American crimes in Syria

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Afrasianet - The years of war imposed on Syria constituted a new addition to the record of violations of human rights by the United States of America within the context of its declared war on the country, in which it used all kinds of weapons from terrorism, economic siege, political pressure and media disinformation to the Caesar Act, which violates the Charter of the United Nations, international law and the most basic rights Humans, and holds Washington primarily responsible for the suffering of Syrians in their lives and livelihood, and depriving them of medicine and medical equipment and confronting the Corona epidemic, which constitutes a crime against humanity.

The American violations against the Syrian people did not stop at supporting terrorist groups only, as the American air raids caused the death of tens of thousands of civilians and the destruction of fully populated residential areas and a large number of vital facilities and infrastructure such as bridges, factories, laboratories, hospitals and water desalination plants.

The Syrian street asserts that the human rights violations practiced by Washington against it has become condemnation of the silent international community, which is unable to put an end to the practices of the United States that contradict international law.

Everyone agrees that the United States of America, which has a wide history of inhumane practices against peoples, annually informs the countries of the world of human rights reports that they use as a hanger to interfere in the affairs of states and dominate them.

The military operations of the US army in Syria, in its eastern regions, were concentrated within the operations of the so-called “international coalition” forces against the terrorist organization “ISIS”, which made thousands of civilians pay a heavy price as a result of these operations that depend on aerial bombardment, especially children among them.

After Raqqa governorate, which is still a closed box on the number of its true victims, and following the mass killing of its children during the indiscriminate aerial bombing of the city in 2017, and the complete destruction of infrastructure, government institutions and public facilities, the killings are still continuing, but In installments this time. Tribal sources say to "Sputnik": In 2021, which has just begun, the United States has already opened its appetite for the murders of Syrian children, and perhaps this is also part of their plans to overthrow the Syrian government, adding that on January 9, the child Muhammad al-Toukan was martyred ( 7 years old) and 7 members of his family were wounded, including their mother, as a result of a shell that hit their safe house in the town of (Al-Izba) in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor, after it was launched by the American occupation forces during their military training in an illegal base in the Al-Omar oil fields near the town.

The sources indicated that the US military is carrying out regular maneuvers, interspersed with live fire, in eastern Syria, with the aim of training armed groups from the "Syrian Democratic Forces - SDF" organization loyal to it, under the pretext of (post-protection of the gas and oil fields).

Days after the murder of the child Muhammad, the son of the town of (Al-Izba), a larger crime was about to occur, specifically in the town of (Theban) when a missile fired by the US Army hit the base of the (Al-Omar) oil field in one of the farms surrounding the town. Tribal sources went back a little, noting that on February 14, 2020, the American forces killed a 14-year-old Arab teenager, Faisal Muhammad, in the town of Hamo in the Qamishli countryside, north of Hasaka governorate. The Americans opened fire on a group of local residents, who blocked the American convoy of six cars, three of them armored vehicles.

In December 2020, specifically in the village of al-Bajdali, near the oil city of al-Shaddadi, south of al-Hasakah, where the American armed forces base of the same name is located, the American army shot and killed the 12-year-old child, Mahdi Hussein al-Falah, in cold blood, according to Sources. The Syrian political researcher, Abd al-Rahman al-Sayed, confirmed that in recent years, the Pentagon has conducted a large number of military operations outside the United States. Al-Sayed pointed out that: “The United States presents its military actions as a means to liberate peoples from tyranny and establish democracy and other misleading slogans...Unfortunately, the peoples of the Middle East countries in particular received the largest dose of this alleged “freedom”, which they brought with them. Extremist terrorist organizations, led by ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra. Al-Sayed added: For more than 30 years, there have been endless armed conflicts here and there, and many reasons have been said to justify these conflicts, but there is only one real reason, which is the insatiable desire of the United States to illegally control all the resources of the Middle East, especially Oil, which is what happens in Syria on a daily basis. Al-Sayed continues that for more than thirty years, children have been killed on the lands of the eastern Mediterranean because of the criminal actions of the Pentagon, and this is not an external accusation of the United States and its military forces, but rather there are confessions from American officials themselves about some of these crimes, as the American ambassador to the United Nations Leslie Stahl says: We heard That more than half a million children died as a result of the sanctions imposed on Iraq, this is more than it was in Hiroshima!.

Madeleine Albright, the former US Secretary of State, also told the famous American program (60 Minutes): Ambassadors change and the crime policy still exists, I think it's a very difficult choice, but we think it's justified!... And maybe Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State thinks The former American in the era of Trump, a follower of Madeleine Albright: "These sacrifices are justified for the establishment of American democracy in Syria." Abd al-Rahman al-Sayed saw that: "The US army does not have the slightest limits of humanity," adding that they are "sadists in systematic killing operations, and the crimes of the American army have been known since ancient times and in every country they enter as occupiers from Vietnam to Iraq." Al-Sayed attributes this opinion to the fact that: “Most of the members of the American army are mercenaries, and these are prison graduates who have criminal precedents and are addicted to drugs and other abuses that we have read about in their media, and they may be released from prisons on the condition that they serve in the occupied areas before them. And they choose them from this group to facilitate the task and carry it out with obedience, including killing and molesting children. Al-Sayed believes that the US military allows them to carry out all the details of the crimes in order to tempt them to carry out orders, or perhaps their failed shots due to fear, caused their random strikes that killed children and innocent people. Al-Sayed concludes: "The most important question today is what does the new US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken think? For him, the Western media predicts he will follow the path of his ancestors. What matters to us, is if there is anything that can stop the killing of Syrian children by the US military and hold those responsible to account. about these crimes.


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