An American Nazi goes deeper into the intelligence community and crosses the line with terrorism

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The CIA protects the fortunes of the elites dominating Wall Street

USAID is a front for the CIA in the veins of the world

Afrassanet - Lawyer Muhammad Ahmad Al-Rousan - Washington DC, is the capital of a criminal and terrorist class in the veins of the society of the US government cartels inside America, using wars to harvest the blood of Americans and victims of its tools from other peoples, to wage external wars to dominate resources and internal psychological control , so that military measures are routinely applied with the aim of deceiving the masses and leaving them in a state of shock and permanent move towards external colonization against targeted groups, Washington and Western oil companies want to seize their natural resources, steal the lands of the peoples of the third world to pass strategic pipelines through Central Asia.

Washington's leaders routinely invoke the notion of external threats to the nation in a cynical attempt to construct in the American public a doctrine in which other nations' resources are examined (by executive doctrines) as American property. The profits of the arms companies transfer wealth from the public sector to the private sector, taxing the majority of the working and middle class, while the poor and the disenfranchised suffer from unemployment due to the lack of job opportunities. The killing and assassination of civilians is a routine event in the doctrine of the war on counterinsurgency. The CIA has assassinated, or planned to assassinate, more than 50 foreign leaders in Chile, Iraq, Libya, Panama, El Salvador, Syria, occupied Palestine, and Lebanon. Russia, and Iran. Assassinations, or plots to assassinate leaders and cadres, can take forms such as methods of blowing up planes with personalities targeted by the CIA, or support for military factions driven by their hatred of the popular generals to try to assassinate them. The CIA uses death squads to kill libertarian political opponents and religious leaders like Bishop Romero, but it also engages in brutal assassinations of politicians and generals who resist, or do not align with, the foreign policy goals of the military-industrial complex or the criminal syndicate network of the CIA. ”, such as Raffaello Trujillo (Dominican Republic) and Ngo Dinh Diem (Vietnam).

The CIA acts as an extension of the mass criminal war machine and protects the fortunes of the elites on Wall Street. Innocent civilians are murdered with great disregard for human rights and sovereignty. Women and children are massacred by the US military and the CIA. It is working to assassinate them through methods such as “Operation Phoenix”, which is based on concentration camp and counter-insurgency programs, and it is also working through the Pentagon on genocide under the pretext of fighting ISIS, as happened in the Syrian Raqqa, which witnessed the fall of ISIS in 2017, and America destroyed it through the Pentagon by It is now taking place in the vicinity of Deir ez-Zor and in the two Syrian villages of Al-Shafa and Hajin. Anti-socialism and communism are the main drivers of American policies in the world, which are working to kill the original Third World countries, in addition to interfering in their electoral processes and destroying their infrastructure. Arms deals are a routine factor in explaining this process, where indigenous rights are sacrificed in favor of profits from arms sales, ethnic European conquest, and perpetual war under the national flag that flutters over killing squads that slaughter civilians for blood-stained dollars earned by shareholders. The ugliness of the US imperialist war also extends to torture in a secret system of rules where men are tortured without trial or due process under the US Constitution, and American bombs are another routine factor in the loss of innocent lives, showing how the profit motive undermines any value to other races as redundant. Protesters who gather near drone base sites where command-and-control systems operate routinely killing civilians in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, Niger and Syria are treated as criminals facing prison sentences, while sick criminals who carry out war criminals’ orders remain in The state is free to kill civilians who have never seen their faces.

The police state uses rational arguments in its annihilation of other groups based on their race, and works to popularize the idea that attacks are directed against a race more like animals or insects so that rational thinking is codified in narrow circles directed towards killing and plundering wealth or holding those groups in concentration camps. The Pentagon has spent millions of dollars to launch a domestic counterterrorism operation in the United States in the form of paramilitary teams that include several federal, state and local agencies, and the plan can aim to address the internal turmoil to suppress the American people in a war of annihilation similar to the historical situation in third world countries under state supervision. American police imperialism. The Office of Public Safety served as a front for the CIA, a branch of USAID, which runs civilian activities programs that provide cover for CIA penetration of target groups resisting American imperialist annihilation. Informant networks are ordered to target and assassinate revolutionary leaders in general, and slavery and war are the same, as in the case of the Guantanamo detainees, where many of these men were sold to the United States and NATO by NATO warlords. These men remain in Bagram and Guantanamo detention camps and secret locations in Somalia, where they are water-waterboarded and force-feeding, and a state constantly threatened by war is incompatible with constitutional rule, nor is it compatible with a democratic society. Creating permanent enemies and constantly moving the people against them generates fear, hatred and armaments, as new weapons are tested on the targeted groups, whether in Iraq, Panama, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria or Lebanon now and later. Contrary to what many believe about the US invasion of Afghanistan, the invasion was not aimed at those who carried out the September attacks, but rather to build a pipeline to transport Caspian Sea oil from Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan, and to Pakistani ports near the Indian Ocean.

So between the Surat of the Ukrainian event, and the Ukrainianization of the Syrian event

And between the Russian Rusna and the American America, and the Iranian Iranian, with multiple clashes and on the runways of the step by step of the Chinese with a silent ferocity, and a deep pursuit of the philosophy and paths of the Turks, and a short and total absence of the Arabs, where the American cooking and the Turkish firewood and the situation in the positions of the Kama Sutra militarily in the north of Syria and in the Syrian east - east The Euphrates River is near the al-Tanf base, where Washington is seeking to establish a region east of the Euphrates with expanded autonomy, and thus the region is open to everything but stability. Where the militia of the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) controls the areas east of the Euphrates River, which has an area of 28 thousand km, more than three times the area of Lebanon, with the support of the American Yankees and Capwis, and through the so-called illegal international coalition led by Washington, the Burger King and McDonald’s alliance, and recently Belgium and Norway withdrew from it. According to the Russian-American anti-collision agreements (after the Russian special military operation inside Ukraine these agreements were cracked and the repercussions of the Russian war with the Atlantic West), an understanding was reached on sharing the military field work, so that the east of the Euphrates River for America, and west of the Euphrates River for Syria and its allies, the Qasd militia crossed the river The Euphrates and the control of Tabqa and the dam of Tabqa, with exciting American support, in exchange for the crossing of the Syrian and allied forces, Rafidah and Sadiqah, the river and control of the cities of Al-Bukamal and Al-Mayadin. The so-called international coalition led by Washington committed massacres and massacres, and in a repeated massacre in the village of Sha’fa in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor, more than 30 civilians, most of them women and children, were martyred. The terrorist bombed the homes of people in the town of Al Shafa in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor at the time, and caused the death of more than 30 civilians, most of them women and children, and this was confirmed by recent Amnesty International reports. The sources pointed out that the death toll could rise as a result of the destruction caused by the so-called international coalition’s air attack on the homes and properties of the village’s residents, as the people cooperate to remove the rubble by the simple means available to retrieve the bodies of the martyrs and search for survivors, and more than (100) civilians were martyred during Most of them are children and women in the village of Al-Sha’fa and the town of Hajin, under the pretext of targeting the so-called international coalition aircraft of “ISIS” terrorists in the area. Syria, Russia and Iran have repeatedly called, through dozens of letters to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the Security Council, to take immediate action to stop the attacks and massacres committed by the aviation of the so-called illegal international coalition led by the United States, and to take what is necessary to establish an independent and impartial international mechanism to investigate these issues. crimes and punishing their perpetrators.

Washington, which has formed the so-called international coalition outside international legitimacy and without Security Council approval since August 2014, claims that it is fighting international terrorism in Syria, while facts confirm that it is assaulting the infrastructure to destroy it and committing massacres against civilians, and worked to exterminate Raqqa and the Deir ez-Zor countryside. America links the reconstruction of Syria to the political transition on the condition of specific constitutional reforms, and sends diplomatic groups to work alongside the American military in areas in Raqqa and in areas east of the Euphrates River to establish a region east of the Euphrates with expanded autonomy. 35,000 personnel and training, to change its role and function, to turn into a regular army. It is also working to strengthen the local civil councils that govern the areas liberated from ISIS, as Washington claims. The Tabqa Council and the Raqqa Council were within the future American and Western vision for these areas, and it called on its rich Arab allies (Saudi Arabia and the UAE) and with them some Westerners to rebuild Raqqa through the coalition it leads from A new, after the annihilation of Raqqa from its entirety through its illegal alliance, and for the purposes of covering up its crimes there, to turn it into the Las Vegas of the East. ISIS). Washington is working to strengthen services and infrastructure and benefit from the natural resources located in Raqqa and in the areas east of the Euphrates River, which are represented in the sources of oil, gas, agriculture and water, where the SDF militia as mercenaries controls the most important oil and gas fields and the largest Syrian water dams, and is also working to train government agencies And the Syrian judiciary is there. The United States of America is seeking an Arab military presence through Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the east of the Euphrates River through the return of their relations with Damascus in the beginning, and this has deep implications: the Syrian government today is stronger than ever before and it is able with its allies to eliminate the ISIS terrorist organization east of the Euphrates, but It is clear that Washington does not want this to be achieved, so America comes out of Syria humiliated as if it had done nothing, and at the same time Washington does not want more losses there on the material level and on the level of lives, so it found in the Arab forces (Saudi and Emirati) a safe haven to complete its plan to destabilize Stability inside Syria, on the one hand, it provides funding for the forces there and creates a new state of chaos in the Arab body and fuels differences between the Arab countries, especially since these forces are present on Syrian territory even without taking permission from Damascus to enter its lands, and this is the American strategy now, and the return of Syrian relations The UAE and Saudi Arabia, under the title of joint Arab action and the return of Syria to its Arab incubator.

And the Arab forces controlled by both the Emirates and Saudi Arabia realized that things were no longer in their interest, and that all the money they provided to the armed groups in Syria was wasted and the impact of these groups almost disappeared, and at the same time their relationship with Damascus is no longer the same as before and has become almost non-existent, so Both the Emirates and Saudi Arabia did two things: The first: communicating with Damascus through secret channels at first and then publicly. Twelve years after Syria's exclusion from the scene, Damascus is quietly restoring its former status as a primary arbiter in the regional struggle for control of strategic corridors in the Middle East. The most important thing is that these two countries are looking to get Iran out of the Syrian scene in any way, and the other thing is that they do not want Qatar and Turkey to be able to share the cake without having a share in it, and containing the lingering political crisis in this way is not a good thing especially, and it comes With impossible conditions, everyone knows that Damascus will not accept them, and therefore it is better for these countries to let the Syrian people decide their fate and choose their future for themselves. The United States and through its allies are working to provide vital protection to these areas east of the Euphrates River in the face of the Iranian threat to them, while maintaining the military bases there, five bases numbering 3,000 between soldiers and experts, with diplomatic groups of more than 200 intelligence diplomats, and the establishment of joint operations rooms with the SDF militia, All this is to provide military, political, diplomatic and judicial recognition of these areas with the development of the Emilan military airport, as these areas are decentralized with Damascus and the goal is to weaken the center in the capital. Washington is also pushing for the participation of the Qasd militia and the political body of the region east of the Euphrates River in the political process in Geneva and under the supervision of the United Nations. In addition to providing military, political and diplomatic support to the region east of the Euphrates River and the control of the SDF militia over it, it is working to provide protection for the regions of Afrin and Manbij to achieve its basket of goals from establishing a region east of the Euphrates River, which are as follows: Confirmation to Iran that Washington will not accept its handover to Syria and its east, and improving the negotiating position With Damascus and Moscow on the ongoing political process, and the strengthening of the negotiating position of the Kurds, such as the Zionist Trotsk Khozmitji with Damascus, with Russian acceptance of this matter, which indicates the establishment of relations that serve interests between the QSD militia and the US army and the Russian army, where relations are good between the QSD militia and the American and Russian armies. The terrorists, and the armed terrorist in Idlib are the new American capital’s army, Washington, and the renewed tool of the American Balderberg. Their backbone is Jabhat al-Nusra, Noureddine Zangi, and the evils of al-Sham (the Syrian Safa brothers and Kamal al-Libwani), and they are Washington’s Islamic tool in the invasion and changing facts and other balances, where the goal Producing modern maps and charts that meet the interests of the American capital, Washington, DC, in order to ensure its control and its uniqueness in managing the world, and defeating anyone who stands in the way of its interests, or preoccupying and draining it at a minimum as an opponent and an enemy (the recipe is American and the wood is Turkish par excellence).

Syria, with its political geography dictatorship, its human resource, its political coordination and the essence of its political rule “combination” is, for the West, including the United States of America and through the NATO military alliance, the strategic entry point for control and superiority over the new international military system formed by the Syrian issue and the Ukrainian issue, and to contain the exacerbating rise of Russian influence. The internationalist, the Chinese influence and their intersection with Iran, and all who seek a multipolar world through the actions and effects of the Damascene event and the Ukrainian event now, and the solidity of the institutions of the nucleus of the Russian federal state in the face of what is happening in the Levant and Kiev in terms of conflict in and around it, as the Russians are awake, sleeping and contending with the strings of what is happening In Syria and Ukraine, and what is happening in Ukraine after the Russian special military operation in Ukraine. And "Israel", the Zionist entity, is now playing a dangerous role in Ukraine. The West and America are using Ukraine as a puppet in the geopolitical game with Russia, and they pushed the Kyiv authorities to wage a proxy war on their behalf against Russia and its national security, just as they do in the Syrian event by pushing the Turks and some Gulf kingdoms of concern. And some Arabs and their terrorist zombies to destroy the Syrian national state. Russia considers Ukraine-Kyiv, with its remaining powers and other eastern European countries, as the advanced American-Israeli base in targeting Moscow on the one hand, and this American-Israeli base secures and preserves Washington’s control over the oil resources located in the Caspian Sea and Central Asia, and is it a closed sea or A lake?, because defining this description shows the legal basis for sharing wealth and according to the requirements of international maritime law and agreements between countries, in order to eventually divide the rich natural resources in its depth. The quality of Gulf oil and gas in the Arab region.

What worries the American capital, Washington, D.C., is Russia's great ability and capabilities to provide alternative strategic options for all sectors of the international community and sectors of Arab societies and their problems with the other. Others, as I think and believe, weaken and reduce the dictatorial pastoral role that is wrapped in the envelope of democracy, freedom, human rights and good governance, for Washington over the world and its heart is the Middle East, and the latter overturns Syria with its political system and the dictatorship of its geography. This rising Russian destiny would also, from the American angle, push many countries and arenas, especially in the Arab world, to strong and solid relations with Moscow, and on the basis of diversification in balanced international relations, and what worries the Americans as well is a deep German-Russian understanding. It seeks to distance Europe as a whole from Russia and vice versa in any way - through the proxy war that the Kyiv authorities are currently waging, and this American position has complex strategic dimensions. And invented and dug an independent channel with Moscow away from its European sisters, and cooperated to some extent with France. The current data and facts speak in depth, that the nucleus of the deep state in the United States of America (Bulderberg), the American military industrial complex and the autocratic government in it, and the multinational companies affiliated with it as one of the intervention tools in most of the world’s squares, that the strong side, and the weak side of them, invest in The details of the time and its curves, by betting the aggravations and consequences of investing in the blood of ideology and proxy wars to produce terrorism, through the Salafi takfiri jihadist movements, the alliance of Christian Zionism, Zionist Judaism, and some Arab and Muslim Zionists with it, and it will continue with a future effect, until international understanding occurs on most of the baskets of interests Multiple joint.

Concerning Iran and the repercussions of the American soft escalation through negotiations in Vienna, and the revival of Iran’s phobia for the purposes of financial emulsification of the sheikhdoms of Arab anxiety over the Gulf, the Syrian issue and developments in its military field in favor of Damascus, the Iraqi issue and the achievements of the Iraqi army and the popular crowd and the forces allied to them, and the Libyan issue with its various titles And the Russian action with its joints through attempts to combine and solve, meetings with Haftar and Aqila Saleh, and playing operations in the arenas of the Arab Maghreb countries, especially Algeria, through the Dams organization (the so-called Islamic State organization in the Maghreb countries), and the rest of the issues, hot spots and curves, they (i.e. the Americans) are creative With the strategy of investing in time, on the overall international relations in the region and the world from the purely US-American angle, and along the lines of Russian-American-Western relations, Chinese-American Western relations and the American agents in the South China Sea, there are cases of political, military, economic, diplomatic and strategic security rams that are transversely and vertically deepening, Conflicts of interests and conflicts over Europe and the backyards of the United States The US, in the countries and arenas of Latin America and its alliance, and similar to the back gardens of the Russian Federation and its alliance, the vital areas of China and new American uses of the Japanese against the Russian regarding the disputed Coral Islands between Russia and Japan, with the investments of the Vietnamese, the Philippines, the Malaysian and the Sultanate of Brunei in confrontations with the Chinese over sovereignty over the Sea Southern China, as part of the American strategy of turning towards Asia, west and southeast, after the Americans penetrated and bled the Americans, and are still the heart of the East, Syria, with the recruitment of their agents from some Arabs, especially the Kamikaze Arabs of Rotana and some Muslims

Member of the Political Bureau of the Jordanian Popular Movement

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