fate, within the correctness of the movement of logic and history, and the absurdity of nature, its tongue, its demography and its movement, with its borders for the United States of America and the structures of its regime.

The question that arises here: Will the Zionist entity participate in the war on China, which is not late in joining any brutal capitalist Western alliance? In other words, it is clearer than the question itself: he rarely does not participate - that is, the Zionist entity, and he may have been an initiative in the first place and the owner of the idea and the decision, although he did not participate in the symphony (The Brotherhood of Thieves) as Karl Marx called it.

The allegations of America, Britain and France accusing China of spreading the Corona virus, and Japan and the rest of the Arab satellites and others may join this alliance.

In the Zionist entity, it is working to strengthen its relations with Moscow and Beijing, as they are emerging and powerful powers, so that all estimates and indicators indicate that these are the emerging and strongly emerging forces and towards superiority over the brutal capitalist West. He always needs a lot of support.

The current data and facts speak in depth, and after the Russian intelligence exposed and exposed the secret American biological laboratories in Ukraine, and more than thirty countries, the last of which was Nigeria, where the monkeypox virus emerged from those laboratories, and before it the human-manufactured and distributed Corona virus, in laboratories in which the new mason invests in America and the world, that the nucleus of the deep state in the United States of America (Bulderberg - the embryo of the globalized international government, and the New Freemasons Masons are the mainstay of this globalized government), the American military industrial complex and the autocratic government in it, and its multinational companies as one of the intervention tools in most of the squares of the globe On the strong side, and on the weak side, they invest in the details and curves of time, by betting the aggravations and consequences of investing in the blood of ideology and proxy wars, to produce biological terrorism and medical terrorism, and still investing in the Salafi takfiri jihadist movements, the Christian-Zionist alliance, and Zionist Judaism, Some Arabs and Muslim Zionists are with it, and it will continue with a future impact, until international understanding occurs I have many baskets of common interests.

Regarding Iran and the repercussions of the American escalation in the paths of the nuclear program, and the revival of Iran’s phobia for the purposes of financial emulsification of the sheikhdoms of Arab anxiety over the Gulf, and the Russian-Atlantic confrontation on Ukrainian soil, the Syrian issue and developments in its military field in favor of Damascus, the Iraqi issue and the achievements of the Iraqi army, the popular crowd and the forces Their ally, the Libyan issue with its various titles, and the Russian action with its joints, through attempts to bring together and resolve to reach a state of stability in Libya - and the meetings with Khalifa Haftar. And playing operations from the Americans, in the arenas of the Arab Maghreb countries, especially Algeria, through the Dams organization (the so-called Islamic State organization in the Arab Maghreb countries), and the rest of the issues, hot spots and curves, they (i.e. the Americans) are creative in the strategy of investing in time despite the Karuna pandemic and the emergence of the monkey pox virus Recently, after the start of the Russian-Western war, on the entire international relations in the region and the world from the purely US-American angle, and along the lines of Russian-American-Western relations, and Sino-American Western relations and the American agents in the South China Sea, there are cases of political, military, economic, diplomatic and strategic security rams that are deepening Occasionally and vertically, conflicting interests and conflicts over Europe and the back gardens of the United States of America, in the countries and arenas of Latin America and its alliance, and similar back gardens of the Russian Federation and its alliance, the vital areas of China and new American uses of the Japanese towards Russia regarding the disputed Coral Islands between Russia and Japan, with the Vietnamese The Philippines, Malaysia and the Sultanate of Brunei in confrontations with the Chinese on the A position on the South China Sea, as part of the American strategy of turning towards Asia, west and southeast, after the Americans penetrated and bloodied and are still the heart of the East, Syria, with the employment of its agents from some Arabs, especially from the Kamikaze Arabs of Rotana and some Muslims, the latest of which is new military entry into the Syrian north under the pretext of separation Between the Kurdish and the Turkish in preparation for the upcoming battle of Raqqa and the expected battles east of the Euphrates, in addition to his military forces in bases to establish and create others. So, to some extent, there is a deterioration in relations between Russia and China on the one hand, and the United States and its Western allies on the other, based on the confrontation in Ukraine, and on the flows of news and information that reveal every day the growing and increasing role that Moscow and China play in facing the challenges of American influence and hegemony. .

Deeper than the Cold War, which is resurrected, due to the emergence of the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States, the emergence of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which brought together China and Russia at a unified table, and the work, effects and interactions of the Asian Bank announced by the Chinese President in late 2015, where its work is established in Lending and investment, starting after the fabricated Corona pandemic in the year 2020 AD - and preparing for work and lending by the end of the year 2022 AD. Especially after the recent Shanghai summit in Tajikistan, and Washington, DC, surprisingly, announcing a new alliance called: an expanding OCOs (Washington, Britain, Australia), after tension along the lines of French-American relations, where the American perception of the Russian Federation and China as a source of threat and danger The experience of hostility to America is renewed in the Russian and Chinese streets, and finds its stimuli in the previous legacy left by the socialist bloc and the Soviet Union, and the American capital, Washington, realizes that Russian national cohesion is more dangerous than the previous social formation that was in the Soviet Union, as well as the case in China, especially with regard to considerations related to With the historical social nationalist hostility between Russian nationalism and the West and Chinese nationalism and the West as well, the Russian state is characterized by self-sufficiency and the existence of an abundance of surplus in all kinds of natural resources, and therefore it is difficult to influence it through sanctions, embargo or cold economic and trade war, although the embargo and sanctions have hurt it, especially with The existence of the artificially created Corona pandemic, a situation that makes Russia better than the United States of America, which imports All her needs come from abroad. And that Russia, along with China, is able to penetrate Western Europe through soft economic means, especially with the Chinese, which will lead to the possibility that America will lose its European allies and others on which it has been and still depends, and that the distance between the Russian Federation and the United States of America is a few kilometers across the sea strait separating the state of Alaska and eastern Russia, in addition to that Russia and China possess a huge amount of weapons of mass destruction to achieve balance in the world and restrain the American bull and its allies treading its tail, noting that American intelligence information about Moscow and China is inaccurate, due to The Russians' ability to secrecy and secrecy, along with their Chinese colleagues

We see that the Russian voter is interested in the Russian foreign policy, as it is in the service of the Russian internal stability, and the deepening of the Russian national feeling that President Putin has created and created anew. Which has been restructured, tools and modernized in its internal and external branches, with the expansion of its fields of work worldwide and in all fields of energy, economy and culture, in addition to politics, the military, weapons production, cyber information security and most of human knowledge, with its deep focus and dependence on the conscious, educated and loyal human element in espionage and espionage The counter, in obtaining and collecting information and the ability to analyze this information on more than one level and stage, and infer the next basket of risks to the interests of the Russian Federation and its allies in the world, unlike the American intelligence community and its backbone CIA, which former President Donald Trump described as adopting old methods.

It is obsolete, so you find that the Russian political spectrum in most and all of it is with it c President Vladimir Putin. Yes, Putin has mastered the art of engineering the Russian national feeling and the national pride of his people, as he feeds the growing Russian discontent with any Western and American attempt to humiliate Russia, and he and his cadres are working intelligently to market the Russian strategy as an attempt to restore the historical Russian glory, and this is what gives him overwhelming and rightful support inside Russia despite From the Corona pandemic, which he buried after entering a legitimate private military operation in Ukraine, no one is talking about Corona anymore - so the monkeypox virus came to break the international wall of silence. And the Russian citizen and as a voter as well, and he is the one who determines the political class that rules him through direct ballot boxes - as happened in the last Duma elections, where Russia for nearly two decades has been a capitalist country, and it is heading deeply towards capitalist socialism after the Corona pandemic, where the citizen as a Russian voter, He became well aware, thanks to the strategies of the Kremlin with the Vladimir Putin flavor, that the strategy of expansion of the fighting is the only solution to protect the Russian national security, as it is known that Russia’s geography is mostly plains, so the Russian security strategy was built and always rose on the strategy of expanding the circle around the main center of the Russian state , to get rid of the dangers and threats that threaten it, and from here we find that the Russian is keen not to fight on its borders, and is working to move the battle to the farthest point, center and geo-strategic node from its direct borders.

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